Friday, 4 November 2011

Hi Brow(s!)

Having always been blonde, allbeit more of the bottle variety now compared to when i was younger, i have never had to really think about my eyebrows. I have an odd facial set up. Although my hair is naturally now probably a very dark blonde and my eyelashes are naturally pretty close to black, my eyebrows have always stayed very pale blonde.  Or more accurately - invisible.  Because of this i have never given them much thought.  Never really tweezed them, or shaped them or really spent much time doing anything with them, other than dabbing a bit of benefit moonbeam under them, largely because nobody would really notice.

But it seems at the moment, everyone here is going brow crazy.  I have never been one for matching where clothes and accessories are concerned, and if i'm entirely honest i have always envied girls with lovely thick dark hair and lovely dark bushy eyebrows.  There is something about a thick brow, that just frames your face, gives you an almost symmetrical quality, even if your features aren't exactly symmetrical. And its almost a way of looking instantly groomed, even without any makeup.  But i would never in a million years try and pencil in bold, thick eyebrows on my face.  Largely becuase my features just wouldnt suit them, but also because it is far far to faraway from what my eyebrows are normally like.

Call me an eyebrow prude if there is such a thing, but if i had lovely red hair, or blond hair, or any shade apart from black, why would i draw on eyebrows so thick that they begin to look like you are wearing two upside down plastic moustaches above your eyes?!?!? Cartoon eyebrows!!!!

And not content with a mere eyebrow pencil, (well maybe it would have to be a marker pen..?) it is now possible to get a permanent bushy brow fix - the next step in creating the full and dramatic brows seen on the catwalks.  Eyebrows are strengthened, defined and shaped with delicate strokes of pigment infused into the skin.  This permanent makeup technique claims to replicate hair at an almost microscopic level, creating the most 'natural' brow.  And the results can last 12-18 months.

Eyebrows continue to be big news where fashion and beauty are concerned.  At this years London Fashion Week brows were once more big big news in their many guises, from the 'brushed up brow' at Alexander Wang, the 'gloss through' at Amanda Wakely and the 'total bleach out' seen at Giles.  And i have been on brow patrol here, and although we can be a little bit behind the fashion times up here in Carlisle, we are definitely not where eyebrows are concerned.

Over the past few seasons we've seen everything super-sized - oversized totes, statement clutches and super geeky chic glasses. It seems eyebrows are the latest accessory to be seen with…how will you wear yours?!?

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  1. I really think you should keep those brows, they're awesome.



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