Friday, 27 February 2015

All Curled Up...

Throughout my time at university it was nothing for me to SPEND the entire day in my bedroom and dressed in my pyjamas.  I mean of course there were lectures and assignments and the odd night out {aherm} but in my first year especially, my room in our Halls of Residence was my HAVEN.  It was where i was most productive:  If i'm honest 99.9% of that productivity was between the hours of 1am and 4am.  If i didn't have to leave my room then i wouldn't.  I wasn't anti-social by any means.  My door was always propped open and the lovely girls i lived with back then were free to bob in and out as they pleased.  Much talking, working, life-contemplating and general pottering and putting of the world to rights went on in between those four walls and even-though it was a small space, every foot of it was MINE and it was full of my belongings too:  photos from back home; favourite scarves fastened to bed posts;  cushions scattered all over my teeny tiny 'they-called-it-a-single-but-it-wasn't' bed.  Even then i had a penchant for soft furnishings.  Little was i to know that this would escalate only a few years later…
*  *  *  
Fast forward to NOW and while my life has changed dramatically {i can't remember the last time i spent the whole day in my pyjamas or even made it past 11:30pm let alone until 4am} one thing that hasn't changed is my love for my bedroom.  Truth is, it's probably the ONE room  in our little attic that we spend the least amount of time in.  Where once spending the day padding around my teeny tiny uni room in pyjamas was considered normal; now any time spent in our bedroom bar sleeping or putting on pyjamas after a bath or shower is nil. And oddly enough spending time up in our sweet little attic bedroom;  with it's pretty slanted high ceilings; beautiful morning light and cushions and printed bed-linen galore, is the most luxurious of TREATS on a damp, hazily-lit Saturday morning…

I had the WHOLE of last weekend off you see.  And for me that in itself is a bit of a treat.  So as i woke on Saturday morning, to the sound of traffic and people - all hustle and BUSTLE and excitedly heading into the city centre for some weekend retail therapy, i decided right then there:  that very instant:  I was going to do NOTHING.  Whilst i was pretty sure that i might not get away with spending the whole and entire day doing nothing; i relished in the thought that it was at least allowed until midday.  
*  *  *  
Once the Mr had left for work my few hours of INDULGENCE could begin.  I scraped my hair up into a messy bun, pushed my little silk eye-mask back across my forehead to catch a fringe that was standing so far up on end that i didn't want to see it anyway.  I padded into our living-room-come kitchen and FLIPPED on the kettle.  While the steam swirled and curled up into the beams of our front room I retreated to the bathroom to splash my face with warm water.  I applied some serum and a thicker layer of my favourite face cream and returned to the kitchen for my tea. 
Once in the bedroom i LIT my favourite candle: a sweet  Lavender and Lime LILY FLAME concoction, and grabbed my current read.  I pulled back the blue and white cotton DUVET and climbed underneath our marshmallow-soft quilt; propping up the PILLOWS and cushions around me to make a sweet little headboard of pattern and print to comfort my little neck.  And i didn't MOVE for the best part of. Three. Whole. Hours.  
With the skylight blinds open just a TOUCH, the late morning light cast a soft yellow glow across our sweet room.  I could hear Saturday still, but it was far, faraway and i was in a magical world where nothing else mattered apart from my hot rose and lavender tea, and my book.  It was total and complete BLISS.  
*  *  *  
So when you're sat making PLANS for this weekend, maybe just maybe don't fill your Saturday with an endless list of jobs, chores and tasks.  Maybe, just maybe switch it all off, curl up and savour just a few hours to yourself in a room that quite frankly is particularly underrated. 
In our house at least!   
* Duvet cover ever-so-kindly supplied by the wonderful and lovely faces at JOULES.  All views, creative or otherwise are my own.  If you fancy recreating my cosy weekend curl up, you can pick up your own duvet HERE


  1. I love that pukka tea! Sounds like a wonderful morning :)

  2. I love these days, they don't happen enough do they? Definitely need to try and make one happen soon! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog



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