Sunday, 18 August 2013

Paper and Scissors

It's Sunday.  Officially the best day of the whole and entire week.  Working in retail means weekends don't exist so much (SHORT STRAW) but i only work one in three Sundays and so they are to be treasured! There is no better feeling than turning that alarm off just before my head hits our pretty mountain of pillows and cushions; knowing that I can sleep until I like (OR USUALLY UNTIL THE CATHEDRAL BELLS DING DONG AT TEN O' CLOCK!).

Today has been even lazier than usual (IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!) and solo-shaped as the Mr has been away galavanting in York for a dear friends birthday.  The best thing about Sundays is that i can curl up on the sofa with all the cushions and all the blankets and a sizeable cup of lady grey and wake up nice and slowly.  
Today i decided to finish a few of my latest mood boards that i have been pottering along with.  I love to cut up inspirational pictures from anywhere and everywhere and use them to inspire myself on a day to day basis.  There is a special place for all my current ones if you click on the 'Mood boarding' section at the very top of the page.
This is rather black for me! Its inspired by heavier fabrics - black tweeds; thick itchy wool coats; black opaque tights with shiny shoes; oxblood lips with anything and everything (I AM ON THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT SHADE OF OXBLOOD LIPSTICK AND I THINK I HAVE FOUND IT!); being more pulled together - a white collar peeping from under a tea dress; dark florals; a really blunt fringe.  It's all a little bit Sixties, but a bit grungier.  
This is one of my favourites! Its all hippy, but with an Autumnal (SSH) slant.  Its long, long - the LONGEST hair imaginable - its waved, not curled (MAYBE SLEPT IN CURLS?); its mixing bold prints - brighter more primary colours; billowing skirts and dainty printed blouses worn tied in a knot.  Its wearing Summer's maxi dresses with an oversized cream chunky knit cardigan and tasselled boots with socks. It's not tights! Its feeling warm and happy and surrounded by warmer colours and intricate print and lots and lots of texture.  
*  *  *    
I have been inspired lots by two of my oldest mood boards lately also.
Whenever im sleepy i find this little collection nice to look at! I love to sleep in old silk smocks that have been too worn and loved to be deemed appropriate for day wear anymore. This board is sort of inspired by that.  Sleepy heads, soft natural cottons and silks and the prettiest bras and knickers.  A pale pink and cream palette with only the softest most delicate hint of  a print.  Barely there make up and just blusher and rose salve.  Heaven!
The second is a Cath Kidston, Liberty and scandinavian inspired collection of images and bits and bobs.  I think this is the board i look at most.  If i could look like and own every single little bit of something on here then i would be a Print-cess in a castle of loveliness!  This is just about being brave and wearing it all at once!

The rest of today has been about wearing socks and shoes and still hanging onto bare legs..
And for catching up on inspirational peoples ramblings elsewhere, whilst being tucked up in our little office of sky, flowers and candles.
Tonight is for catching up on missed cuddles, for lots of tea and for a pizza as big as our heads with lots of beetroot and rocket piled on top.  Because that is the very perfect way to spend a sunday evening if you ask me!

I hope you have all had the LOVELIEST weekend too!


  1. Mood boards are such a fab idea, especially for those days that seem devoid of inspiration, think I might have to get the scissors and glue out later on! You also have the loveliest blog i've seen in absolutely ages!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  2. I'm very impressed with all your mood boards, I have no where near enough patience! Yours look so neat and inspiring at the same time. Your sunday sounds pretty perfect, I did lots of reading and tea drinking xxx

  3. I love making mood boards for uni, I could honestly get lost in doing them for hours! ps. jealous of your cosy looking workspace there!

    The Little Things

  4. Ah your blog is so lovely! Really enjoying looking at all your moodboards.

  5. i use to do a lot of photo collage/mood boards as well, they are a great way to acquire inspiration and get creative <3

    Check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

  6. Very much enjoying looking at your mood boards such a talented lady!! :-) ur posts always make me smile

  7. i love these - wish i had the patience to make some! xx



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