Wonderful Wednesday #235

{Dipping my toes into autumn...and very happy about it! Hello September!}
I'm BACK!  This week has been a blur of working six whole days in a row and of busy-ness, and actually having to stop for a second a wonder if i'd missed this weeks post altogether!  Phew.  Am i allowed to be secretly glad that since as it's now September i can legitimately add 'Autumn' as a label to my post since as i don't mind telling you i've been itching to for too long to admit to.  How are you?!  Tell me about your week and what's been good and great and damn right wonderful.  The start of a new season is the perfect time to notice the littler lovelier things and to be grateful for them, don't you think?

Let's list!

1.  That light.  Here we are only just into September and this is already the second time i'm wittering to you all about The Light.  Who knew a season could make such a difference but i've most definitely felt the flip of the autumnal switch these past couple of weeks which makes any kind of sunlight just more.....magical. It's the way it casts a glow, creates a shadow and even the shades of sunlight and sunset have more warmth and golden-ness.  It's also the most fleeting kind of a light:  The 'blink and you really WILL miss it' and the kind that if you're lucky enough to be caught in, you really owe it to yourself and the light to just stop and be.  I'm keeping so much crossed that this autumn is bathed in all of the golden glow!

2.  Morning routines.  You know me and my routines!  Well haven't they been tipped all kinds of upside down and inside out since the arrival of Miss Ness!?!  Turns out it's taken its time but we've found our new ones and the morning one is now my favourite.  I get up at 6am make me a cup of tea and that little bear her breakfast and then we have a bit of garden time {me with a hot mug of Lady Grey and her with....well usually a rope tied to a ball!} and then we have a little cuddle on the sofa with a rope toy to chew and then i tuck her back up in her crate whilst i get sorted and the Mr gets up.  She'll usually have a little sleep and then sit and watch me eat my porridge. It's the sweetest company!

3.  Firsts.  It feels like there's been a lot of puppy 'firsts' this week:  First time meeting a proper real life other dog that wasn't in the vets {a frenchie who wanted to snuffle and snort all over her which she wasn't so keen on and mostly had a little bit of a cry!  And then a border terrier in the park today which she gave a little nose kiss too but then mostly wanted to hide behind my legs!} and then first walks!  This has been the big one:  She's been so good and minus wanting to eat a fair few leaves and sticks and be a bit...all over the place - she's been really good and is loving a little adventure!  It feels like she's got lots bigger this week too!  Where does the time go?!? Where is my teeny tiny 'couldn't get on the sofa' puppy?!?

4.  Cool misty mornings.  The kind where there's dew on the grass, the air feels a little bit damp and you can just smell autumn.  They're my favourite.  They're just made for hot tea and porridge; for cardigans over pyjamas and for slippers.  And that's making my whole heart full and happy right now.  

5.  Hugs.  Not to be sniffed at and something that isn't mentioned enough or rated highly enough either!  I've worked for six days in a row and sometimes a great big hug at the end of those few days is all it takes. That and the promise of two days off together.  And maybe a puppy snuggle. 

6.  Nuts and chocolate.  I've really been craving chocolate this week - i think it could be the tiredness of the six days in a row at work.  Somehow i've been fine all week but the tiredness only really hit me on Monday in one great big tired-al wave.  See what i did there!?!  I've 'fixed' it the last couple of nights with hot tea, brazil nuts and few squares of my favourite Green and Black almond milk chocolate.  Sometimes you've just got to listen to your body.

7.   Being met from work by the Mr and that crazy little spaniel by surprise on Tuesday.  It was the first time i'd seen her out in the great big wide world on her big girl lead and i almost had a lump in my throat!

8.   Family.  Mine are spread out all over the place and this week i've been feeling a bit lonely!  Thank goodness for Whatsapp.  And for reassuring words and kind messages.  And here's also for making time in the diary for plans and meet ups and holding tight onto that time and not letting it slip by quite so quickly!

*  *  *
And it's all done and dusted and listed for another whole week of lovely!  This week's post has been written in a haphazard and uninterrupted fashionThat mostly always happens when there's four legs that wont keep still and supper to make and posts to write and messages to reply to.  And just like that here we are for another week!  If you made to hear, consider this a virtual hug. 

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See you in seven days!