Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #25

Good day dear ones!  How is this week treating you?!  Whilst you are casting your pretty little PEEPERS over this post i shall be knee-deep in preparation for our gigantic summer sale at work!  Cripes! I cannot believe that it is here already.  And not only that but that we have started to see AW14 hit down too.  I am choosing to cover my eyes because well i love Autumn just as much as the next person but i am really loving this summer and i am not ready to let it go just yet!  That's the perils of working primarily in retail i s'pose.  There is plenty more to celebrate and be grateful of so far this week though i can tell you, autumn aside <aherm>…

*  Remember the DEAR and SWEET old man i told you about HERE ?  Well i bumped into him again this week!  He is so lovely.  I noticed him just as i was wheeling Willow across town and so i waved and he waved me over.  He said he had been hoping he might see me again because he had found some old photos of his WW2 parabike (which he told me is what Willow's funny shape is based upon) and that he had wanted to show me.  It was so lovely to talk to him.  He told me all about his war time adventures and how he used to ride his parabike home and how he wished he still had it.  It really did warm my heart!

*  For THIS song and THIS song for MOTIVATING me on my monday day off.  These are two of my very favourite songs for the kinds of days where i feel like i need a shove in the right direction.  

* Paolo Nutini's new album for making my every day much BRIGHTER, sunshine or not.  I watched Paolo play T in the Park (from the comfort of our sofa with some camomile tea) and his entire set was phenomenal.  I adore him.  Especially the way he just falls wholly and completely into each song he sings.  I saw him live a few years ago at a festival and despite being ankle deep in mud, i was utterly mesmerised.  Does music ever do that to you?!

*  Making my own homemade lemon iced TEA.  It's dead easy and really fulfilled that zesty, ice-y craving i have been having of late.  I steeped two Twinings Lemon Grey (a lemon flavoured earl grey designed to be drunk black) teabags in half a pint of boiling water for ten minutes.  I then topped it up with a sliced lemon and another half pint of iced water and decanted into a glass bottle to store in the fridge.  Its the lovliest thing to drink!

*  Finding the quilted throw to match my new toile duvet set in the sale for 80% off! Of course i had to INDULGE.  It now feels as if we are sleeping inside a teacup.  Thats not a bad feeling i can tell you.  

*  Summer RAIN.  For being that fine drizzly sort of a shower and for smelling so so damned good whilst i was tip tapping away working at home on Monday afternoon.  I had the office attic window open just enough to stop the rain coming in; I had Lana Del Ray up loud and my rose scented candle burning away on the desk and a huge mug of Lady Grey tea.  It made for a cosy corner of productivity and inspiration.

*  The flakiest PERFECTLY cooked cod for Monday's supper.  Served alongside freshly podded garden peas and jersey royal potatoes with butter and chopped mint.  That my dear ones is delightful summer food at its very best.  

*  Really ENJOYING writing July's column for Carlisle Living.  I love writing each and every one but this months just flew right out and i feel as if i could have written for pages and pages.  I love it when that happens.  Sometimes i write, re-write, start all over and start right back where was an hour ago and still don't think it's the best i could do.  I really loved this piece!

*  Bananas.  Yep that simple.  I love FRUIT but i go through such phases.  Sometimes bananas and i just don't get along.  Lately though i can't get enough.  They are proving a perfect 4pm pick me up when i am at work (sometimes coupled with a little handful of almonds if i'm really hungry!), i am loving them mashed with a splash of almond milk and a handful of sunflower seeds when i really want something sweet and pudding-ey or even sliced on top of oatcakes when i have got the munchies!  Which i feel is pretty much always lately.  My hunger patterns are so up and down sometimes.  Sometimes i nibble and graze for what feels like all day; and other times i don't feel the need to eat in between meals at all.  Does anyone else ever feel like that?!
*  *  *  
Wow this was a good list!  Especially since we are only at Wednesday.  How ARE you? What has been the highlight of your week so far? Where do you currently stand on the whole banana thing and have you ever made your own iced tea? I know i'm just plain nosey but i love to read your comments on these kinds of posts!  Remember you can always tweet me (im @sallytangle) your #wonderful wednesday too.   


  1. The man you bumped into sounds like the sweetest! You should ask if you can take a photo of his photo (that sounds odd) and share it with us :) I think the highlight of my week was walking my dog Willow through the woods and her going through the stream for the first time (she's usually scared of all water!). And the banana thing... I've been enjoying mine blended into a drink with mango and orange juice! :) Laura x

  2. That is so cute about that little old man, I bet it's so rare these days for people to be so friendly! Got yourself a surrogate grandad there I'd say.

    I am also LOVING Paolo right now, he's new album is amazing! Although, I saw him at V a few years ago (held '2 pints of cider' wee in for over 2 hours especially - it was painful) and I was really disappointed. This he was drunk (no surprise there) and he just totally over did all his songs. Can't really explain what I mean, but they were barely recognisable cos they were so all over the place :( Very disappointing.

    Anyway, on the banana fruit...not a fan to eat on it's own, blended with milk and absolute dream. In fact on anything, combined with nutella...I love them.

    Caroline xx

  3. What a nice list! That old man sounds like such a sweetheart. I'm definitely going to try making iced tea. It sounds delicious and it seems to be much easier to make than I though it was! And there is really something special about summer rain :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings



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