Monday, 12 September 2011

Here We Go

I end this week feeling like i could have actually progressed a little further in my blog shaped travels.  Due to being on holiday from Monsoon towers for the last week i had planned to get this show on the road - something i have been toying about getting around too for some time. Truth is, i think i am little apprehensive.  That and the fact that i thought this would all be a doddle. But i keep fannying about and tweaking and twonking at things.  

Ever since i got my first job in a little sweetshop in the middle of nowhere, before i moved to Carlisle, i have always loved to go shopping.  I am not a fan of group shopping, or even boyfriend-shaped wanderings through town. My shopping needs to be solo and undisrupted. Do you know what i don't actually always need or want to buy anything. In fact most of the time i just like to wander about, taking in whats going on. Meandering through my favourite shops or sometimes just sitting in costa and watching what other people are wearing.  

It was whilst doing this the other day, and flipping through some magazines that i think i have decided that i would sort of like this blog to be about my ramblings, but also a sort of style diary for Carlisle...or anyone i find here even if they're not from here but wouldn't mind me taking a quick pic of them.  Work in the rest of this...

Promise it will all look more interesting when i figure out how to use the camera properly…

1 comment:

  1. Ok, so I just scrolled through your whole blog..yes I did and got to your opening post :)

    I too am best as a solo shopper, partly because the boy never encourages spending, friends have very different style and you get distracted too easily, and my mum is probably the best person but she only ever likes me in pretty dresses!

    Anyway, feel free to do lots of Carlisle related posts...I miss home! Also, do you have GFC? I cant find it on here...but I want to follow?!



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