Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Legs Eleven


'Show a bit of leg'.  I am quite sure everyone reading this has heard this, read this, been told this or said this at some point in there life. As far as i have always been concerned, it has always been quite acceptable to 'show a bit of leg'.  But when in gods name did it become okay to show it all?!?

By all I am not talking everything, i may be slightly exaggerating. I am also not talking about actual flesh.  But recently and it seems especially since it has turned wintery here, i find myself constantly faced with girls bottoms. I am not old fashioned, and i love anyone for having fun with what they are wearing, but since when did it become okay to not cover your rear end when you are wearing leggings? And when did leggings suddenly not become hosiery?

Leggings are hosiery, they are not trousers. I know there are various hybrids out there now: jeggings, treggings, lame, sequinned,leather, pvc… and i could go on, but none of these were designed to wear as trousers alone! As lovely a bottom as you may have, i do not want to see it, and your underwear in all its glory going up an escalator in tk maxx. Thank you.

Leggings have been about for far longer than you would think.  Originally they were two separate garments, one for each leg and were used as a protective for the lower half.  During the Renaissance men often wore them as an extra layer to give extra warmth, and in native america during the 19th century they were worn by indians to protect during horse riding and hunting.  They only really became a fashion over commodity in the early sixties where they were worn under skirts and A-line dresses. The Eighties saw leggings form part of dance wear after films like Flashdance made them even more popular for the masses.  And it was the Nineties which saw the 'Skinny' jean emerge and fashion icons like Kate Moss meant everyone wanted a pair.  

It didn't take long for treggings, jeggings and the like to appear - a hybrid of the trouser and legging, or jean and legging.  These are just like leggings but with some of the characteristics of trousers and jeans.  

So i'm not sure if everyone just got confused with the whole skinny/tregging/jegging/legging debacle. Leggings for me have always been two things 1) The Enemy and 2) Tights.  It is not acceptable to have your bottom completely uncovered when wearing them, no matter how lovely, how toned, how pert, you just should not do it.  Nobody wants to see it. Put it away.  Leggings are made from lycra. They are not hard wearing. Often see through, and they are not warm!  Even if you are wearing winter boots. And anyway if you are wearing them with winter boots why the bobbins aren't you just wearing tights?!

Don't get me wrong, i wear leggings but only in the house and thats just my personal preference. I wear them if i cant be bothered putting much thought into what i am wearing, or if I'm cleaning the bathroom.  And with some people i don't know if thats it, they cant be bothered. This is not meant to sound righteous, or cruel. But in my line of work you constantly hear everyday: 'Lovely, especially with a pair of leggings.' 'It just needs some leggings' or 'You could even wear that with some leggings in the winter.' Argh.  You hardly ever hear people holding as much enthusiasm for tights.  

I am not too sure if all this is just 'me' as the Collins dictionary definition doesn't really do much to prove my point either: "A type of fitted clothing covering the thighs. Worn by men and women.'  And you know what, some people wear leggings and look lovely, they do it right.  My friend Hannah never fails to look lovely in leggings, they look chic and effortless on her and they really suit her. But she doesn't wear them like they are trousers.  It sounds daft but not very many people can nail this look. I for sure cannot, and will not ever look good in leggings. Hence why i will never leave the house wearing any. 

 Now tights, different story.  Tights i can do...

Friday, 4 November 2011

Bubble and Boutique

I am very pleased and excited as my lovely Monsoon Boutique home bits have arrived!!! Ta da!! For those of you who don't know what the bobbins i am going on about, Monsoon have just launched a new range to run along side their current beautiful home bits and bobs.  Monsoon Boutique is different to the main home ware range. Firstly it is only available exclusively online, and then secondly (and my favourite part), all the products produced in the boutique range are made using up cycled Monsoon fabrics, working with fairtrade producers and will in turn help to support disadvantaged communities.  This is all done in conjunction with the Monsoon Trust, which you can find more information about online.

The range includes beautiful rolls of printed ribbon, tin containers, hand embroidered cushions, throws and duvets and the sweetest christmas decorations.  I chose to order a roll of the ribbon to tie in my hair and to lace my shoes, and a beautiful little cosmetics purse.

Lovely to know that each piece has a little story behind it. And so you dont feel so bad in indulging…think i may get some christmas presents from there too.                                                            

Hi Brow(s!)

Having always been blonde, allbeit more of the bottle variety now compared to when i was younger, i have never had to really think about my eyebrows. I have an odd facial set up. Although my hair is naturally now probably a very dark blonde and my eyelashes are naturally pretty close to black, my eyebrows have always stayed very pale blonde.  Or more accurately - invisible.  Because of this i have never given them much thought.  Never really tweezed them, or shaped them or really spent much time doing anything with them, other than dabbing a bit of benefit moonbeam under them, largely because nobody would really notice.

But it seems at the moment, everyone here is going brow crazy.  I have never been one for matching where clothes and accessories are concerned, and if i'm entirely honest i have always envied girls with lovely thick dark hair and lovely dark bushy eyebrows.  There is something about a thick brow, that just frames your face, gives you an almost symmetrical quality, even if your features aren't exactly symmetrical. And its almost a way of looking instantly groomed, even without any makeup.  But i would never in a million years try and pencil in bold, thick eyebrows on my face.  Largely becuase my features just wouldnt suit them, but also because it is far far to faraway from what my eyebrows are normally like.

Call me an eyebrow prude if there is such a thing, but if i had lovely red hair, or blond hair, or any shade apart from black, why would i draw on eyebrows so thick that they begin to look like you are wearing two upside down plastic moustaches above your eyes?!?!? Cartoon eyebrows!!!!

And not content with a mere eyebrow pencil, (well maybe it would have to be a marker pen..?) it is now possible to get a permanent bushy brow fix - the next step in creating the full and dramatic brows seen on the catwalks.  Eyebrows are strengthened, defined and shaped with delicate strokes of pigment infused into the skin.  This permanent makeup technique claims to replicate hair at an almost microscopic level, creating the most 'natural' brow.  And the results can last 12-18 months.

Eyebrows continue to be big news where fashion and beauty are concerned.  At this years London Fashion Week brows were once more big big news in their many guises, from the 'brushed up brow' at Alexander Wang, the 'gloss through' at Amanda Wakely and the 'total bleach out' seen at Giles.  And i have been on brow patrol here, and although we can be a little bit behind the fashion times up here in Carlisle, we are definitely not where eyebrows are concerned.

Over the past few seasons we've seen everything super-sized - oversized totes, statement clutches and super geeky chic glasses. It seems eyebrows are the latest accessory to be seen with…how will you wear yours?!?


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