Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mr Mr

Little bit in love with all things hairy and moustache-shaped at the min!  Where did all this come from?! Have i missed something?! What started with women wearing tuxedos, Alexa Chung being described as 'Androgynous' and me being frowned at by certain boy who will remain nameless for wanting to buy a flowery bow tie a while ago; has suddenly turned into moustache mania everywhere!
Moustache necklace MoustacheFancy at Etsy.com
All other images courtesy of Google Images (and my awful photoshopping)

Actual moustaches are tickly for those of us unfortunate enough to kiss someone with one (lord knows they must tickle the wearer!) and not altogether that appealing.  Maybe just good to look at.  Many men wear them well.  But there are much more fun ways to wear yours now.  

I was extremely excited after our new jewellery bay Coquette was popped out at the beginning of february. (In accessorize we do a little re-jig of our layout each month and every couple of months we launch a new jewellery bay depending on the season.  Coquette is very bright, a little bit Pop Art and tongue in cheek.  Aside from the excitement of new and exciting Accessorize jewllery, on it was a lovely little moustache style pendant which everyone else seemed to hate, yet i loved straight away!
Accessorize Moustache Pendant £10.00

And it seems since i bought my lovely little pendant i keep seeing lots of things with Moustaches on, moustaches all over or inspired by moustaches! A bit like when you hear a word you have never heard before and then once you know what it means, suddenly everyone seems to be saying it. 

Not sure if any of you have heard of Zoe Karssen, but here is a new designer getting a little bit of a following now for her laid back sweatshirts and T-shirts inspired by Pop culture and anyone from Kate Moss to Blondie.  Worth having a goosey gander at most certainly, and currently available at Harrods and due to launch soon at MyWardrobe too.  I love this moustache-y sweatshirt, it would look lovely teamed with a printed skirt or flowery trousers.  
Image courtesy of www.harrods.com
It would be rude to write about moustaches without mentioning the dear Tatty Devine.  Tatty Devine make the most lovely pieces of jewllery.  Thier pieces are very tongue in cheek, cheeky and fun! And the thing i love most is they are always bang up to date with whats hot too.  If you don't take your costume jewllery too seriously they are definetly worth a look.  They have also done some super duper collaborations with everyone from Rob Ryan to Eley Kishimoto.  My favourite section is their 'Old Curiosity Shop' where you can find some really unique pieces.  I cannot even put into words how much i adore these little shoes….
Paris Moustache Lace ups courtesy of The Old Curiousity Shop at Tatty Devine

It is not very often i am speechless but these little lace ups took my breath away!  They are hand crafted  in soft grey pony skin with leather soles and bare a little wooden moustache on each shoe.  Designer Daita Kimura was apparently inspired by mice…how sweet.  Since they come in at a hefty £220 i shall not be buying them anytime soon.  I have however been promised some handmade little wooden moustaches of my own to thread through my shoelaces by a certain someone…rather excited.  

Oops!  But of course Tatty do some lovely moustache jewellery too…i have been distracting myself with the moustache-y mice shoes!
Wooden, Sterling Silver and Perspex Moustache Necklaces courtesy of www.tattydevine.com
The sweet little wooden necklace is made from solid walnut and priced at £27.  The middle necklace is sterling silver, U.K made and priced at £125 and the little perspex beauty is just £24.  So moustaches to suit any budget…..my favourite is the little walnut one.  I would wear it with a printed tea dress, chocolate brown tights and the little Paris Lace Ups….in my dreams.
How not to wear a moustache!

Anyhow *must-dash…


*Courtesy of Miss Ali Ann Harrington…had to add this, thanks :)


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Finding Spring

I have been looking for Spring recently.  I know i might be a bit early…but its on the March side of February now so i thought, it can't be faraway.  

Once Halloween and Bonfire night are gone, i look forward to Winter and say pip pip to Autumn for another year.  Winter is definitely my most favourite of all the seasons.  But this year it was much much milder.  Still i forced on my layers - jumpers,hoods, mittens and thick coloured tights, hoping that i could will the snow and frost to come.  But it was not to be.  

Once a little warmer and milder christmas had disappeared and with it the crazy January Sales too, i started to get excited for Spring.  For new beginnings and new bright colours and bright prints.  My favourite times to cut up and pull apart Vogue and Elle (Sorry!!), just because everything is brighter, newer and fresher:  Spring is bursting with optimism and goodness, like no other season.  And its the season where everything starts again.  

But i couldn't find it.  

Snow and frost and temperatures of only the minus kind have blanketed the British Isles for the last month or so.  Some might say i should be grateful.  Afterall i got just what i wanted…but two months too late.  I thought i would never find Spring.  I couldnt see any signs that it was going to come.  

Today i found a little bit hiding.  


Sunday, 5 February 2012

De Quelle Collar?

I have become just a little bit obsessed with collars. To some this may sound a little barmy.  For those of you who know me you will realise that is nothing new!

Every season there is an accessory that  'everyone's raving about'. Over the past year or so its been 'all about' The Power Clutch, The Midi or The Floral Trouser….or more.  Or similar variations, i am quite sure you could write a very long list.  While i don't like to think i am a slave to trends or what's hot or not at a certain time, you don't have to work in fashion or retail to be influenced by what's going on around you.  And for me at the moment, i can't get enough of collars.  

Its not just me, the simple collar has been popularised by Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Laverne and even, dare i say it, shows like Ugly Betty.  What with oversized glasses, satchels and now collars, it has all gone a bit book worm meets Geek Chic, and i love it! 

Beautiful crisp white blouse and simple black ribbon with black opagues add a sexy edge to Chanel tailoring -  lovely wicker bag stops the outfit looking too sexy.

Simple body con dress toned down with a white collar peeping over the top. The short hemline,flats and white collar making the look a bet more daytime, less evening.  

I have never been a fan of wearing one particular look from head to toe and much prefer to mix it up a bit.  Often i feel most happy in an outfit that is a complete mish-mash because it feels more creative and individual;  but this is one trend you cant wear top to bottom.  Unless you really are a bit of a geek! 

Above, my current favourite collar crush. Beautiful cobalt blue Monsoon Charlotte Jumper jumper with cream and red Monsoon Sophia Blouse styled underneath.  Extra warm to wear together and the pop of red keeps it fun!  The red also gives you another colour to pop elsewhere in your outfit.  

Then, here i have taken a very very old monsoon blue velvet dress and popped a pink silk sleeveless (also very old!) Gap sleeveless blouse underneath and worn backwards. The collar is much more dramatic but the fabrics are also much more fancy pants and so the print makes this whole ensemble a bit more…playful?! I also think the velvet and silk together make it bit vintage-y too.  

This time i have taken another old Monsoon summer dress already with a collar and to draw attention to it i have loosely tied a little printed Ditsy Floral and Striped Border Accessorize Square scarf around the collar.  Not only does this brighten up the navy of the dress, but it is a much cheaper way of updating an old dress aaand, is a way of working the Collar, when it gets a bit warmer….

Finally,  before i have bored you all to tears with my collar antics, my last little collar favourite styling tip is to incorporate a simple strand of ribbon into your outfit.  As i mostly plait my hair, i have a box brimming with different types of ribbon, and every colour under the rainbow too.   Here i styled an old Topshop printed blouse by selecting a skinny length of ribbon in a complimentary colour and tying it loosely around and under the collar. This not only makes the blouse even more pretty, but it brings it right up to date too.

Phew.  I own a satchel AND now i have a serious Collar Crush. Maybe i will see if the ridiculously oversized glasses do suit me…..Might not be able to see when i'm riding my bike though!

Hope this inspires you to be a little bit more creative with your new purchases (if your lucky!) and equally to make the most of the things you already have aswell. Oh and to love collars just as much as me :)


* Alexa Chung pictures courtesy of Tumblr 
** All the other are unfortunately taken by myself, apologies.


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