Friday, 9 November 2012

Furry Ducks and Purple Knees

The fluffy hat and i have been up at the parents in Scotland for the best part of this week.  Aside from a lovely jaunt to Glasgow to see the marvel which is Emelie Sande, a large part of my time was spent walking and eating.  Today is my very first day back in civilisation.  Well i say civilisation, this really means back in a place which has a costa, can receive a Sky signal and has a population of more than twenty-five.  

When this hat arrived, i wore it to cycle up to my sisters (the warmest hat i have ever owned - and if you know me, that's some acheivement).  She told me i looked like Kirsty Allsop.  Whilst that wasn't the look i was going for (i was thinking more of a scandinavian winter princess) i can see where she was coming from.  I do feel a bit like i should be wearing a Barbour jacket, carrying a Cath Kidston bag and donning my Hunter wellies.  So to dispel the 'Allsop-a-like' myth, i went for my new favourite furry H&M tweed and fur coat, my also new (i know i know) Next dip dye grey marl floral sweatshirt.  Oh and some purple tights.  

Now the weather is most definitely on the colder side, if not super duper freezing quite yet;  i am loving wearing the ducks as more of a skirt and top type dress, rather than just as it is. Mileage! I knew these little chaps would be an investment!    

I think my all-of-a-sudden love for anything else ombre-ed that is not me; stems from my envy of all those lucky ducks out there who have taken the plunge and dip dyed their hair.  I just cannot bring myself to do it…

One of my very favourite wanderings up north was at a little seaside called Rockcliffe.  We managed to steal a day of interrupted sunshine.  I felt like i could have stood and watched the sea all day long…

Whilst i jetted away the Mr stayed here and made more guitars.  It was the first time i have been away and left him here (i've stayed here alone plenty of times)  it was weird.  I missed his lovely face a lot.  I expect he probably lived off pizza, played Xbox for most of his evening and watched an unhealthy amount of 'How it's Made' and 'LA Ink'.  Just a wild guess.  He doesn't care very much for my Kirstie Allsop Scandinavian Princess hat.  Apparently my head looks like a microphone.  It didn't stop him trying it on and shaking his behind around the living room though. 


  1. I've been a reader for a while and love your style! Slightly worried as I own a Barbour International, gilet, and Barbour wellies...

    Proper LOL'D at last part, your Mr is as nuts as mine!

    ps: love the duckies!

  2. A microphone?! What are men like?! Haha!
    Well I think you look you fabulous in it :)
    And your photography is amazing as ever x x

    1. Argh, too many "you's" in line two!
      Can you tell I've just woken up...? Ha!

  3. I quite like the hat actually! And your photos are cool too.. I went away for an evening this week and left my boyfriend at home too, he lived off pizza as well.. what are they like? I'd love a week away from civilisation, maybe i'll have to get myself down to scotland!

    On another note, i thought i already followed your blog since i always check in via twitter, but apparently i dont so am adding you to my list now xx

  4. these pictures are incredible! wow they are so mesmerising

    hope you'll visit back!

  5. you finally added new post :) i was waiting for this for some time :) i love your hat, it's so amazing :) !

  6. Rockcliffe looks so beautiful and peaceful. x

  7. Why do guys love 'How It's Made' it's the worst programme ever!! I love your new jumper, not normally a Next shopper cos' I always worry I might see a 50 year old woman in the same outfit and then I'd feel really old :-S but I like this a lot! xx



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