Wonderful Wednesday #238

{Blue skies and the most perfect Autumn day on Tuesday!}
Hello, hello and hello!  Man alive it feels so strange to be sat here typing this little post to you actually on a Tuesday and not a) in a flurry of a rush or b) too early or c) too late.  How ARE we all?!  I hope i find you well.  For once you find me well-rested and the best kind of happy and relaxed.  That's because i have been off work since last Wednesday.  In fact as you read this i'll be back at work after a GLORIOUS seven whole days off.  I've slept an extra two hours each day {that alone does great things}, eaten my body weight in fresh figs {more about that later} and cycled and dog walked but also been rained on and been nibbled by puppy teeth a fair few times as well.  I just wanted to balance out  all of the smug 'i've had lots of sleep and don't look like a zombie' chit-chat.

But less about zombies and more about the good stuff!  Let's get on with this weeks #wonderfulwednesday!

1.  Figs.  Yep pretty much all i've eaten at every given opportunity the past seven days.  In fact if you've got any fig-shaped recipes then hit me up friends!  Current breakfast of choice is toasted sourdough spread with Pip and Nut's Maple Roasted Peanut Butter, sprinkled with toasted black sesame seeds and piled high with sticky sweet fresh figs:  HEAVEN.  Also have been loving them with the thickest cottage cheese, chopped walnuts and honey.  Send me over your fig recipes noooowwwwwwww!!!!

2.  Meeting new pups.  Since last week's puppy class {our second is tonight, Tuesday - i'm SO excited} we've been making a concious effort to make sure Ness meet as many dogs out and about with us as possible.  We have had a few funny looks when we ask other dog walkers if we can come and say hello but most people have been so lovely!  Ness however is such a wimp!  She lies on her back and then hides behind us!  After a few minutes she comes out of her shell and i think i'd far rather her be this way then barking or jumping at people!  She's so sweet.  Whenever she spots another dog she just wants to go and say hello, it's only when we get over that she goes all shy and quiet.  Everyone keeps saying 'oh isn't she so sweet and gentle'.  If only they knew the truth when she's at home running about like a lunatic....

3.  Ness sharing my apple.  She's such a fuss pot that pup and hardly bothers about most food.  Bananas, apples, figs and natural yoghurt are her favourites though.  If i eat an apple, she'll sit patiently at my feet and wait to nibble around the very end of the core and does the tiniest, gentle bites and closes her eyes.  SO SWEET! 

4.   Those sunny Autumn days.  I've learnt to appreciate them these past few days since i spent a large proportion of last week badly timing my bike rides and getting absolutely drenched on my travels.  Being stuck on a bike in a torrential downpour is NOT the one!  Since Saturday though it's been mostly sunny and glorious up here and it's made for some of the loveliest laps of the park on two wheels, the prettiest golden hour evening dog walks and general 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' at the light first and last thing.  When Autumn has a good day there is nothing in the world more beautiful!!!!

5.   Time.  I'm forever complaining i don't have enough of the stuff.  This past few days i've made time.  If i'm honest i've mostly made time for me.  I've moved slower, i've rested and i've not felt guilty for sleeping in and for staying up late.  I've just let myself be.  We should all do more of this.  It's the biggest 'Fixer' of all.

6.   Heating.  With these gloriously sunny Autumn days have come chilly mornings and even chillier evenings!  Lying in bed under the biggest cloud of a fluffy duvet, all snuggled up listening to the 'click, click, click' of the heating is strangely comforting somehow.  And it makes tumbling out of bed a whole lot easier too.....

7.   Leaves rustling.  I'd forgotten quite how much i loved that sound.  I'd also forgotten quite how much i loved the fact that at this time of year, as the leaves start to crisp and curl and turn wonderful shades or rust and ochre and chocolate brown, that it's pretty much all you can hear from our bedroom in the morning.  That and sometimes a few little puppy cries.....

*  *  *

And i'm all done for another seven days!  This list was easy-peasy and i could have gone on and on and on this week.  But then some weeks are like that.  I like to think that they balance out the sleepy, tired and sometimes un-motivated weeks where i have to really dig deep to find the littlest jewels of lovely.  But do you know what?!  There always are some.

Go, go forth and peek at Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, and Peta's and Ellie's #wonderfulwednesday posts pronto!  You can never have too many happy lists and good things and these gals are an inspirational bunch that i'm forever grateful to have on board this little post!

Have a lovely rest of week!