Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finding Spring

I have been looking for Spring recently.  I know i might be a bit early…but its on the March side of February now so i thought, it can't be faraway.  

Once Halloween and Bonfire night are gone, i look forward to Winter and say pip pip to Autumn for another year.  Winter is definitely my most favourite of all the seasons.  But this year it was much much milder.  Still i forced on my layers - jumpers,hoods, mittens and thick coloured tights, hoping that i could will the snow and frost to come.  But it was not to be.  

Once a little warmer and milder christmas had disappeared and with it the crazy January Sales too, i started to get excited for Spring.  For new beginnings and new bright colours and bright prints.  My favourite times to cut up and pull apart Vogue and Elle (Sorry!!), just because everything is brighter, newer and fresher:  Spring is bursting with optimism and goodness, like no other season.  And its the season where everything starts again.  

But i couldn't find it.  

Snow and frost and temperatures of only the minus kind have blanketed the British Isles for the last month or so.  Some might say i should be grateful.  Afterall i got just what i wanted…but two months too late.  I thought i would never find Spring.  I couldnt see any signs that it was going to come.  

Today i found a little bit hiding.  


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