Saturday, 31 January 2015

Currently #30 - Four Right Now

{All images taken from Pinterest HERE}
I love reading these kinds of posts just about as much as i love writing them.  I wrote another one HERE if you fancy sneaking a peep. Essentially it's a super simple and very un-revolutionary idea:  My slant on four particular things that are inspiring me right now.  

1.  Getting my GREENS in.  Or also i guess, my reds, blues, purples, pinks….you get the gist.  Living in so much as a {sweet} cupboard of a flat with only a small patch of outside shared space, doesn't leave much to the imagination when it comes flowers and greens.  Lately i have been trying to think of extra ways to get green and fresh flowers into our sweet abode.  Using little receptacles other than vases has been about as adventurous as it has got at Tangle Towers {think daffodils in old teapots; foliage in jam jars or dried flowers washi-taped to mood-boards}.  I love to find other ways of displaying and cultivating green and i particularly loved this one.  I also had a soft spot for THIS one too.  Do you like having a splash of the outside, in?  I think it's something about the time of year you know:  Spring is a fresh start - it's for open windows, fresh air and first shoots of green.  It's no wonder i want a little of that in our sweet attic! 

2.  MIXING it UP.  Along with refreshing our little home come Spring, i always sort of think of this time of year as a good time to switch up my day-to-day attire.  January is at it's end {AKA as the longest month in the whole and entire world} and suddenly it seems okay to sneak in a few little Spring Summer 2015 purchases.  I love this get-up.  It's miles away from what i would usually wear, but sometimes trying something different is good, don't you think?  I love the oversized shape of both the skirt and the coat/cardigan.  Usually i'd always pair a voluminous or long skirt with a shorter or more fitted jacket.  I'd equally always go for a shorter, simpler skirt with such a flouncy, dramatic piece of outerwear.  This breaks all of the 'rules' but i think that's why i love it.  It's slouchiness almost dresses the whole thing down, keeps it looking fresh and 'off-duty' somehow.  And the colours?  Well you can't go wrong with a pink in as pretty a hue as that one can you?  What do you think?  Would you wear it?

3.  Along with refreshing home and wardrobe comes HAIR.  Are you sensing a theme?!  I love this style and especially the colour.  I love how soft it looks, how romantic it seems - i almost want to reach out and feel if it is as soft as it appears.  I think it's my ideal colour.  It looks a little more low-maintenance and also like you could let it grow out a bit and that this would only add to it's beauty. I'm all for less hair up-keep!  I'd much rather have the extra half hour under my feather duvet!  Just imagine this sweet little hair-do worn with number two's damn fine get-up?  Are you swooning yet…?!

4.  Lastly ^THAT^ sweet QUOTE.  Who knows where it's from or who said it?!  To me it means that it's jolly good to celebrate being different sometimes - whether that's in what you wear, how you hold yourself, your attitude or your thoughts and views.  That's what makes us interesting.  Just like snowflakes, on a much closer inspection we are not all the same as each other and we shouldn't try to be.  Don't be afraid to stand out and be you.

Have the most WONDERFUL of weekends! 

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  1. I like the idea of mixing up my wardrobe this time of year! I always like to buy something in a colour that I would never normally wear to cheer these dull winter days up! Have a great week lovely.xx



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