Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hold On

You know the feeling you get the night before your birthday, or Christmas?! When for one split second you almost don't want the day after to happen because you have so very much enjoyed being excited and looking forward to it?

We are all sat, legs dangling on the very edge of AUTUMN.  You can't ignore it and you can't help but feel it.  The tiniest signs are everywhere.  The little nip in the air first thing in the morning, and the tickle of much cooler air on your cheeks as you fall asleep.  Leaves are starting to line the verges, slowly.  You look up, wonder where it can all possibly go because there is just so much GREEN up there. Shops are filling up with anything and everything knitted and warmer, and you lean towards it a little bit, still holding Summer with your other hand; looking back at how long and blue and warm and perfect it's all been.  It's a funny old feeling of not wanting to wish it away but wanting it to hurry up so that you can eat soup for every lunch and wear nothing but the colour orange.  Oh ORANGE and OCHRE; NAVY and OXBLOOD and the smell of new shiny shoes that need a long walk to work to break in…
*    *    *  
I must stop before i get far too carried away with myself and suddenly i am waist deep in words on Autumn and all that it brings.  So as you might expect, lately has been a funny old 'end of summer' and 'the littlest start to autumn' sort of affair. 
Squeezing the last out of summer breakfasts with nectarines, raspberries and the brightest blueberry yoghurt.  Roll on on porridge and honey roasted figs with toasted sunflower seeds…(AHERM)
ROSE lemonade and Lovehearts for an afternoon pick me up in the hazy late summer sun.  It wont be long before i swap this for warm spiced chai tea and PLUM bread...
Still celebrating all that is bright and in BLOOM.  It is impossible to be angry at flowers this beautiful, even if you are as 'pro Autumn' as me!  Still enjoying wearing printed cotton dresses - but sneaking in co-ordinated ankle socks and sweet little cardigans in just incase…
 Sneaking in an odd jumper over a dress for early evening bicycle riding (ANY EXCUSE).  Windy and sunny and still saving space in my messy mop for that floral crown.  I want an autumn version. Somebody hook me up! 

Falling in love with the changes in LIGHT.  Cycling my evening route, knowing that the SUN didn't land so prettily here this time two weeks ago.  I love noticing such small changes. Im that observant sad.
My first.  I nearly rode over this little chap the other day.  I sneaked him into my satchel for safe keeping.  I got far too excited at this find. I can't wait to fill a pretty clay bowl with conkers to sit on our side table.  
Jugs full of purple heather and a lonely CONKER sitting in the sun.  I love filling the house with fresh flowers, and theres something that fulfils my eager Autumn eyes i get from HEATHER instead of my usual summery blooms.  I think i am going to dry some afterwards too.  Maybe it will join the conkers in that bowl…

Sharing our SUNSETS on the roof.  I swear we are a hop skip and a jump away from swinging our legs over the top and just sitting there to watch the sun go to sleep.  How beautiful would that be?! Wrapped up in a big blanket with a huge mug of WHISKY spiked hot chocolate… 

I need to get my blonde mop out of Autumn and appreciate what's still left of Summer.  I am struggling!! Today i made my favourite lunch of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toasted walnut bread. Tonight i am making smoked salmon quiche and salad.  Hopefully that covers my EGGS and oily fish portion for the week, whoops!!

Then i shall run a ROSE-Y bubbly bath and try and pretend i'm not back in work tomorrow.  If anyone would like to give me a job where i photograph the sky, and cut and stick all and every little thing onto mood-boards then let me know. 


  1. Oooo whisky hot chocolate.... never tried, but it sounds divine! x x


  2. your pictures are breathtaking! I love them!

  3. Your descriptions of how this time of year feels are so right, I feel exactly the same. I've loved the summer and sad to see it go, but oh Autumn, I love it, can't wait. (not sure how I will feel in a month or so when its dreary and gloomy and raining all the time!) haha. Lovely post as always! Really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful pics. x

  4. I love your dreamy little blog! I've nominated you for a Liebster award (clicky)


  5. Lovely posts with gorgeous pictures xx

  6. I love your photos! Feeling very autumnal now :)



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