Sunday, 11 March 2012

Box of Clever

I don't understand those who say they don't snack in between meals.  How can you not?! I like to think i eat relatively healthy, as balanced as i can, but i can never resist cake,or chocolate when push comes to shove.  I generally carry nibbl-ey bits around with me wherever i go….a banana here….a few almonds…..a flapjack…..sometimes a chocolate bar (for energy!!), but you know what it's like…when things have been squashed into your bag with 101 other things and a general collection of 'girl paraphernalia', they can become squashed and…not quite their best. 

And then one day a leaflet appeared on the desk at work, for Graze.  How in the whole world and beyond have i not heard of this before!?!?!?!?!?  
Graze is designed to help you snack healthily betwixt your meals, or for those times your energy needs a little boost!!  They have come up with over 100 delicious snacks and nibbles (most relatively low in calories!)to deliver right to your door for you to nibble as you wish. 
It's really simple to get in and get started too.  You simply bob onto their site; sign up, go through their snacks; rate each snack with 'bin try like or love' and based on that they make up a little nibble box personalised especially for lovely little you! Your box is delivered by First Class Royal Mail (UK only so far - sorry!) and each box fits perfectly through a standard letter box,only costing £3.79 including postage.  You have the option to cancel at anytime, and can choose to push back or change how often or how soon you get your box too.  It's really easy! And really really lovely.
My very first Graze Box…definitely not my last!
I have to confess, i did think at first that it would be too good to be true, but i am on my second box now, and there hasn't been one thing that i haven't loved!!! Plus eventhough they are designed for in between your meals, i have used them on other ways too.  The Fruit Sangria  is lovely in porridge and the Vanillary Seeds i mixed into my 3pm yoghurt. Mmmm!

Even more of a bonus and an absolute excuse to try is that for a limited time, you get your first box free and your second for half price - no catch!!! Simply enter LKFREEBOX in the promo code section and your away!!!

Happy Grazing!!!  


  1. I love the idea of Graze, I think the person who thought of it was a genius. Bit healthy for me, though!

  2. I know, its one of those 'why didnt i think of it' things isnt it?!? You know what, i am quite healthy but not that healthy, and i use alot of my box in with what i normally eat as appose to just snacks, like in porridge, cereal, or in yoghurt, or with a sandwich… could try the free code and try it…? :) Thanx so much for the comment ;)



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