Thursday, 4 October 2012

Chilli Jumper Nights

I would like to introduce to the star of my show…well the star of this week at least.  I think this week it is safe to say i have lived in this lovely little wonder of a jumper.  She is just the right shade of pink - not too girly whirly, not to bright - that comforting pink that can only remind you of roses, old roses - a little bit wilted, just starting to go brown around the edges of their delicate little petals.   Its colour is a little bit Marks and Spencer, a bit almost the same shade i dust my cheeks with each day and a lot my most favourite jumper.  For now at least.  
This week the rain fell and fell and when you just didn't think there was room left in the sky for more to fall, it did.  Over and over again with such desperate persistence it was enough to dampen the pinkest of spirits.  So i decked myself out in rosy jumper loveliness and ate the Mr's extra special homemade chilli until my tummy hurt.  Honestly the very best chilli i have ever ever tasted.  Spicy and rich and bursting with autumnal loveliness.  I loved it so much i took it to work for lunch the very next day and dipped tortilla chips in it.  Heaven! 
The jumper itself was a purchase solely for work - to layer over dresses and blouses when autumn brought the chilly mornings and cooler evenings.  Except i have found myself putting it on with everything at home and on days off too - a true testament to my rose-shaped love for this little wonder.  The trousers i wore it with last night are very very old with a beautiful ditzy rose print (can you over rose yourself? Is there such a thing?!).  They are a funny hareem shape which i expected to hate at first glance, yet are surprisingly comfortable, slouchy and nice to snuggle up in when its horrid outside and the rain is battering against the window (we honestly had to turn the volume up on The Great British Bake Off - yes it was that loud).  I have more than a sneaky suspicion that the Mr is not too fond on these floral wonders due to our 'they are pyjamas' 'they are not pyjamas' conversation most times when i wear them.  We have agreed to disagree. This means i am right.  

When the rain did stop (yesterday….roughly maybe 4pm?!) i couldn't get home and get on my bike quick enough! If i am honest i was also thinking of the embarrassing number of M&S Walnut Whips i have eaten this week…Cycling just before twilight might be my new favourite time….with lights on of course!

Tonight i am excited as i think we are going to make some mulled wine…some may say it is too early.  I happen to think it's a sensible way to get the technique just right in time for the festive season!! 

Trousers:  Next £25 many moons ago.  Jumper, Monsoon AW12 £55.  Scarf, Accessorize AW12 £12.  



  1. Aww can't wait to go buy some new jumpers! Did you see my post hobos? Its a vintage shop in Cardiff, but they're going to be online soon. They have amazing one off vintage knits gorgeous!
    Erica xo

  2. Ooh lovely jumper! I've got my eye on some cable knits in H&M at the moment, only £15 but they look like the kinda wool that will malt on everything so it's kinda putting me off at the moment! I may have to go and try them out and check out the damage they do!


  3. I've got so much love for this jumper... it even matches your blog background perfectly!
    The one bonus of this mixed up weather we're experiencing is the pretty colours the sky has been turning in the evening <3

  4. lovely photos! and the jumper is so pretty :)

  5. Never too early for mulled wine! xx

  6. Can't stop admiring your hair!
    I love mulled wine, it's never too early! You'll need to post the recipe :)

  7. I love mulled wine! All of your photos are always so beautiful. That jumper is divine! Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Some gorgeous photographs! love chunky knit jumpers :)

  9. such a cute post! I love the sunset and the mood board x

  10. you have such amazing hair <3 just beautiful and your jumper is fantastic <3. loveit.

  11. The photos of the sky are beautiful...I love it when it's so vibrant outside...I've never tried mulled wine before, I think that has to be done this year



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