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The Power
The Power

I am a big advocate of the SIMPLE .  That said, if i am feeling a little less 'me' than i usually feel, i can be very easily sway...

12 Months - 12 Moments
12 Months - 12 Moments

2013  was the year of all sorts of goodness.  It was my second year of Sallytangle and sharing all that makes me happy in this little s...

Currently 8
Currently 8

Happy FRIDAY to you all.  And what better day for an inspirational collection of images for your beautiful faces.  If you follow me ...

Let's Talk About Socks Baby

Let's Talk About Socks Baby
I stopped wearing socks a long time ago.  I never really required them.  In winter i live in my tights.  And then when, and if it gets warmer, i wear ballet pumps with my skinnies, or pumps and skirts, or then there are flip flops.  You see, i have no real need.  I've got it covered. So to speak.

I do have fond memories of them though.  But 1990's shaped memories.  Of watching Sister Sister and Clarissa Explains It All and wearing my Minnie Mouse sweatshirt over my leggings, and then my white socks over the top, but rolled down. Please …