Monday, 3 November 2014

Currently #26 - Cool Kids

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I've been STRUGGLING lately.  Before i go worrying your pretty heads, not about anything really and seriously important - let's get that straight first.  No, i have been struggling…inspirationally for quite a while now. And what i have been struggling with is finding things to wear:  clothes and accessories that make my heart skip a beat, colours that fill me with joy and fabrics and shapes that have me CLAMBERING for my nearest moodboard!

 I don't mind telling you that i'll be thirty in December, we're all FRIENDS here!  But that doesn't mean i have any grand plans to grow up anytime soon - especially where fashion is concerned.  When did it all become so SERIOUS out there?!  When did it all go black and skin tight and quite frankly un-imaginative?!  Have i missed a memo?  From being but a dot, i loved dressing up.  Clothes for me have always been a massive source of inspiration:  a chance to become anything i wanted to be and a way of speaking without having to say a word.  And just because i am a little older than what i once was, that doesn't mean i want the magic of getting dressed to disappear!

My style has of course evolved a lot since the days when i wanted to wear a party dress and red wellies every single day.  But i still want what i wear to be FUN.  Isn't fashion supposed to be just that?!  Lately i really struggle to find anything that makes my heart skip a beat.  Infact i cannot remember the last time i went shopping and wanted to buy lots and lots of things.  Whilst this is undoubtedly jolly good for the pounds in my purse, i feel like someone is missing a whopping great  and delightful TRICK!  

So what do i want?!  Not the EARTH that's for sure.  I'd love colour palettes that are surprising instead of plums in Autumn, lemons in Spring and the brightest colours imaginable in Summer.  I mean working in retail i get that there has to be some seasonal slant on things but why shouldn't we wear fuschia pink in December?  I'd also love there to be much more thoughtful details on things.  Nobody has all of the money in the world, especially lately.  But it would be NICE to see beautiful buttons, an intricate lining, subtle embroidering or a real care and attention to detail in cut and shape.  I've never been a Primark lover.  Sure it's fab for a cheap thrill, but i would much rather pay three times the price for thought, detail and beautiful craftmenship.  Are you with me?!
*  *  *
LATELY, i've found myself looking more and more at kidswear and how much more beautiful and thoughtful it always seems to be than ladieswear.  It's less trend-led and also less influenced by the seasons and much more IMAGINATION seems to go into it too.  There are some beautiful niche and higher end kids brands such as Mabo Kids, Bonpoint and Caramel Baby&Child.  I just find myself wishing and WISHING that their sizes were bigger!  I mean i know i'd look ridiculous in them but with a few tweaks and a different styling i'd feel far more inspired by what i was wearing that's for sure.  
*  *  *
Maybe i just need a PARTNER in crime.  I feel as if i've got so many ideas bubbling away in my little head and nowhere for them to go!  Does anyone else share my pain and lack of inspiration?  Or am i missing a trick?  Do you know a WHIMSICAL, beautiful ladies brand that i should be hitting up ASAP?!  I'd love your thoughtS and your help!  


  1. I really like Co-operative at Urban Outfitters. Quirky prints and snuggly knits, and there's often a discount code knocking about. I'm @catgirlspeaks on Instagram if you fancy a peek at me wearing some of their stuff.

  2. I hear you! I always slow down in the children's department wherever I am and wish everything came in me sized outfits. I haven't felt excited about high street clothes for a while even though like you I love dressing up in patterns and textures. Little details mean a lot.
    Kate xx

  3. I feel exactly the same about childrens clothes. I love Next's kids clothing, it gets me all excited for when I have little bubbas. Its true what you say, clothes these days seem to be a little samey and shops are stocking less I think! Oh to be 5 years old again!xx

  4. I used to work retail too, and every time they had me working in the kids' department I'd think, If these clothes came in bigger sizes I'd totally wear them! It's amazing how fashionable kiddos are these days. :)

  5. I totally agree with you Sally!!! :) kids clothes are adorable and often more beautiful than adults ones!!! It's not fair!!!!;P I would be a little girl again!!! Anyway, I love your style..I really like to see your pictures in Instagram ( I'm Mrs Eyebright there ;)) and get inspired by you!!! <3 Thank you so much!!!

  6. I wish childrenswear was this good when I was little! And I hear you on the inspiration front - haven't seen anything I've liked in the shops for ages now! :(

  7. OMG just discovered THE answer to all our prayers! Screeeeam! x



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