Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wonderful Wednesday #36

Happy mid-week DEAR ones!  How do i find you all?  Has this week been whizzing and whirring past you like nobody's beeswax or dragging incredibly s-l-o-w-l-y because you have something ever so spectacular to look forward to this weekend?!  

I think you'll find me PERCHED PRETTILY somewhere in the middle.  I feel this week has been a relatively productive one:  lots of things have been completed and crossed off but i have also felt like i would have rather enjoyed an extra two hours on the end of Monday and Tuesday please! I love writing this post.  I have always been a worshipper of the routine….maybe a little too much sometimes (same breakfast for the last week i am looking at you!) and so until this little post was born, my posting was sporadic and when i had the time free.  Whilst that is still largely the case, i like the balance of having a planned post at least once a week.  I also like to be pushed into thinking of the positive things going on in my week so far when i otherwise might not make the time too.  I don't think any of us can hold our hands up and say that we celebrate those things quite enough.  Even if some weeks they are a long list of nonsensical silliness; they are my positive things.  I record them here to inspire you to squeeze in some positivity to power you through until the weekend.  I write them so that you might do the same or even just think about those kinds of things.  And lastly, i write them so that i can capture these special nuggets of loveliness for me, to look back on days when i need them.  We all have those days.  Lets get down to business shall we….

*  The ^above^ pair of super snazzy SWAN PRINT TROUSERS for being just perfect in this crazy kind of extended milder weather we have been having and not complaining about AT all.  Who me?!  Foot-stamping and 'but i want to wear my tartan scarf and it's too damn hot' etc etc aside, these fancy pants have been worn lots on evenings this week.  An old Topshop bargain: perfectly high-waisted and super flattering and easy to pair with a loved grey marl tee, a striped breton (of which there are too many) or a pretty blouse.  Perfect for days where summer dresses quite frankly feel a little wrong but it's a bit warm to crack out the knits just yet….

*  CROISSANTS.  Or more to the point, croissants slathered in salted butter and apricot jam.  Heaven!  It's probably a little bit bad that i have feasted on them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but i hate to see food wasted…  Serving them alongside a tiny bowl of muesli with almond milk more then balances out all of that butter though, oui?  However retro croissants seem to me, i couldn't resist them on the wander home on Saturday evening.  Warmed in the oven for mere moments, they have been making my mornings this week and i swear a jolly good brekkie is directly relative to my productive energy…..

*  Ed.  Dear ED SHEERAN who in my opinion can do no wrong.  For making each and every wander to work and back quite delightful and for being the perfect 'amber-y Autumnal' evening bike ride loveliness to tickle my ears.  

*  Feeling SAFE!  Since the nights are fast drawing in (boo!) it means my evening park-shaped route shall soon be no more!  Lately i get home just as the sun sets behind the clouds and so i have been re-thinking my attire.  Last week the Mr bought me a special high-vis sash to wear when i cycled on an evening and this week i got to try it out for the first time.  I felt like a little glow worm, with my lights-a-flashing and my chest glowing luminously.  My sister pointed out that i looked a little like i had been let out on day release…..

*  Stumbling across a brand new bottle of Lush Cosmetics 'KERBSIDE VIOLET' perfume on Ebay and snatching it up so fast at the start of the week.  I am a fussy customer when it comes to fragrance. I hate the idea of smelling like everyone else and i can't stand perfumes that smell artificial.  Lush perfumes are a desired taste.  For me, some of them smell horrid.  Last year somebody bought me a perfume called 'Rose Jam' and i fell in love.  It was a perfect rose fragrance with just the right amount of sweetness.  It was limited edition and i have about two squirts left.  'Kerbside Violet' was released earlier on in the year and i missed out.  The idea of smelling like Palma Violets and soft floral lilac-y violet-ey loveliness has got me so excited.  I hope it lives up to my expectations!

*  A really good SLEEP. when you are younger you don't really appreciate how important sleep is.  Not even just sleep,  good sleep.  My sleep was up and down and quite frankly all over the place last week due to the Mr having the worlds worst cough-come-cold type of something.  I felt a lot listless and generally not as bouncy as usual and flipping exhausted by the end of last week.  The last few days i have had over ten hours sleep each night.  As my mum would say 'you must have needed it.'  You can say that again.  I cannot tell you how much better i have felt this week and how much more i have got done because of it.  

*  Finding quite probably the very BEST chocolate MILKSHAKE of my entire life - no jokes folks. On a lunchtime wander on Monday i had a goosey gander in our local health food shop and stumbled upon 'Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk.'  At £1.79 it was a little more than i would usually pay for a cold drink.  But after reading the pack and how much goodness was packed into that little carton i figured it was worth a shot.  I am usually a strawberry or banana milkshake kinda gal but on Monday i really needed a chocolate-y hit without the heavy chocolate bar feeling you get after over-indulging a little too much on normal chocolate.  Oh my golly gosh if you love your chocolate quite as much as me then please give this stuff a go.  It is delicious!  All creamy, filling but not over-rich and the most perfect amount of dark chocolate flavour without tasting powdery or artificial.  And better still they are 100% natural and made from coconut water and all natural flavourings.  I don't mind telling you that i also might have picked up one on Tuesday and i am fully considering another today…

*  BIRDS:  swooping and loop-ing and just being pretty lovely actually.  I don't know anything about birds, well besides liking listening to their pretty tune as i wake up or fall asleep.  And so i don't know why they seem to choose this time of year to swoop and swish in their hundreds, usually as the sun begins it's descent into tomorrow.  But what i do know is that it's pretty lovely to watch after a few laps of our little park.  They swoop and swish and make the most amazing shapes in the pink-y hued skies and it's just all kinds of magic.  

*  Having a SOMEONE.  I often wonder who i would witter all of the silly things that i do to, if i didn't have the Mr.  I expect i'd store the craziness up inside and save it for when i rang home, spoke to a friend or delighted the lovely folk i work with it.  But i really love having another half, someone to share it with right at that minute.  Even if i am often met with a glance that says my thoughts are a bit odd.  I love it all of the same and i wouldn't change having that feeling for the world.  Sometimes you just realise how lucky you are that someone doesn't mind that kind of thing.  Or is polite enough not to say that they do…
*  *  *  
Well oh WELL what are you grateful for this week so far?  Are you appreciative and yet equally enraged at how warm the weather is?  Do you enjoy watching flocks (!?) of birds swooping in the sky above your head?  Would you like to smell like Palma Violets too..?!  Do let me know, i cannot tell you how much i love to read your comments on these kinds of posts.  We are all a little bit of a nosey parker at heart…Remember you can always tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday .  I am @sallytangle .


  1. A big fat yes to whiffing like Parma Violets please, they're my favourites. And if croissants are retro then I am officially the retro queen. If I could mainline a warm crispy croissant, dripping with butter and maybe some cherry jam, I'd be all over that!
    And this week is going uber slowly for me on account of being snot ridden, bah humbug, but as ever you've reminded me to focus on the good so I'm going to channel Taylor Swift and shake it off...not too hard though, because of the snot.
    M x

  2. This week has gone quick as a flash and before I know it it's another Wonderful Wednesday! Croissants for breakfast sound super yummy and I agree with Michelle I would definitely go for a cherry jam.
    I think I'm going to have to find someone to witter to because my family are getting a little frustrated with my awesome observation that toilet rolls often come in packs of square numbers. You know you are super cool when you can come out with a wonderful fact like that!
    This week I have loved spending time with family and friends watching some powerful emotional films. If you have an opportunity please do watch both Jersey Boys and Pride. Especially loved the characters and fantastic true story of solidarity.
    Wow bit of an essay. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week
    Kate xx

  3. Lovely post as always! I definitely feel the same about the weather. It's really nice, but at the same time I just cannot wait for knitted sweaters and scarfs. I'm such a boring old lady in the way that I'll always prioritise a good night's sleep over staying up all night partying or anything similar, but oh well! Mmmm, that chocolate milkshake sounds really delicious.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Love me some Ed as well! I need to change my walking route for to and from the station with the changing sun which is a bit of a pain as it adds 5 minutes to the already very long journey! I had monday and Tuesday off which was lovely but now have to go away for work Thursday/Friday so feeling tired already! Lovely post x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog



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