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The Power
The Power

I am a big advocate of the SIMPLE .  That said, if i am feeling a little less 'me' than i usually feel, i can be very easily sway...

12 Months - 12 Moments
12 Months - 12 Moments

2013  was the year of all sorts of goodness.  It was my second year of Sallytangle and sharing all that makes me happy in this little s...

Currently 8
Currently 8

Happy FRIDAY to you all.  And what better day for an inspirational collection of images for your beautiful faces.  If you follow me ...

The Bag That Will Make Me Thinner...

The Bag That Will Make Me Thinner...
...Because i can't afford to eat.  
Okay so a little bit of an exaggeration. But everyone has been there. This is what happens when you go wandering around shops when you really really do not have the spare cash.  This is what happened to me last Sunday. Its something i fall victim to quite alot. Although not as much as i used too.  You know the score, you wander about 'killing time' and as i think to myself everytime it happens:  'if you look, then of course you will always, always find.'  So very true.  The sort of purchas…
I don't care for sales. Sorry. The Sales. It is given the capitals and 'the' simply because of the relevance and complete madness it brings out in people, especially at this time of year, post Christmas.

I get it. Christmas has gone, but its not the end of the world and it certainly doesnt alllow for the behaviour, craziness and general lunacy that The January Sales bring out in some people. I have worked in retail for many years and so maybe it is that which makes me want to run the other way from Sale land, but i simply don't …