Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #116

{Feasting on the bluest and brightest of icey skies lately}
I'm having one of those weeks.  The kind when you wonder how on earth you got to today:  How you your little legs carried you from the start of one day onto another and how much each of them have fast become and felt like one long day.  I'm a little bit tired and as you read this, I'll hopefully be curled up under our 'soft as a cloud' duvet having worked eight days in a row.  Before you go feeling all sad and sorry for me, I'd just like to add at this moment that I'm also now off for ten whole days!  TEN!  I'm beside myself with excitement!  There are no grand plans as such. Just to wind down, catch up and potter around and about and hopefully pedal as much as is possible.  Did i mention that the weather forecast is snow for the rest of this week...?!  I feel like we should probably get onto the good stuff from this week fast..... SNOW in APRIL?!?!?  
*  *  *
1.  Sleep.  Take my sleep away from me and I'm pretty much useless.  I sometimes envy those who only need a handful of hours of the stuff.  For me it's at least seven or you're in dangerous territory.  I'm grumpy, lack lustre and not really worth being around if I'm not sleeping properly. But when i am i feel like i could run the world and more!  Lately's long stretch of days at work has meant my head has barely touched the pillow each night this week and already I've been asleep!  The heavy and deliciously deep kind where nothing on earth disturbs you and if it wasn't for an alarm clock you feel like you might sleep for years.  Pretty flippin' great if you ask me!

2.  Exercise.  I don't mind telling you {heavens we're all friends here!} that this week I've really struggled.  I've really really had to muster up the want to turn those pedals, to stretch during those workouts and to want to do it with gusto.  But despite really rather wanting to make another cup of tea and not move at all; I've pushed myself to do it.  Each time it's been within in just a few moments that I've been grateful:  grateful to feel fresh air thundering into my little lungs as i pedaled faster and faster around our little park just before dusk.  Stretches that i could just feel doing my little ache-y muscles some good after what often felt like the longest day.  And always, always feeling better inside and out afterwards.  With rosey cheeks to boot!  

3.   Freshly washed hair.  Is it just me or is the thought of washing your hair pretty much the worst thing in the world ever?!  I've perfected the art of only doing mine once a week now {lifesavers come in the form of dry shampoo, waves and many hats incase you're wondering!} but even then the thought of washing it, leaving it as long as is humanely possible before taking a hairdryer to it and then having to make it look half decent is often the most unappealing of thoughts.  I spend far longer not looking forward to it and then quick as a flash, as soon as it's dried, smells all mmmmm and is as swishy and shiny and silky as it ever can be; i forget it quick as a flash.  {I'm hair swishing as i type....}.  Is there anything better than clean hair?!?  Probably realistically but lately it's been right up there with some of my favourite things.  I can't wait for it to be warm enough to go to bed with it slightly damp....

4.  The smell of green. That's right you heard me, it exists for sure.  Since the weather has been less than consistent up north this week, and i've been feeling all sleepy-eyed too - it's been more about appreciating the little green shoots and splashes of colour than it has real and actual rays of sunshine.  You can't not love how lately smells.  I'm forever grateful to live somewhere close by so much green space and i especially love how at this time of year, even if i am living in a city, you still get sweet wafts of grassy and green loveliness as you walk to and from work.  You can even smell it's sweet scent as you sit with the window open just before the sun sets.  Is it just me who loves the scent of grass at dusk?! Reminds me of being little and playing in the garden way past bedtime.... 

5.  Purple Rain.  You'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't know that the great genius and musical legend 'Prince' sadly passed away last week.  Words cannot describe how special this man was and how much wonderful music he tickled my little ears with throughout my life so far.  My mum would listen to Purple Rain turned up so, so loud when i was little and so it's mostly been on repeat lately.  That and pretty much his whole back catalogue.  I'll admit to shedding the odd tear too....such a magical talent.  I feel privileged to have known his music and to be able to have something to keep with me always afterwards too.  

6.  Sundried tomatoes.  I'd live on them if i could lately.  You know when you just get a craving for something?  The kind of craving that has you 'allowing' yourself a certain number of, 'so' many spoonfuls/scoops or pieces of for the only reason that if you don't you fear you might find yourself consuming the whole jar, tub or pot in one sitting?!  I'm allowing myself three a day.....but i could quite happily eat the lot.  I tossed them through fresh pasta on Monday with avocado oil, fresh basil and black pepper.  I've been enjoying them mixed through feta, dipped in hummus or even straight from the jar with a handful of basil leaves.  That Mr of mine is a lucky, lucky man.....

7.  Favourite jumpers on cold, ccccoooold days.  Have we spoken about the weather?!  I mean this time last week i scampered out on my bike without a coat and yesterday we had rain, sleet, hail and the coldest iciest wind that I've felt in forever.  I'm going to breeze {see what i did there?!} right past THAT and tell you that the very best part of yesterday was scampering home as fast as i could, putting on my favourite dark grey skinny jeans, my little pom-pom slippers and my most favourite cream ruffle-y jumper.  And filling my cheeks with a hot bowl of pasta spiked with chilli, capers and oregano.  Where would we be without knitwear?!  Oh and pasta......

8.   Nuts and raisins.  I'm a snacker.  Always have been.  I can't eat a huge and whopping meal or i just want to curl up, render myself 'a lot of useless' and fall asleep.  I eat little and often and that's just that.  This week I've been loving nibbling on mixed nuts and raisins.  They're so easy to pop in a tupperware first thing when I'm making my lunch for a day at work and the addition of a few raisins curbs my sweet cravings without leaving me wanting more ten minutes later.  My favourite nuts are walnuts and pecans....I'm not a squirrel honest! 

9.  The thought of a day off.  Okay I'm not going to be smug but the thought of TEN DAYS OFF {aherm} or honestly even just one day off is the bees knees.  Sometimes the actual thought of it is better than the thing itself.  Unless you know, it's TEN days off.  You really can't beat sinking into bed the night before a day off and knowing that you can spend the whole of the next day moving a little slower, being a little gentler on yourself and maybe adding a chocolate brownie into the mix.  

*  *  *  
Aaaand it's over to you!  Write your own little list of happy today; tell me about something good and great that's been making you smile ear to ear all week or share something you're really looking forward to or that's been making your mid-week that bit easier.  Remember to pop on over and wrap those peepers around my lovely and inspiring bunch of #wonderfulwednesday recruits:  Kate, Michelle, Katie, Jo, Em and Helen and Cat who also write a weekly post just like this one.  Reading a lot of lovely happy lists each week really does brighten my week and really helps - especially if i'm having a tough one!  Remember you can find me as @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram if you fancy a natter.

Happy mid-week-ing!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #115

{Just give me all of the colour lately!}
Oof.  I mean really April where are you going?! Scratch that, life where are you going?!  Wait that's a bit of a deep way to start a post isn't it?!  It's not just me who wonders it though, surely?!  Remember when you were just a little dot - how the Summer holidays really did feel like they lasted about a year.  I remember always worrying that I'd forget how to write or worse just absolutely everything I'd been taught so far.  Worse still maybe even my eight times tablesThey were my least favourites.  I still have 7 x 8 ingrained into my little head and even now i know it's a sum I'll never forget.  My mum would shout it at me at every available opportunity so that it would stick.  Well stick it did.  The answer's 56.  Incase you were wondering...

I digress.  Where do you find me?  Well in this exact moment, as i sit and collect my little bits of happiness from my week so far, ready for this week's #wonderfulwednesday i'm half examining the ends of my hair and wondering how much longer i can put off getting it cut.  I'm also a little bit singing to Last Shadow Puppets most recent release and looking forward to a long hot lavendar-ey shower.  Because mid-week it is but it's felt like a long way to get to it.  And after today's day off....well I've got seven whole days in a row before my next day off.  I think i might need those happy bits like you wouldn't believe.....send help!  Or just tea and a really big brownie.....

*  *  *  

1.  Tea.  Not just any tea - because there is no such thing may i have you know as just any tea.  This:  Taylor's 'Rose Lemonade' has been something I've been sort of re-falling in love with all over again lately.  Since i seem to be spending a large proportion of lately convinced some kind of cold or flu is brewing, this concoction has been just the ticket.  Think.....warm Vimto with less sugar and a hint of zesty lemon.  It's the bees knees, elbows and armpits it really is. Better still i can totally imagine it working scrummily when if the weather warms up ever, served iced with huge wedges of lemon and maybe a little bit of torn basil through.  Mmmmmm!

2.  My new fancy pants #Archivebyalexa Marks and Spencer's blouse.  If you haven't heard about the Archive By Alexa range that M&S launched last week then really where have you been?!  I'm not usually one for bandwagon jumping where clothes are concerned BUT i made a rather large exception to pick up the 'Harry' blouse in pale rose pink from Alexa's collaboration.  I'd been stalking it everywhere since i first heard about the collection and it was the piece i was most excited about.  I'm probably going to see the whole wide world wearing it but for once i don't  care.  It's a soft, cotton-ey ruffle-y piece of perfection that i know I'll treasure forever! Even if i do look a little bit like an Eighties cream cake wearing it...

3.  Vegetable fajitas.  I sometimes think i could be a vegetarian you know.  We eat vegetables, pulses and the like pretty much all week and only really tend to pick up meat when we have got time to spend shopping for it and picking out the really good stuff and have the time to do it justice {Sunday night roast lamb shoulder with a parsnip crust I'm totally looking at you!}.  This week we both craved the spice of fajitas, but not the meat.  So we concocted much the same kind of dish but with courgette, rainbow peppers, red onion and garlic and served them piled {far too high - is it just me or don't you always over-estimate quite how much you can fit into a floured tortilla?!} high with grated carrot, rocket, torn up coriander and a great big dollop of creme fraiche and pineapple salsa.  That salsa by the way?!  Pure.  Genius. It totally made the whole meal.  So great that i took another tortilla, a good few spoonfuls of it, a great handful of coriander and the most perfectly ripe avocado with me to work the following day and made the best sandwich for my lunch.  Don't you love a dish that just keeps on giving?!

4.  The best/most 'geeky but i love it so i don't care' TV show to ever be invented:  'Hidden Britain:  By Drone.'  Oh. My. Word this programme is SO good.  Does anyone else watch it?!  It's essentially a peep into all of the places in the UK that you're usually forbidden to see.  There's been so many interesting places on it!  A little sea fort in the middle of the ocean which has it's own flag, currency and football team.  A gated neighbourhood in London that you can't enter unless you live there - it's MASSIVE.  Or last weeks cottages in the very most highest part of Scotland that were abandoned but were so hard to get boats etc to move all of the owners possessions that they just left them as they were.  They were INCREDIBLE:  Just left, like little mini time capsules of days gone by - biscuit packets,tinned food just preserved as they were.  Am i sounding a bit too excitable?!?  Give it a search...It's well worth watching.  

5.  Bulb buying and herb-shaped hopin'.  Despite the fact that it's felt positively arctic up here sometimes lately, this week i took myself off in search of bulbs to fill our pretty ceramic planters out back.  I didn't get around to planting last year and ended up just buying some bedding plants in a hurry but there's something lovely about the thought of nurturing a little plant from a bulb.  In theory!  I've picked up Ranunculus and Anemones so far, OH and also some herbs to pot on the window-sills before it gets too hot.  Hmm don't think i need to hurry up too much with those!  Speaking of herbs....

6.  Fresh basil.   One of my very favourite herbs and one which I'm always more drawn too come the warmer {ish} months of the year.  I'm embarrassingly excited for the first few crops of British tomatoes to start appearing but for now I'm teaming my favourite leafy companion with the first British strawberries, torn roughly through fresh pasta, added to lemon-ey infused water for pottering at home on warmer {ish} afternoons off and sometimes {between you and i} even just nibbled as it is.  I just love it!  

7.  Early morning or later lighter evening birdsong.  I don't know if it's just me but there's something ever so lovely about birdsong first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  Maybe it's because i actually make a point of standing or sitting still and listening because I'm usually winding down or gearing up for the day.  Or maybe it's simply because there is precious else going on first and last thing and birdsong is usually {at least around our parts} reduced to one little bird chirruping alone to another.  There's something ever so calming about listening to nothing but just that.  

8.  Avocado Oil.  You heard me right!  It might be one of my very favourite other things to eat lately.  Because somehow completely and totally unintentionally this week's post seems about all of the fooooooood!!!!! I'm putting it down to the change in seasons and the change in variety of things that are around and about.  What can i say?  It gets me excited.  I picked up this little dreamboat in our local M&S.  It's apparently made in small batches, cold pressed and is 100% Avocado oil and nothing else.  You know me and my avocados.  I've so far used it to wilt some spinach with garlic to go along last night's pasta-y dinner and also mashed through avocado itself with heaps of dried chilli, sea-salt and lemon juice and spread generously on top of toasted rye bread for lunch.  It's dreamy!

9.  Pink.  There's no doubt about this one's totally down to the time of year.  The other day i wore a pink top {see point 2}, pink underwear and drank my pink tea {see point 1} from a pink cup whilst simultaneously considering re-adding little bits of pastel pink to the ends of my hair.  Some blame it on the boogie.....I'll blame it on the blossom!

10.  Smiling.  I'm generally a smiley person and spend a large part of my day smiling at strangers {for work - okay that's not my actual job description but it comes with the territory!}   and it's so lovely smiling at people on a sunny day.  Is that a bit weird?!  If it's wet or grey or cold generally people come into work huddled into their coats and scarves or are rushing in and out as quick as possible.  This time of year leaves extra room for people smiling back, for people lingering and simply for people being generally nicer back.  Go Spring!

*  *  *

And that's it!  This weeks {somewhat chatty over wordy- sorry!} best bits so far.  Care to join my gang and i?!  That's right there are only now blinkin' SEVEN of us curating little posts all about our very best bits of our weeks so far.  Go read them all {Kate, Michelle, Helen, Cat, Katie, Jo & Em  }  Because do you know what?  There's nothing more heart warming and nothing that puts things into more perspective than reading all about someone else's happy things. Try it.  Better still, join in too!  Tag us in your #wonderfulwednesday tweets or photos or join in and leave a lovely comment below.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram and i'd love you to get involved too!
Happy half way all! 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #114

{Because:  ^Blossom^}
Bonjour all and hello to the mid-week and half way point between now and then.  'Then' of course being the weekend.  This week feels all kinds of 'all over the place' since I've worked the last....six {?!} days in a row.  I barely know my name let alone what day it is.  What i do know though is that i'm off Wednesday and Thursday this week and i intend to relish my 'mid-week weekend' no matter what the weather does.  There might not be much cycling, but there will be longer, lazier mornings, even lovlier than usual-shaped breakfasts and maybe an afternoon candlelit bath too!  
Shall we catch up on what's been great so far this week already?!
1.  New season strawberries. Hells bells and beyond do they taste the bees knees too.  I try my hardest to eat along with seasons.  Apart from the fact it's usually cheaper, what's actually in season tastes miles, miles better than it does if you buy it and it's been force-grown in a massive whopping 'i don't know where'  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Hope so.  I'm flailing and digressing like there's no tomorrow!  This week was the first time i spotted British grown strawberries at our local market.  And also the week when i got through an in-ordinate amount of British asparagus too.  Oh and also alot of Cashew and Cinnamon butter.  But that's pretty standard....
2.  The brightest, most vivid orange coloured carrot juice. Never-mind it being able to make me see in the dark, i think this stuff would make you be able to see from the flippin' MOON it's so bright.  We do have a juicer.  And so I'd love to tell you that this was pressed and squashed with my own fair hands machine.  Actually i have bought it two days on the trot from a local juice bar on my lunch since I've been feeling the ever so slight twinges of *whispers* a cold on the horizon.  On the second day i added a shot of fresh ginger.  I know what you're thinking:  Wild.  I'm actually feeling smug as said *whispers again* cold has stayed away as yet.  Keep everything crossable, crossed that it stays away for the foreseeable.  
3.  New hair bits and bobs.  I don't spend a lot of money or time on my hair.  The jig is up.  It's neither straight or wavy and sits somewhere in the middle.  Most of the time i plonk a floppy fedora on my head.  Or lately a turban headband.  Or sometimes a little silk scarf. This week though, my local Boots store reduced some Bumble and Bumble gift sets to a measly £10.  The one i chose had four full sized products in and the two i have tried are AMAZING.  Have i been sucked down a Bumble and Bumble over-priced hole?!  We'll see.  It's early days as to whether I'd re-purchase any of them BUT i have been loving swishing and swooshing my barnet and the fact that it feels generally more lovely and.....much-y?!  Is that a word?
4.  First sunglasses-wearing.  I write this as the rain hammers above my head on our little office skylight window and i have the heating on full blast.  It's April and so far the showers are coming thick and fast {sad face!}.  I did enjoy a very brief dalliance with some cloudless blue after work-shaped skies at the start of the week though and it felt all kinds of nice actually having to wear my sunglasses to shield my eyes and not because I was tired.  Aherm.  
5.  Feta.  I don't mind telling you that it's one of my very favourite cheeses.  Now I'm not a big cheese lover by any means {give me chocolate over cheese all of the time.  Oh and these folk that order cheese and biscuits as a DESSERT?!?!  Who ARE they?! } but i do love a little bit-a-Feta.  And halloumi too.  Hmm maybe we'll do something fancy-pants with Halloumi towards the end of the week.... I DIGRESS! This week we piled feta on top of a Monday night hurried pasta dinner. I took a teeny tiny pot of it and munched it along side seeded oatcakes and BRITISH STRAWBERRIES and I'm thinking i might even scatter a little bit over pizza later on in the week.  What can i say?  We know how to feta.  What do the kids say?  Go hard cheese or go home....?!  Ho ho ho...
6.  Raindrops on roses windows.  It's a jolly great job i can find the positive in all of the rain we've had so far this week up north.  But i mean REALLY who's stolen Spring?!  Please can we have a bit back?  That said there was something a little bit lovely about being disturbed by the rain thundering down above my head onto our little skylight in our bedroom.  Only to find that the sun was just coming up and I'd actually fallen asleep with the fairy-lights that are entwined around our headboard on.  Even if i only got to snuggle under the duvet and fall back asleep for another hour or so, i was the cosiest!  
7.  Another morning ritual.  You know me, i love a routine.  Lately I've started referring to them as 'rituals'.  Feels kind of nice.  And makes me feel like a *little* bit more 'zen' and a lot less of an old lady!  Grey mornings this week have been spent making time to stand, sip my first cup of Lady Grey and watch the day wake up and nothing more for ten whole and delicious minutes. Whilst it's been mostly wet and cold, it's not been terribly cold. I have to admit to opening our kitchen window the littlest amount.  Just enough to hear the sweet chirrup of birdsong to accompany my tea.  
8.  Facial oil.  I spoke last week about my good skin run of late and i really am heralding this solely down to getting on board the facial oil wagon. My skin type has always been oily to combination and for that reason I've always shied away from anything oil-y thinking that it would actually make me look a little bit like I'd been 'Mr Sheen-ed.'  It's only over the past couple of years that I've learnt that actually a little bit of oil can do wonders for the more combination skin types amongst us.  I am currently using a brand called 'Good Things' {sold in most Boots stores i think} and their 'Rejuvenating Facial Oil' with Argan oil and i just LOVE it.  It's so light for starters which has had me pressing a few drops onto my skin after my evening shower and then slicking on my usual face cream - also by 'Good Things' too incidentally.   I've also loved using after exfoliating.  After I've cleansed and exfoliated i spend a few minutes really massaging the oil up my neck and across my face and it's the dream.  Plus my skin tone and general appearance the morning after is so, so lovely.  

9.  Planning a little getaway.  It's been ages since the Mr and i made a conscious effort to switch off and go away and do something.  We seem to have been both working alternate weekends and then it can often feel like we just exist through the week.  Jobs get done, post its get written and at the end of the day we both collapse on the sofa, sometimes without really making much effort to do much else.  I'm planning a few nights away at the end of the month and i can't wait.  It'll be so lovely to be just us and just to 'be' without the mundane or '9 to 5' getting in the way.  
*  *  * 
Now it's over to YOU!  What has been making you smile so far this week?  What little precious nuggets of loveliness have been making you feel all warm and fuzzy in your tum?!  I'm so chuffed to say that there are now SEVEN people aboard my lovely #wonderfulwednesday boat.  Go and visit Kate, Michelle, Jo, Emma, Helen, Cat and Katie 's blogs and read their posts too!  Better still share in the chit-chat online and talk to us about your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter or Instagram.  Remember to use the hashtag so we can see!
Have the most MAGICAL mid-week all!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #113

{Clear blue almost cloudless skies & a carousel - is there anything prettier?!}
 Good morning, good afternoon or goodnight to YOU!  Depending on of course when you swing by to catch this week's dose of happy.  How are you?  Is your week off to a spectacular start?  Care to share the secret?!  Just joking.  I'm not going to lie.  My Monday was a struggle.  I'd had an unexpected weekend off - which, since i work in retail it's something I'm not really used to!  I used it wisely and got jobs done, this little attic tickled and many a mug of tea drank and extra hours of 'zzz's' all caught up on.  Not to mention eating the very best chocolate eclair that i think I've ever eaten.  Maybe even ever will eat.

  Don't judge me if i tell you that it *might* have been the highlight of my whole and entire weekend.  It was a fancy-pants M&S 'Dulce de Leche' one and it was so flipping good it sort of put me into a little happy creme patisserie-come-belgian chocolate fondant coma.  That aside Monday hit me HARD.  Call it a sugar-shaped come-down or just a case of getting a little bit too much into the swing of two whole days off in a row; coupled with a really dreary grey start to the day.  Either way, I'm pleased to report that i took the bull by the horns and by Tuesday i already felt miles better and 'on it.' Whatever 'it' is.  I've lost my point.  I think i got too excited by the mention of those eclairs again.  
Shall we get down to business?! 

1.  Pasta.  Because after what felt like the longest, greyest Monday in all of eternity; it was promptly fixed with an hour of body balance/barre workout-ing and an almighty plate of tomato-ey, herb-y pasta with oodles of grated courgette, capers and olives.  And afterwards?  Well my faith {and happy} was restored.  

2.  Korres Wild Rose Butter.  A brand i adore not *just* because of their beautiful holiday-esque packaging {if you know them you'll know what i mean - you can just imagine any of their products in a holiday beach bag} but also for their ethics, ingredients and celebration of all things natural and good.  Oh and their unusual flavour/scent combinations.  We won a massive hamper full at work and so i got to pick a couple of products.  The Wild Rose cream is heaven-scent {see what i did there?!} and smells all deep and heady and mmmm just magical slathered onto skin after a hot shower, straight before cotton pyjamas and the heaviest most delicious sleep

3.  Candles.  Some might argue that the little ritual of candle-lighting is reserved solely for the colder months.  I'd disagree.  Not that there's been anything tropical about our weather up north so far this week.  Have I mentioned 'grey' already yet?!    To me there's nothing better than lighting a few candles as dusk falls and our kitchen windows are open just a little.  The soft scent of our current Vanilla and Lime candle mingling with the sweet scent of a damp, grey Spring evening is a little bit delicious. 

4.  New shampoo.  Before we kick this off can someone please invent a way that ensures that you run out of shampoo and conditioner at exactly the same time?  I forever run out of one before the other and then I'm ready and raring to find the next miracle combo that will give my hair enough guts to look Alexa-esque with the softness of pure-spun silk.  I'm usually left with a third of either one left-over.  And then i feel wasteful and guilty splurging on new ones and it feels almost sinful...dirty even {tell me it's not just me?} mixing one brand with another?  I digress {because this point didn't veer off...point at ALL} to say that i side-stepped said conundrum with a different scent/type of my favourite Organix Shampoo.  I dipped my toe in the coconut shampoo.  That's right, because it's the smell of warmer weather hair if you ask me.  

5.  Good skin.  'Cos hell bells and beyond this is worth celebrating.  I feel like I'm finally starting to understand my own skin.  Hey it's only taken me.....thirty-one years?!  Here's to finally achieving an even, natural complexion that doesn't feel angry, stressed or unhappy.  And one which leaves me feeling like i could actually scamper off out without any make-up on!  My secrets?  Water, nuts and avocados.  A bloody good cleanser {Lush Ultrabland}.  A treat-worthy 'packed full of great stuff' facial oil {Good Things Jojoba & Argan Oil facial oil}.  Not over exfoliating {only once a week now instead of every other day}. It's that simple.  I can honestly tell you that my face has never felt so lovely.  

6.  Last Shadow Puppets.  Namely their new album which has been exhaust-ably listened to forwards, backwards, upside down and inside out.  If you didn't know {and really where have you been?!} The Last Shadow Puppets are a musical collective formed from Miles Kane and Alex Turner {from The Arc....Oh surely i don't have to tell you that too?!}.  Oh ARGH i cannot even begin to tell you how flipping ACE it is the have these guys back in my ears with new material.  Alex Turner is a lyrical genius and i will forever fall hard for that guys northern charm and ability to write so beautifully.  Combine him with the licks, flicks and grittiness that you notably get from Miles and this album is just HEAVEN for the ears and a musical symphony for my sunshine-starved soul.  

7.  Toast.  Because sometimes there really is nothing better than toast and tea.  Lately I've been ploughing through loaves of dark and malty rye bread toasted until it's crispy and slathered with almond butter and slices of banana whilst it's still warm.  All washed down with a floral cup or two of Lady Grey.  It's the yummiest 'fixer upper' in all of the land!

8.  Unexpected blue skies.  Even more appreciated than those that last all day and have you reveling and gallivanting outside like there's no tomorrowThis weeks' kinds have been out of the blue {or grey as the case may be} and they disappear as fast as they arrive.  But seeing that flash of blue makes for a little burst of happy all of the same.  If not also an urge to break out of the door at work and lie in a star shape on the floor and feel the sun on my cheeks.  Me?  Crazy?  Pfft.  

9.  Bake Off 'Creme de la Creme.'  Best.  Idea.  Ever.  If only to bridge the gap before the actual 'GBBO' starts back up again.  It's a programme which pitches professional pastry chefs against each other each week.  They have challenges to complete and each one gets scored by some very posh judges. It's SO flippin' good.  The tension is off the chart and i spend most of each episode utterly gripped!!! Please tell me you've been watching it too?!  If not, it's on BBC 1 at 8pm every Tuesday.  Go and catch up quick-march!!!!

10.  The smell of Spring rain.  We've certainly had more than a taster of that this week up north.  But Spring rain is a little bit magical.  It's not been cold, the days have still felt longer than ever {and i still feel a little bit upside down and inside out because of it - I'm sure I'll adjust soon}  And the rain?!  Well it's just different somehow.  You really smell the green, the sweet smell of an almost al fresco outdoors?  You know if we had a patio or a garden bigger than a postage stamp or any grass to speak of.  There's something a little bit lovely about rain this time of year.  Are you with me?!  

*   *   *
Now my DEARS it's over to you!  I'd love to know all about what's been making you smile so far this week or what you're looking forward to for the other half of it.  Don't forget that I'm no longer alone in my quest for happy and love of digging deep in the pockets of my week so far, to find the precious little things that have been making me smile.  Go and visit Michelle, Kate, Cat, Helen , Jo and our newest recruit Katie, over on their blogs and read their own #wonderfulwednesday 's.  Better still write your own - you'd make our flippin' WEEKS i can tell you that much.  Better still there's a special kind of feeling that comes from sitting down and really thinking about the gems hidden in your week so far.

If you'd like you could always post your own interpretation of #wonderfulwednesday on Instagram or Twitter too, using the #wonderfulwednesday tag so we can all see!  I'm @sallytangle on both.   But i bet you knew that already!

Have the loveliest rest of week! 


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