Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This last week has been a funny old one.  I have been feeling rather lacking in fizz and under the weather of late.  This is a combination of far too much Jack Daniels on Friday night and unsettled sleep on and off last week mixed in with crazy dreaming.  You know the sort of sleep where you feel as if your eyes have been closed so very tight, but you haven't slept deep enough? Odd.  It was almost like my body was trying its very best to catch a cold, whilst i was trying my damnedest not to.  I spent my time putting avocados in everything (Super duper food - fixer), drinking as much Vitamin water as i could muster (fluids - great skin required - flusher and fixer) and trying to eat more raw vegetables in general (obvious better-er - obvious fixer).

I can report that i am feeling much better than i did over the weekend and have had two consecutive nights of blissful sleep.  
The Killer.  I say this but i had a fab time watching the Mr play bass for MyLittleBrother on Friday evening at a local bar.  I met lovely people and forgot i was drinking doubles and not singles.  And also that i was at work at 8.30am.  Enough said.  (This was the best of a very blurry bunch.  It was sticky and very busy).  
Perfect Sunday Morning.  I generally have to eat, dress and apply mascara whilst eating breakfast through the week.  I often lose my spoon, try to straighten my porridge or put something in the fridge that shouldn't be.  Still feeling an impending plague looming, snuggling up with Lady Grey (i should be a bloody spokes-person for Twinings) and a massive warmed raisin pastry is my idea of Heaven.  
Token Sky Picture.  It has been so nice in Cumbria of late.  Don't let it fool you, it has been freeeezing to boot; but lovely and cheery and sunny and my hamster cheeks have enjoyed soaking up the much needed vitamin D - even if i am wearing two pairs of tights and mittens at the same time.  

Bundling, Biycycling and Brrr.  I forced my self to do a few laps and to get some fresh air on Sunday. It is not like me to have to force myself to pedal. I often think i might pedal in my sleep.  I did feel much better for the fresh air after, but also felt like i was walking in a special sort of way for a good half hour too.  

Lazy Bean.  After flicking through Green and Black chocolate recipe book a few nights ago, the Mr took it upon himself to make some de-lovely chocolate flapjacks.  And then he made tea too.  I lay on the sofa.  It was lovely.  
I have mostly been munching fruit in the evenings.  This is not one of those times.  But sometimes when you are tired, can't sleep and feel blahh…a little Cadbury Shortcake biscuit (or three) are just the golden ticket.  
A few weeks ago we had a local magazine around to interview us about our favourite things in our little home.  It came out today! It felt a bit funny reading it and i am unimpressed with how hamster-ey my cheeks look (complex) BUT apart from that it really is lovely! Thank you to Carlisle Living for featuring us.  

Tonight we are making a funny pie from smoked ham, eggs, spinach and ricotta cheese and catching up on BBC 3's The Year of Making Love.  I am hoping for 'good night sleep' number three.  If you could all keep everything crossed for me that would be great.  Thanks.  

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I Loves...

I started this blog originally as a way of diarising (new favourite word) my outfits and get ups; but have also loved using it as a creative outlet and a way to share my love of the little things and a little peep inside being me too.  Lately there has been much love, as its almost one of my very favourite seasons…Spring (coming close second to Autumn).    
Late night nibbles.  No matter how much i munch for tea or what time i eat, i always want something to nibble on with my camomile tea before i go to sleep.  Living with the Mr means that is often biscuit-ey based.  But of late i have been enjoying a little handful of grapes and a couple of strawberries (healthy bean!).  

Having a partner in crime.  Having somebody always there.  I often forget how different it felt when it was just me.  I love that it's not just me anymore.  
 If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram; i will have most likely bored you to death with my sky pictures recently.  This picture was taken just after 6pm on my amble home from work.  6pm!!!!! Spring is on its way my friends!

Breezy and bright bicycle riding. The perfect way to spend an hour when it has been so very bright and cheerful of late.  Layers are still a must, but the perfect way to refuel is always with a big Costa cappuccino and a cherry scone.  

Late night cutting and sticking. The Mr has been out practising a few nights this week, for a gig this Friday (which i am jolly excited about); and so i have lay on my tummy, cutting and sticking until my heart's content, with plenty of cups of Lady Grey.  

Celebrating little amounts of chocolate.  It's no secret that i love my walnut whips, but M&S have such a sweet Easter-y version topped with a pretty speckled egg.  Heaven and just the perfect amount too.

Tonight i am going to attempt chocolate and cherry brownies (which might actually be minus the cherries and filled with something else depending on our local shop if i don't get my skates on quick march!) and then curl up and finish my current book.  Which i have been reading for about five years.  Okay not quite five years but long enough that it should really be given back to its rightful owner sometime soon (sorry sis!).  

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday mornings are by far the best mornings.  Imagine a week full of sunday mornings? I would be the most contented little bean there ever was if that could ever be.

Our Sundays are spent sleeping until we wake.  Sometimes that's 9am, sometimes it is 12pm.  Today it was 8.30am.  A lazy morning of cuddles, endless cups of lady grey and the most heavenly scrambled eggs and warm crumpets.  The most lovliest start to the day. If i could have a sunday for everyday of the week and eat breakfast at every meal, i would be so full and happy.

After layering up with cosy creams and peepings of paisley and jade green; a day of cycling, sunshine gazing and doing everything a little slower was all i wanted.  

Tangled hair, snowdrops, green green grass and new brown boots.  Warm wind and no mittens! And the most perfect sunday sunset to end the day. 

* * *
Tonight the Mr will mostly be not listening and watching Top Gear and Being Human.  Since i have no love for cars or Jeremy Clarkson (or werewolves come to think of it) i shall be ringing home for a catch up and then doing some cutting and sticking i should think, possibly accompanied by a walnut whip and some camomile tea.  And i must wash my hair. And iron some pillowcases too.  Although obviously not at the same time.     

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I love Valentines Day.  There you go, i said it.  Before you disown me, let me tell you it's not because i am a romantic, squishy squashy sort of person.  Oh no.  I am quite contented if someone can give a good hug and make me a mean cup of Lady Grey.  I just love red.  And i love pink (typical valentine-y colours yes?).  And i love hearts.  Anything heart shaped you can throw a stick at to be honest.  If its heart shaped, it has me hook, line and sinker. It's a print afterall, and we all know about me and prints.  

 So today, i painted tiny red hearts on my nails, wore red on my lips and a pink jumper (with a horse printed shirt underneath (because you don't want to look like you have been completely tickled with the Valentines stick do you?) and did my usual business. I cycled (listening to this - just incase you were wondering), bought a new pair of brown boots and smirked at the many squillions of people fighting amongst the 'Gourmet Dine in for Two' in M&S.  I bought a cherry scone, and a big cappuccino from Costa and sat and swang my legs by the cathedral.


I watched people rush by in their lunch hours, with big Clinton's Cards bags, balloons and a manner of other paraphernalia.  And i enjoyed my little scone.  Tonight we shall be eating jacket potatoes for tea, with lots of rocket, beetroot and tuna.  And then curling up with hot chocolate and watching Junior Doctors.  And i wouldn't have it any other way.   

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lately has been lovely.  Mornings seem so much brighter - to the point that i am running round simultaneously eating porridge, applying mascara and putting tights on, thinking that i am late. I never am.  I am just so used to doing these things in the dark!  I think Spring is trying its very hardest to get here - i can't wait. I want to buy daffodils, but i am holding back.  We have only just finished the back log of mulled wine and other similar spiced beverages.  I don't want to peak too soon.  There is plenty time for fresh flowers in teacups.  
Scarf love.  More scarf love.  Recent scarf love.  Need i say more?!  These are three of my newest additions.  What a surprise they are floral.  What a surprise they are from Accessorize.  I have worn them tied in my hair, plaited in my hair, around my wrist and even through the button on my tweed jacket.  If the Mr sits still long enough he might find himself 'scarfed' soon.  
It's that time of the month.  I love a new month.  New magazines!!! I vary what i buy, but i aways buy Vogue and Elle as staples.  (and we are working on one day possibly making a shelving system with my collection.  Hopefully held together with a pretty piece of wood) And Cara is on the front!  I know i know the whole and entire world loves her and so it maybe is a bit predictable that i do too.  I have an unhealthy obsession with her eyes and eyebrows.   That is it.   Looking forward to some tearing, cutting and sticking later on this evening, maybe.  
Being Good.  Trying to eat half a twirl instead of a whole one.  Not because i am on some mad and crazy calorie counting craziness, simply because i don't have an off button with chocolate.  If it is there i will eat it.  With anything else, i can get full and i will stop.  Chocolate - not so much.  That part of my stomach doesn't work.  I sometimes eat it just because it is there. Of i am afraid if i don't, The Mr someone else will get to it first.  

(Having said that i have just eaten a creme egg and then put my coat, shoes - the works - on, to go and get a Wholenut because the creme egg wasn't enough.  Now i am not hungry for tea).   One day i will learn.  
Being bored and silly.  You know when you dont want to read. There is nothing on television and your attention span wont stretch to a film?  We spent a good forty minutes a few days ago, updating my mini-me on the Xbox after i complained my hair had grown since we had last looked.  It is worth mentioning, i have never played Xbox, and don't really ever have the urge to.  I just liked the idea of having a 'Me' on there.  The Xbox (for me) is purely used to play Last FM loud when i am cleaning and can dance like a walnut while the Mr is not at home.  
New Discoveries.  Of the simplest kind.  This baked eggs with chorizo and chickpeas recipe is a hybrid of a recipe by Queen Rachel Khoos 'Paris Kitchen' and something similar the Mr had for brunch one weekend.  It works well with rocket and wholemeal pitta breads for a really delicious and quick tea.  
Getting Snapped.  I got snapped for Carlisle Living's (our local magazine) Street Style Section a few weeks ago.  Despite me loving taking my own picture, and taking pictures in general; i hate having my picture taken and having to pose.  This took a fair few takes!!  Today we had the magazine round to do a little article on us and our little flat.  It was very surreal having cameras and tripods and lights set up in our little somewhere and having to be 'interviewed'.  I hope it turns out okay!!
Not always eating biscuits.  I have fallen in love with two separate biscuits.  The first, a dark chocolate and black cherry cookie from M&S.  The second a dark chocolate covered stem ginger biscuit from Tesco.  I would eat them every night.  (No off button!).  Instead i am trying every three nights…ish.  These are to fix the munchies.  They work.  In a fashion.    
Small amounts of really lovely things.  (see Twirl and Grapes for explanation).  
Lovely layers.  Yes Spring is nearer than it was this time last week, but it is still not warm.  I have fallen in love with my new navy slouchy knit and finding new and exciting combinations to go with it.  
Interesting vegetables.  The first time i ever ever tried beetroot i was about seven and it was pickled and offered to me alongside some funny stew.  I hated it.  It made me want to be sick, which in turn made me want to cry (don't ask).  When i moved away from home i tried fresh beetroot.  Oh my.  Love at first sight.  Now i love to put it with and in as many things as i can.  Grated alongside feta cheese, rocket and sunflower seeds for a tasty salad.  With crumbly cheese and lettuce in sandwiches.  Finely sliced on top of pizza.  Or roasted with baby chanter-ay carrots with a drizzle of honey - my favourite.  Easily one of the most underrated vegetables ever.  And don't get me started on beetroot juice and blackcurrant….(there are no words!)
More skies.  I never tire of a really good sky.  The 'cant-help-but-whip-your-camera-out' type of sky.  Or is that just me.  My ideal job, if i don't take over the country, become a stylist, a writer or a singer; would be a Cloud-ologist.  If that exists.  If it doesn't then i will definitely become one as i could be 'Cloud Boss' from the word go.  

Tonight is Monday night.  So i shall be putting a leave in conditioner in my hair, sticking on leggings and a t-shirt and cleaning/dancing along to very loud music whilst the Mr practises at the Brickyard.  Then watching 'Girls' with a big mug of lady grey.  


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