Monday, 17 October 2011

I Dont Do Weddings

I am having a rather big dilemma. One which never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine would happen to me.

Like most girls, i often think i have nothing to wear. Nothing that suits the occassion, nothing that feels right on that precise day and nothing that makes me feel good.  Normally this is nonesense, infact it is always nonsense, especially if you had seen the state of our spare room/room-drobe situation.  Normally when i think i have got nothing to wear, its actually just that my creative-ness isnt working properly and it just takes me a little bit longer to conjur something up. But once i've had some crumpets and tea im good to go.

In this instance however, i am stuck. Really stuck and so stuck i am starting to panic.  This is foreign to me, well where clothes are concerned.

Next month i have a wedding to attend. An all day affair, not just the evening, the whole day and the evening. I am adding this detail as this changes things. Dont get me wrong, i have one or two dressy type dresses. But they are at the dressy, going out type end of the spectrum. And although i love them, i have also worn them many times too.  And normally if i know i have got something coming up, i love to spend ages wandering about town for ideas of what i'll put with what, what is inspiring me and seeing if i want to treat myself to something new. This wedding however, has got me scuppered.

What do you wear for a wedding that isnt over the top formal - isnt i'll never wear again - or involves feathers or birds in my hear - squeezing my hair into a style it has never been coiffed into in an inch of its life or matching everything perfectly. I can do pulled together, and i can do dressy. But i am lost with this wedding get up. I have walked miles round Carlisle, miles to try and find something that i love, that excites me, but that suits the occasion perfectly too.  I love to look a little bit quirky, but i think thats where i am struggling. Can you look quirky at a wedding? But quirky and well turned out? In a way that turns heads? But in a 'turns heads 'cos you look lovely/sassy (i cant believe i just wrote sassy?!?!)/ different . Not because you look a bit bonkers.

So far i have one clear front runner...the tiniest problem is that its running a bit to far outside my purse comfort zone.  Since being at Monsoon, i have hardly bought clothes anywhere else, largely as i'm sure you can guess because i get a pretty hefty discount.  This dress, with a little vintage y bag from the same store (actually a makeup bag, who knew?) comes to £73. Its beautiful. A really lovely little fitted dusky pink sleeveless dress with tiny black polka dots. I envisioned wearing it with spotty black opaques, my suede monsoon ankle boots and my accessorize vintage black feathery alice band...maybe some little black lace gloves...a black french manicure....audrey Hepburn eyes...Brigitte Bardot hair.


Just thinking.

Im not tight. But im not rich either.  And i'm used to getting £73 dresses for...well much less than that. And do you know the really mad thing? ( I am going to look mad at this wedding aren't i?).  I did actually buy the dress two weeks ago. But i returned it a week later as i felt too bad and was going to get one from work.  Its the freaky clown dress all over again...which is actually now only £25 in the sale...and its still there.

I keep checking...


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