This last week has been a funny old one.  I have been feeling rather lacking in fizz and under the weather of late.  This is a combination of far too much Jack Daniels on Friday night and unsettled sleep on and off last week mixed in with crazy dreaming.  You know the sort of sleep where you feel as if your eyes have been closed so very tight, but you haven't slept deep enough? Odd.  It was almost like my body was trying its very best to catch a cold, whilst i was trying my damnedest not to.  I spent my time putting avocados in everything (Super duper food - fixer), drinking as much Vitamin water as i could muster (fluids - great skin required - flusher and fixer) and trying to eat more raw vegetables in general (obvious better-er - obvious fixer).

I can report that i am feeling much better than i did over the weekend and have had two consecutive nights of blissful sleep.  
The Killer.  I say this but i had a fab time watching the Mr play bass for MyLittleBrother on Friday evening at a local bar.  I met lovely people and forgot i was drinking doubles and not singles.  And also that i was at work at 8.30am.  Enough said.  (This was the best of a very blurry bunch.  It was sticky and very busy).  
Perfect Sunday Morning.  I generally have to eat, dress and apply mascara whilst eating breakfast through the week.  I often lose my spoon, try to straighten my porridge or put something in the fridge that shouldn't be.  Still feeling an impending plague looming, snuggling up with Lady Grey (i should be a bloody spokes-person for Twinings) and a massive warmed raisin pastry is my idea of Heaven.  
Token Sky Picture.  It has been so nice in Cumbria of late.  Don't let it fool you, it has been freeeezing to boot; but lovely and cheery and sunny and my hamster cheeks have enjoyed soaking up the much needed vitamin D - even if i am wearing two pairs of tights and mittens at the same time.  

Bundling, Biycycling and Brrr.  I forced my self to do a few laps and to get some fresh air on Sunday. It is not like me to have to force myself to pedal. I often think i might pedal in my sleep.  I did feel much better for the fresh air after, but also felt like i was walking in a special sort of way for a good half hour too.  

Lazy Bean.  After flicking through Green and Black chocolate recipe book a few nights ago, the Mr took it upon himself to make some de-lovely chocolate flapjacks.  And then he made tea too.  I lay on the sofa.  It was lovely.  
I have mostly been munching fruit in the evenings.  This is not one of those times.  But sometimes when you are tired, can't sleep and feel blahh…a little Cadbury Shortcake biscuit (or three) are just the golden ticket.  
A few weeks ago we had a local magazine around to interview us about our favourite things in our little home.  It came out today! It felt a bit funny reading it and i am unimpressed with how hamster-ey my cheeks look (complex) BUT apart from that it really is lovely! Thank you to Carlisle Living for featuring us.  

Tonight we are making a funny pie from smoked ham, eggs, spinach and ricotta cheese and catching up on BBC 3's The Year of Making Love.  I am hoping for 'good night sleep' number three.  If you could all keep everything crossed for me that would be great.  Thanks.