Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Bag That Will Make Me Thinner...

...Because i can't afford to eat.  

Okay so a little bit of an exaggeration. But everyone has been there. This is what happens when you go wandering around shops when you really really do not have the spare cash.  This is what happened to me last Sunday. Its something i fall victim to quite alot. Although not as much as i used too.  You know the score, you wander about 'killing time' and as i think to myself everytime it happens:  'if you look, then of course you will always, always find.'  So very true.  The sort of purchase which makes you mentally add up the remaining outgoings and expenditures for the rest of the month versus whats actually left in your account and then how many weeks of the month are left until you are nest paid.  Quite sure this is not just me?! Course you can eat porridge for breakfast, lunch and tea...

However, i am very excited about my new find and even more excited because its the best kind of rare and fantastical ones.  Its particularly special because its from Tk Maxx.  And as any discerning shopper in Carlisle knows, if you have got the time, you really really can come up trumps in that place.  In the past i have had a beautiful Marc Jacobs scarf, Philosophy perfume and lipbalms: and some beautiful Jigsaw bedding at but a snippet of the price.  

On sunday however i came across the most lovely lovely Gharani Strok satchel! It is the perfect size and made of super soft chocolate brown leather and wicker.  In typical *satchel-esque style, it comes complete with a much longer, adjustable strap so the bag can be worn cross body, or over one shoulder and then the little handle on top, as you can see, means you can also carry in a little brief case sort of way.  

Gharani Strok was set up in 1995 by Nargess Gharani Strok and close friend of nineteen years, Vanya Strok.  Over the past few years Gharani Strok has established itself as a worldwide fashion brand with an eye for unnusual print and colour combinations, setting it apart from everything else out there.  Right up my pipe.  Not only do they produce beautiful, and a little bit different bags and accessories, but they also design clothes and a beautiful homeware range with quite a hippy,ethnic edge. Not dis-similar to Matthew Williamson for Debenhams.

So very clearly an investment.  For those of you who know me well, i really struggle with bags, only owning a handful of very bashed and loved ones which i did not buy lightly. This bag is perfect worn now with a winter coat,thick tights and chocolate brown brogues yet will work brilliantly in the summer with a floppy straw hat, ankle socks and a cotton sundress.  And the older it gets, and the more scrappy and bashed, the lovelier it will be.  

Here i popped it with a very old Monsoon bleached denim lila tunic,90 deniers and a printed Monsoon SS10 cotton cardigan.  And i have used it pretty much from the day i bought it, constantly - i could't wait to get the tags off.  And for me thats always a sign this bag will be used until it falls apart and can't be used anymore….how it should be.  

* Satchel-esque - satche-lly in appearance, satchel shaped :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I don't care for sales. Sorry. The Sales. It is given the capitals and 'the' simply because of the relevance and complete madness it brings out in people, especially at this time of year, post Christmas.

I get it. Christmas has gone, but its not the end of the world and it certainly doesnt alllow for the behaviour, craziness and general lunacy that The January Sales bring out in some people. I have worked in retail for many years and so maybe it is that which makes me want to run the other way from Sale land, but i simply don't get it.

'But its a bargain!' i hear you cry! 'Its 70% off" 'Its real silk/wool/cashmere/goat etc etc'.  Well let me set the record straight.  It is a bargain, but its only a bargain if it fits into either of these categories:  

1) You wanted it and longed and lusted after it many times in the shop for weeks and weeks and resisted the urge to buy it, and now its more than half its price, and you know you will love it and wear it forever.

2) You have a genuine need for it.  This is different from merely wanting it.  It means you have an event coming up which requires such a garment, such as a wedding, christening, ball, important party etc etc. This is good as you feel extravagant splashing out alot of cash on something you will wear only once or twice and then sell on ebay or similar.  Here you have saved the money and been extra thrifty.

It is not a bargain, or saving you money if you will never ever wear it, never ever have the occasion to wear it to, it is not your size or something you would ever normally wear.  It does not matter if it is so reduced that its damn near free, do not buy it.  

By this point i feel as if i am ranting and you will assume by this that i never ever set foot in a sale, and that would be untrue.  I think i do not find The January Sales such a great thing because i get rather a generous discount as part of my job, and i don't very often have cause to shop elsewhere. This does make me very lucky, and probably part of the exception.  But on the other hand, i only really buy items that i have truley fallen in love with.  Items that i just know i will wear to death, will wear many different ways and will love until they fall aprt.  

And really if you think about it, yes you can get a great bargain reduced from £100 to £25, but then that £25 dress/top/jumper/blouse etc might sit in your wardrobe and never ever be worn.  Far better to think about 'PPW' Price Per Wear.  You can pay £50 for a dress but if you wear it twenty times this year, thats £2 per wear….now who's got the bargain?!?


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