Friday, 25 January 2013

This week in numbers

2013-01-20001055 photo 2013-01-20001055.jpg
More mulled wine.  It didn't snow in Carlisle (until today!).  I was annoyed.  I was cold.  There is no other justification required.

2013-01-21122030 photo 2013-01-21122030.jpg
Me and reading.  I am really struggling to sit down and just read.  So i am thinking i may buy a book that isn't super reliant on reading (or i can read in sections) and that might teach me something new.  My top two are the above and Rachel Khoos 'Little Paris' cookbook.  

IMG_20130121_192654 photo IMG_20130121_192654.jpg
Jumpers instead of cardigans.  This isn't a revelation (or groundbreaking) it is just something i had never considered before:  jumpers over dresses and skirts.  They are so much warmer and open up a whole new wardrobe of possibilities.  

2013-01-21122614 photo 2013-01-21122614.jpg
Valentines Day.  There is said it.  I know it's just another day like any other and also an evil ploy to get us to spend money on anything heart-shaped or remotely romantic.  But i like it. I have an unhealthy obsession with beautifully designed greeting cards/nice wrapping/novelty anythings and this just panders to that side of me.  Having said that, we don't normally do Vday.  So i shall probably buy/make/do/waste money on something for myself that is also a waste of time.

2013-01-21160245 photo 2013-01-21160245.jpg
Light that doesnt…light much.  I have always wanted one of these beautiful little lanterns.  I suspect it is intended to be hung outside in high Summer. In reality ours hangs from our attic window  in the bedroom and inside it, the pretty little tea-light doesn't really give off too much light.  But golly gosh it looks so pretty.  Especially when i have the fairy-lights switched on too.  Then you can see. 

2013-01-21205253 photo 2013-01-21205253.jpg
Lush baths.  A few days off work means an excuse to spend a few hours whiled away under a blanket of velvety, foamy, sweet smelling Lush bath bombs - with an obligatory cup of Lady Grey of course.  This one was called Snow Angel i think.  It was part of a christmas gift set.  I am still getting through my Snow Fairy, and enjoyed scrubbing away at my mop with Big shampoo too.  I wish i could afford to use everything Lush.  

IMG_20130122_184537 photo IMG_20130122_184537.jpg
Flowering tea.  My first try.  This beautiful teapot was a very kind birthday gift and i have just got round to trying it this week.  So magical to watch!! It makes tea drinking something of an art.  A complete contrast to my usual sleepy fumble and throwing of a tea bag in a cup!!

IMG_20130123_211646 photo IMG_20130123_211646.jpg
More tea drinking.  I don't think you can over-do that though can you?  I have drank lots of the good stuff this week.  I really notice a difference if i am not hydrated - both in my skin and my alertness.  It is hard to drink cold water in these arctic temperatures, and so i have been upping my herbal tea intake.  My current favourites are Camomile and honey tea; Cranberry and Elderflower and of course my trusty Lady Grey with lots of milk.  

2013-01-24095219 photo 2013-01-24095219.jpg
A good breakfast.  Days off mean time to sit and enjoy breakfast properly.  Rather than trying to apply mascara, drink tea and tame hair in a haphazard fashion!  This week each day has begun with a huge bowl of porridge made from scratch with a sprinkling of brown sugar and seeds and a massive helping of berries.  (I may or may not have also watched Peter Andre - My Life as accompaniment too).  

2013-01-24174059 photo 2013-01-24174059.jpg
Spring cleaning in…Winter.  One day off isn't enough to get stuck into my collection clothing which seems to have significantly multiplied without me noticing.  This week i have re-organised wardrobe number one and two; a set of four drawers and a big shelf above my wardrobe.  I have also filled a massive bag for our lovely charity shop round the corner.  I have also (somehow) accidentally bought two new dresses this week.  However, the cumulative value of said new dresses pre-sale is £149.  I paid £35.  For.  Both.  I don't even need to do the maths to tell you thats one fantastical saving right there.

2013-01-25150644 photo 2013-01-25150644.jpg
The Best Thing i Have Ever Bought.  (Number '10.5' as '11' felt like an odd number of pictures).  I love scrambled eggs.  Love them.  I hate microwaved scrambled eggs with a passion as they always seem to be raw, or murdered.  Try and try so so many times have i,  to make scrambled eggs, to perfection, in a saucepan on the stove.  Each time, said pan is out of use for several days to to stickage.  Until this week. I bought a brand new non-stick little milk pan instead of using our massive non-stick saucepan.  And a bright red silicone spatula. these two things have completely revolutionised my scrambled eggs in a life changing way.  Seriously.  Therefore this week, every day, i have enjoyed a hearty lunch of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and watercress with toasted flatbreads.  I feel like i will be enjoying this lunch for the rest of my life (exaggeration).   

I am now off to make some blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.  And to get more excited at the thought of macaroni cheese and green beans for tea.  I did just say that.



  1. Wow I love that teapot xx

  2. What beautiful photos! I'm so intrigued by this flowering tea. I might have to hunt it down! Congratulations on sorting through your wardrobes- it's too mammoth a task for me to attempt just now! January is laazzyyyyyy xx

  3. yay I'm so in love with your week! It was full of so many lovely stuff which I really need in my life now. AWESOME <3

  4. These are amazing vintage photos! Love your photography style :)


  5. there are some FLY prints lurking in that wardrobe! x

  6. Oooo I want to get flowering tea and a clear teapot! I've never really been into tea, but I'm trying to make it a 2013 thing! :)

    By the way, I nominated you for a blog award:

    It's well deserved x x

  7. Love your pics and your blog x

  8. That teapot is lovely! X



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