Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You Send Me Just Colours...

I love how you can just melt away into music.  For some it is books, for others it is film, for the rest it might be both - or something completely random, fly fishing maybe.  Or photography.  For me it has always and will always be music.  

When i remember something there is always music involved.  My earliest memories are of dancing to Gold by Spandeau Ballet whilst i helped my mum polish the living room.  Or of singing along to Abba, E.L.O and Blondie(sometimes T.Rex if my poor dad got his way) in the back of the car on holidays to Scotland.  Always the wrong words, and always completely out of key, but we bonded over Dancing Queen many many times.  I have memories or covering my ears when my mum would turn up David Bowie loud.  Little did i know i would thank her very much for her love of music, for probably being the reason i am such a musical nut today.

I have cried my little heart out to pieces of classical music in the past, just the same as a certain song has picked me up from my grumpiness on far too many occasions too.  I have seen many of my favourite bands - too many to mention - and been moved physically and emotionally always.  

As i have grown up, along the way i have embraced how music has influenced my fashion choices - good or bad.  It is never just the actual music that inspires me, but equally the band or artist and their sense of style.  I will never forget my love of glittery platform jelly shoes and all things fluro in the Nineties (Spice Girls era) or my discovery of old old David Bowie songs at secondary school leading to a very embarrassing experience at a school disco with bright purple glittery bell bottoms and an ultra violet light.  

Still music continues to shape,influence and inspire what i wear and how i am feeling.  Today i listened to Supernature by Goldfrapp, Metal Guru by T.Rex and Go! by Moby.  I danced about like a nutcase and sung my little heart out.  I often feel sorry for our neighbours.  But maybe they were dancing along too! 


Maxi skirt, Indigo at M&S, £29.50.  Tshirt, Oasis many many moons ago - i chopped off the bottom!


  1. You've just made me think about how whenever I went over to my granny and grandad's for the day when I was about 3 I'd ALWAYS insist on watching my gran's abba video and would merrily sit on my little chair in front of the telly dancing away. Strange child I was. Totally agree about music being such a big influence in my life too :)

  2. Oh, this outfit is very good. You look adorable like usual.

  3. Fabulous photographs you look wonderful! I adore goldfrapp and t-rex such style icons!

  4. Great post !

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  5. OMG, I used to have that t-shirt, in fact I don't remember throwing it away?! I'm going to have to hunt through my drawers now!! Great post and it's true how music evokes a memory, I have a list of favourite songs that I sometimes just play on repeat to cheer me up :)


  6. Wonderful photos!!! the colors is amazing!!! xxx

  7. Nice post, you have a really cool blog :)

  8. Amazing pics! I love it :)
    follow me if you like too ^^

  9. Nice post! I like this selection!!!
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    Kisses, Den.



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