Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I like a routine.  I enjoy the expected and if i am honest, i get a little nervous if something jumps out and bites me that i wasn't expecting (metaphorically obviously).  I like that i eat two mini breakfasts every day, rather than one massive one.  (usually a pancake followed a bit later by a small bowl of granola and fruit or porridge) One as soon as i wake, and one a couple of hours later before i trundle to work.  I adore riding my beautiful little pushbike Willow to clear my head, think and switch off a little all at the same time.  And i especially like that i pretty much always ride the same route to the park; and that i always do three laps.  Always.  Even if its pouring, blowing a gale or blizzard-ing (nuts!). Then i ride home exactly the way i came.  I can't sleep properly unless i have a little cup of milky Lady Grey before i go to bed. And don't even get me started on cups.  One particular cup for Lady Grey….a herbal tea cup…another for coffee - madness. I know - nightmare.  

I am exactly the same with what i wear, going through phases with certain dress/shoe combinations; what colour with what combinations; wearing my hair in certain ways…the list would exhaust you, that i can be sure of.  In a rather roundabout way that probably revealed a little too much about my crazy beans; i have been falling head over heels in love with Blossom of late.  And i can't resist its sweet little blooms whenever i pass.  

Grey skied, late afternoon blossom watch on the way home.  I love how the pink is less pink, and yet it still looks like a tree filled with a candy floss of blooms. 

Twilight, skylight and bicycle riding blossom.  Bluer, sweeter and holding onto the last rays of sun creeping behind the clouds.  If i could reach, i bet twilight blossom smells the sweetest. 

 Hair blossom and cheek blossom!  Flowers upon flowers nestled in a messy mop.  Its not real blossom - but its as close as i get for now. 
 Blossom inspired mood boarding on a lazy afternoon.  Loose cotton smocks worn with pale pink over knee socks; slept in hair, worn florals; muted everything.  1950's.  Bees and bicycles and wearing the prettiest knickers.  Floral perfumes and weaving scarves through braids.  Wilting roses.  Candy floss blossom blowing in a soft breeze.  
Blossom dreams. White cotton bedding, heady with the scent of delicate soap powder.  Falling asleep with hair plaited and still damp.  Freckled cheeks.  Rosey cheeks - flushed from a warm candle lit bath.  Rose petals.  Soft cheeks and nude nails.  Falling asleep under the glow of fairy lights and the song of a little bird. 
*    *    *
Oh Spring.  You've been a long time coming my friend.  


  1. This is such a sweet post! I love your descriptions!

    haha I get a little bit the same with my mugs - I have TONS but only really enjoy my teas if they're in the right ones - the big ones haha!


  2. Lovely post Sally, your photos are fab and i love them even more knowing where they were taken ;) xx

  3. Blossom is the best part of spring, and I love it when the wind blows and whole paths turn pink with the stuff, it's lovely. I'm also the same when it comes to mugs, I have specific ones for night time tea and morning hot water, as well as afternoon tea too. I don't know why, it's just habit! xx

  4. i love your blog layout! happy to discover this space.

  5. Those trees are so romantic <3


  6. I like the sound of your lifestyle! Great pictures, I love spring <3

  7. Those mood boards are beautiful, you've inspired me to to do one now! Really lovely pictures as well. Spring is such a welcome relief from the winter, so glad its finally here! x



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