Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #114

{Because:  ^Blossom^}
Bonjour all and hello to the mid-week and half way point between now and then.  'Then' of course being the weekend.  This week feels all kinds of 'all over the place' since I've worked the last....six {?!} days in a row.  I barely know my name let alone what day it is.  What i do know though is that i'm off Wednesday and Thursday this week and i intend to relish my 'mid-week weekend' no matter what the weather does.  There might not be much cycling, but there will be longer, lazier mornings, even lovlier than usual-shaped breakfasts and maybe an afternoon candlelit bath too!  
Shall we catch up on what's been great so far this week already?!
1.  New season strawberries. Hells bells and beyond do they taste the bees knees too.  I try my hardest to eat along with seasons.  Apart from the fact it's usually cheaper, what's actually in season tastes miles, miles better than it does if you buy it and it's been force-grown in a massive whopping 'i don't know where'  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Hope so.  I'm flailing and digressing like there's no tomorrow!  This week was the first time i spotted British grown strawberries at our local market.  And also the week when i got through an in-ordinate amount of British asparagus too.  Oh and also alot of Cashew and Cinnamon butter.  But that's pretty standard....
2.  The brightest, most vivid orange coloured carrot juice. Never-mind it being able to make me see in the dark, i think this stuff would make you be able to see from the flippin' MOON it's so bright.  We do have a juicer.  And so I'd love to tell you that this was pressed and squashed with my own fair hands machine.  Actually i have bought it two days on the trot from a local juice bar on my lunch since I've been feeling the ever so slight twinges of *whispers* a cold on the horizon.  On the second day i added a shot of fresh ginger.  I know what you're thinking:  Wild.  I'm actually feeling smug as said *whispers again* cold has stayed away as yet.  Keep everything crossable, crossed that it stays away for the foreseeable.  
3.  New hair bits and bobs.  I don't spend a lot of money or time on my hair.  The jig is up.  It's neither straight or wavy and sits somewhere in the middle.  Most of the time i plonk a floppy fedora on my head.  Or lately a turban headband.  Or sometimes a little silk scarf. This week though, my local Boots store reduced some Bumble and Bumble gift sets to a measly £10.  The one i chose had four full sized products in and the two i have tried are AMAZING.  Have i been sucked down a Bumble and Bumble over-priced hole?!  We'll see.  It's early days as to whether I'd re-purchase any of them BUT i have been loving swishing and swooshing my barnet and the fact that it feels generally more lovely and.....much-y?!  Is that a word?
4.  First sunglasses-wearing.  I write this as the rain hammers above my head on our little office skylight window and i have the heating on full blast.  It's April and so far the showers are coming thick and fast {sad face!}.  I did enjoy a very brief dalliance with some cloudless blue after work-shaped skies at the start of the week though and it felt all kinds of nice actually having to wear my sunglasses to shield my eyes and not because I was tired.  Aherm.  
5.  Feta.  I don't mind telling you that it's one of my very favourite cheeses.  Now I'm not a big cheese lover by any means {give me chocolate over cheese all of the time.  Oh and these folk that order cheese and biscuits as a DESSERT?!?!  Who ARE they?! } but i do love a little bit-a-Feta.  And halloumi too.  Hmm maybe we'll do something fancy-pants with Halloumi towards the end of the week.... I DIGRESS! This week we piled feta on top of a Monday night hurried pasta dinner. I took a teeny tiny pot of it and munched it along side seeded oatcakes and BRITISH STRAWBERRIES and I'm thinking i might even scatter a little bit over pizza later on in the week.  What can i say?  We know how to feta.  What do the kids say?  Go hard cheese or go home....?!  Ho ho ho...
6.  Raindrops on roses windows.  It's a jolly great job i can find the positive in all of the rain we've had so far this week up north.  But i mean REALLY who's stolen Spring?!  Please can we have a bit back?  That said there was something a little bit lovely about being disturbed by the rain thundering down above my head onto our little skylight in our bedroom.  Only to find that the sun was just coming up and I'd actually fallen asleep with the fairy-lights that are entwined around our headboard on.  Even if i only got to snuggle under the duvet and fall back asleep for another hour or so, i was the cosiest!  
7.  Another morning ritual.  You know me, i love a routine.  Lately I've started referring to them as 'rituals'.  Feels kind of nice.  And makes me feel like a *little* bit more 'zen' and a lot less of an old lady!  Grey mornings this week have been spent making time to stand, sip my first cup of Lady Grey and watch the day wake up and nothing more for ten whole and delicious minutes. Whilst it's been mostly wet and cold, it's not been terribly cold. I have to admit to opening our kitchen window the littlest amount.  Just enough to hear the sweet chirrup of birdsong to accompany my tea.  
8.  Facial oil.  I spoke last week about my good skin run of late and i really am heralding this solely down to getting on board the facial oil wagon. My skin type has always been oily to combination and for that reason I've always shied away from anything oil-y thinking that it would actually make me look a little bit like I'd been 'Mr Sheen-ed.'  It's only over the past couple of years that I've learnt that actually a little bit of oil can do wonders for the more combination skin types amongst us.  I am currently using a brand called 'Good Things' {sold in most Boots stores i think} and their 'Rejuvenating Facial Oil' with Argan oil and i just LOVE it.  It's so light for starters which has had me pressing a few drops onto my skin after my evening shower and then slicking on my usual face cream - also by 'Good Things' too incidentally.   I've also loved using after exfoliating.  After I've cleansed and exfoliated i spend a few minutes really massaging the oil up my neck and across my face and it's the dream.  Plus my skin tone and general appearance the morning after is so, so lovely.  

9.  Planning a little getaway.  It's been ages since the Mr and i made a conscious effort to switch off and go away and do something.  We seem to have been both working alternate weekends and then it can often feel like we just exist through the week.  Jobs get done, post its get written and at the end of the day we both collapse on the sofa, sometimes without really making much effort to do much else.  I'm planning a few nights away at the end of the month and i can't wait.  It'll be so lovely to be just us and just to 'be' without the mundane or '9 to 5' getting in the way.  
*  *  * 
Now it's over to YOU!  What has been making you smile so far this week?  What little precious nuggets of loveliness have been making you feel all warm and fuzzy in your tum?!  I'm so chuffed to say that there are now SEVEN people aboard my lovely #wonderfulwednesday boat.  Go and visit Kate, Michelle, Jo, Emma, Helen, Cat and Katie 's blogs and read their posts too!  Better still share in the chit-chat online and talk to us about your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter or Instagram.  Remember to use the hashtag so we can see!
Have the most MAGICAL mid-week all!


  1. Who are these people you speak of that think cheese and biscuits are an acceptable alternative to pud? I'm not sure I can be friends with them! Favourite cheese: I'm thinking brie or maybe you're good old fashioned, put it on everything cheddar.

    In season food just has so much more flavour. My grandma has an allotment and picking strawberries and tomatoes straight of the plants gives such a hit of flavour. Such a summery childhood memory for me.

    Where are you and the Mr thinking of heading? I need details Sally!!

    Hope you have a gorgeous couple of days off xx

  2. Erm, we have a local juice bar?? That sells carrot juice and added shots of ginger? Where is this place please as I didn't not know it exists!

    Also, that bumble and bumble set in Boots? I have been eyeing that up for weeks, but I'm sure it was like £30 so hadn't brought myself to do it, but £10?? Is there any left? I'm dying to try Bumble and Bumble but always get put off by the price! I'm totally scurrying off up to boots on my lunch break now! :)

    1. LOL! I just read this after writing the exact same question to Sally! Has little old Carlisle suddenly got hip without me noticing!? x

  3. Ohh a little getaway sounds fab! I am pretty much counting down the days until my next holiday that's for sure. I've been loving getting the sunnies out at the moment too, we have finally had some sunshine!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Aww I am glad you loved the bumble and bumble, I have the worst hair and it never works for me :(

    First proper sunglasses day is the best day, I have had a few sunglass days already this year, so I understand the happiness this brings! Although the last two days I feel a little like Rapunzel in her tower as my office has been surrounded by fog to the extent I can't see anything other that pure white from my windows!

    Yey for the getaway! It'll be lovely for you to get some time together to just relax and be you! :) I think I am in need of one and might plan a quick few days away hopefully down to Cornwall before all the kiddies break up from school and the place gets swamped! I want to explore more Cornish places. x

  5. Sheepishly raises hand and whispers 'Me. Me is the cheese people.' Throw in a good chunky chutney and you've got yourselves one hell of a shindig. Please let's still be friends, I'd miss you so.

    And I'm with everyone else, I need deets on the break. So's I can be happy for you. Definitely not so I can rock up in the vicinity with my big block of cheese and bumbag of biscuits.

    I also need to know full opinions on the bumble and bumble as and when, I have SO MUCH HAIR and live for good products. Tell me more!

    Have a bodacious mid week weekend lovely lady with the fabulous hair, I do hope the rain stays away long enough to get you back on two wheels
    M xxx

  6. Ooh, are the British strawberries any good? It's so early in the season that I'm a bit sceptical! Morning rituals are lovely. Any rituals are lovely, to be fair! I'm such a creature of habit. And ooh, a few nights away sounds exciting! Where are you off to? xxx

  7. local juice bar!? LOCAL juice bar! Have you moved to a hip new city somewhere? hehe! Where is this wonder of which you speak!? Also Number 5 had me LOLing... who are these cheese as dessert people indeed! x

  8. Haha I love the idea of referring to morning routines as 'rituals' - think I'll adopt that expression too, it rolls off the tongue deliciously!

    You've inspired me to want to seek out a facial oil...and Bumble and Bumble products which I've never actually heard of. I might make a wee Friday lunchtime trip to Boots and treat myself - I've some points burning a hole in my purse and my hair is feeling a little flat at the moment...will let you know how I get on!

    Hope you had two glorious days off! x

  9. Just found your blog and I haven't seen one in such a long time that makes me giggle so much! May I ask where on earth you find cinnamon butter?! That sounds blooody amazing!

    I look forward to reading more posts from you! Great post :)



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