Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Let's Talk About Socks Baby

I stopped wearing socks a long time ago.  I never really required them.  In winter i live in my tights.  And then when, and if it gets warmer, i wear ballet pumps with my skinnies, or pumps and skirts, or then there are flip flops.  You see, i have no real need.  I've got it covered. So to speak.

I do have fond memories of them though.  But 1990's shaped memories.  Of watching Sister Sister and Clarissa Explains It All and wearing my Minnie Mouse sweatshirt over my leggings, and then my white socks over the top, but rolled down. Please say you remember slouch socks?!? And socks were a serious part of my school uniform. Primary school called for blue and white checked ruffly ankle socks in the summer.  To match the blue and white checked summer dresses we had to wear.  If you didn't have them you weren't cool.  And secondary school was a 'skirts on the knee not below the knee or above the knee' kind of school and so knee socks were a necessary addition.  Cool or not.  

Maybe that is why i haven't worn them for so long, maybe i was all socked out!  But recently i have been warming to them.  On wandering past Topshop's Summery window displays, their mannequins sporting the sweetest pastel-ley shades of little ruffly ankle socks with their denim cut offs, crop tops and summery dresses; i was tempted inside.  I bought three pairs of them - a pale blue and cream ruffle, a black with black ruffle, and a cream with black ruffle.  A relatively safe meander into the world of socks - colour-wise.  

This was during a heatwave in Britain.  You might remember it.  It was about a month ago and lasted about five days! And i liked my socks.  I liked my dresses, socks, satchel and plaits get up. I like it when you find a new staple to your wardrobe.  A way to change the items you usually wear, even just a bit.  My socks became a serious accessory.  But then it went icy, and wet and typically British all of a sudden.  And so the 90deniers came out again….but then i had a thought!

I have sort of mixed Clarissa Explains It All with Topshop and Me and i am now rocking my lovely little ankle socks over my 90deniers and brogues, with my pretty dresses, shorts and skirts and i feel very smug!  Screw you British Summer!! Although i do suppose it is only April.  I expect you can probably get ankle socks like Topshop's in many places.  But i have 'socked' up on lilac, coral and lemon now, and i love them all.  Although it has just occurred to me that i have spent £16 on socks in the last six weeks. Bit excessive.    

Its my way of incorporating pastels, and extremely summery socks, into a British Springtime outfit!! With just a hint of 1990 too. 



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