Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I like a routine.  I enjoy the expected and if i am honest, i get a little nervous if something jumps out and bites me that i wasn't expecting (metaphorically obviously).  I like that i eat two mini breakfasts every day, rather than one massive one.  (usually a pancake followed a bit later by a small bowl of granola and fruit or porridge) One as soon as i wake, and one a couple of hours later before i trundle to work.  I adore riding my beautiful little pushbike Willow to clear my head, think and switch off a little all at the same time.  And i especially like that i pretty much always ride the same route to the park; and that i always do three laps.  Always.  Even if its pouring, blowing a gale or blizzard-ing (nuts!). Then i ride home exactly the way i came.  I can't sleep properly unless i have a little cup of milky Lady Grey before i go to bed. And don't even get me started on cups.  One particular cup for Lady Grey….a herbal tea cup…another for coffee - madness. I know - nightmare.  

I am exactly the same with what i wear, going through phases with certain dress/shoe combinations; what colour with what combinations; wearing my hair in certain ways…the list would exhaust you, that i can be sure of.  In a rather roundabout way that probably revealed a little too much about my crazy beans; i have been falling head over heels in love with Blossom of late.  And i can't resist its sweet little blooms whenever i pass.  

Grey skied, late afternoon blossom watch on the way home.  I love how the pink is less pink, and yet it still looks like a tree filled with a candy floss of blooms. 

Twilight, skylight and bicycle riding blossom.  Bluer, sweeter and holding onto the last rays of sun creeping behind the clouds.  If i could reach, i bet twilight blossom smells the sweetest. 

 Hair blossom and cheek blossom!  Flowers upon flowers nestled in a messy mop.  Its not real blossom - but its as close as i get for now. 
 Blossom inspired mood boarding on a lazy afternoon.  Loose cotton smocks worn with pale pink over knee socks; slept in hair, worn florals; muted everything.  1950's.  Bees and bicycles and wearing the prettiest knickers.  Floral perfumes and weaving scarves through braids.  Wilting roses.  Candy floss blossom blowing in a soft breeze.  
Blossom dreams. White cotton bedding, heady with the scent of delicate soap powder.  Falling asleep with hair plaited and still damp.  Freckled cheeks.  Rosey cheeks - flushed from a warm candle lit bath.  Rose petals.  Soft cheeks and nude nails.  Falling asleep under the glow of fairy lights and the song of a little bird. 
*    *    *
Oh Spring.  You've been a long time coming my friend.  

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Rosey Cheeks

 Being on the best side of the window.
Tea Parties.
 Buttery crumpets with black cherry jam and a cosy cardigan and pyjama combo.
 Skies to dream about later.
 Plaits, stripes and freckles.
 Wearing this t shirt over anything and everything.
Sunbathing oranges - so much sweeter.   

* Waving and plaiting my hair with flowers    * Chopping avocadoes into everything and sometimes just eating them with a spoon    * Not wearing woolly hats but experimenting with a new fedora and new beautiful floppy brimmed hat    * Hearing the birds sing to each other and wondering what they are saying    * Finding new freckles    * Eating sweet oranges from the sunny window sill    * Falling back in love with Lush Daddio shampoo and smelling my violet-ey hair at every opportunity    * Applying lots of rosey pink blusher  * Chocolate and ginger biscuits with Lady Grey tea before bed    *  Wearing stripes and flowery anythings with everythings    * Wearing pale blue and lilac together - even if it is in pyjama form    * Thinking on the train    * Cuddles and hugs    * The smell of wild garlic on twilight biycycle trips    * Discovering Simple Things magazine and wanting to live inside its beautiful pages    * Walnut whips and their small-ness    * Feeling loved.   

* * *

Today has been a funny lovely day.  Pastries for breakfast - two cups of tea - standard Sunday behaviour.  A rainy blustery afternoon where i held on to my hat tight and wandered Caldbeck with the Mr.  We ate in the prettiest cafe with the most perfect beams and most delectable tea bread. Then we watched a little red squirrel stick his bottom in the air and try and find his lunch.  When we got home i tried to be creative and almost turned my hair purple.  

Tonight calls for beef wellington with sweet potato mash and then not doing very much at all to be honest.  Just how it should be.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Bright Light

At the moment i feel like i blink and whizz bang - another week has disappeared right before my little peepers.  How is it April already?! It seems only a little while ago that it was Christmas...   

Work has been divided between here and Lancaster recently and i feel as if i do not know if i am coming or going.  I rang the doctor to make an appointment this morning and opened the conversation with 'Hi its Sally calling from Monsoon'. I then realised she didn't really need to know that and would have much preferred my last name instead.  Despite being a little HERE; mostly THERE and a lot of ALL OVER THE PLACE of late, i have managed to capture some lovely Spring cheeriness along the way…

As i don't drive (UNLESS YOU COUNT THE PUSH BIKE) my journeys to Lancaster have been train-shaped which i am really enjoying.  It is rather nice to curl up with THIS THIS and THIS  in my little ears and watch the world go by.  It is such a beautiful trip on a bright day - the last of the wintery-ness has all but melted away.  It's always nice to have a magazine tucked away in my satchel too.  Pages have been folded and i'm itching to get some cutting and sticking done over the weekend.


I think if it was possible to buy bunches of BLOSSOM and fill every cup, glass and vase in our little somewhere than i would. It is just the prettiest flower and as soon as i see it, it just gets me excited for Spring.  I have been getting odd glances at my cloud/BLOSSOM snapping en route this week and also trying to bring a BLOSSOM-ey feel to my barnet too.  Cannot get enough of the lovely stuff.  

 New hat! New hat that is not knitted or cossack shaped!!!! I love love LOVE my beautiful new FEDORA.  I have been after one of these little beauties for a little while.  Whilst i love the little pork pie and bowler hats that all the kids are wearing of late…i just don't feel cool enough to wear one.  This hat fits in perfectly with my messy, mis-matched self.  It is actually khaki green which you can't tell too much from these snaps.  I felt it was a bit softer than black and can't wait to wear it with printed maxi skirts with peasant-ey blouses tucked in and my battered brown satchel.  Oof i feel a MOOD BOARD coming on...

The rest of this week has mostly been ORANGE.  ORANGE sunsets galore and ORANGE and carrot juice for the extra vitamin D.

In other news... 

My candle/tealight/incense obsession continues and i am excited to order more beautiful-nes from HERE.  Seriously just the most heavenly candles your little nose has ever had the chance to sniff.  

After stumbling upon THE BLUEBIRD TEA COMPANY  i am itching to order some loose leaf tea that already tastes like cake for my beautiful glass teapot.  

Made in Chelsea is back! Judge not for we all need a guilty pleasure and this is mine.  The first episode had me back to my usual shouting and bouncing at the television self, and the Mr back to his wincing and watching the most part through his hands.  He LOVES it really.  

Tonight we are going to watch Wall-E - because i never have and i am really feeling in the mood to watch a Disney film.  And we shall eat vegetable-y goodness that has not been cooked.  All the lighter, brighter evenings make me excited to get back on the raw vegetable bus and bid farewell (LOVINGLY) to mashed potatoes, parsnips, and cabbage. 

For now at least... 


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