Thursday, 17 April 2014

Golden Wheels

You can't plan great MOMENTS.  Not the really really great kind anyway.  You know the sorts:  Those extra special split seconds in time that blow you you away and knock you sideways in a way you never ever saw coming.  Those are the real deal.  

For someone like me who is all wrapped up in plans, to-do lists in pockets, palms and satchels a-plenty and a daily routine I could (and feel as if i quite often do) do in my sleep, these moments feel extraSPECIAL and i always feel as if my little soul needs them much more than someone who dangles on the edge of life, not knowing if they are coming or going regularly.  So when i hopped on those two wheels of mine on a spur of the moment on Monday evening, i had no idea what a beautiful evening lay ahead.  

I can only describe those PRECIOUS few laps of the park that evening as truly magical.  The sun was on its descent behind the hills and the birds could still be heard from high, high up in the tallest of trees.  Rabbits rustled in the under-growth and the air was thick with the scent of damp grass, muddled foliage and a heady scent of wild garlic.  It has been so long since i took my two wheels out at such a time, usually saving up my laps for early mornings - the only time i seem to be able to catch the daylight in the later part of the year.  But now the evenings are longer, my evenings feel longer, more luxurious and full of PROMISE.  I felt as if i could have rode forever.  Each lap brought different light, different sounds and entirely different collection of pink and amber cotton candy clouds above my head.  The wind tugged at my hair gently, causing my little floral crown to wobble on top of my windswept hair.  But it didn't matter.  I was in HEAVEN.  And i can't wait for more of these sorts of evenings.  Isn't that what it's all about, Spring and Summer? I doubt it could get much more PERFECT.

And that's what life's about.  Its these kind of moments that make you glad and happy. The one's that come out of nowhere, tickling your cheeks in the very best kind of way. 

Welcome SPRING.  It's ever so nice to have you back.  


  1. Absolutely stunning photos, that sky is amazing x

  2. Not only are your photographs always the dreamiest, your descriptions are just so inviting and delicious xxxxxx

  3. Wow, reading your descriptions are so dreamy especially with those photos too.

    Hmm maybe...



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