Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #54

Hi-de-hi to your DEAR faces and also to the mid-week!  Ahoy to WEDNESDAY i say!  I'm joining the weekend express this week you see:  Come Friday morning i too shall be counting down the minutes until a Saturday and Sunday off work - HUZZAH!  It actually feels rather strange. I didn't even book it off for anything special, days off and what not have just turned out that way.  Oddly it's MAKING my week feel like it's lasting forever.  I'm used to three or four days working at a time and then a day off so this is messing with my head a little bit!  I'm sure i'll cope.  Especially since i shall be basking in two whole day off together!  The stuff of DREAMS!  Shall we get down to the nitty gritty?  That being of course what has been keeping me afloat so far this week:  

*  Flowers flowers FLOWERS!  I wish i could surround myself with them always!  Let's face it, Spring is definitely the very best season where flowers are concerned.  Are you with me?!  I always have fresh flowers of some description, in the house.  Save for late Autumn and Winter {there's enough fairylights, tinsel and decoration dotted around and about our attic to keep the colour going!}. I tend to replace flowers with scented candles when it gets really cold and miserable outside.  But come Spring i am ready and raring to go again.  The longer colder months always have me craving green and colour.  Spring is the time for Anemones, Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips - some of my very favourite blooms for indoors.  And then we can't forget grassy patches dotted with snowflakes and CROCUSES.  And of course late Spring time brings sweet pom-pom Peonies {my very favourites!} and BLOSSOM!  BLOSSOM!!!!!! And who doesn't like blossom?!

*  Coldplay's 'Ghost Parties' ALBUM.  For so many reasons i can't tell you them all {we'd be here even longer than usual!}.  But even just a few minutes into the first track and it takes me right back to my birthday week spent in Edinburgh and i just fall in love and get lost in a little musical bubble for a while….It's the first album in a long time that i have just felt connected to.  It's beautiful from start to finish.

*  Pancakes.  Because, well as if we were going to write a 'what's been fab about the week post' WITHOUT mentioning one of the very best days of the year?!?  I mean they are practically breakfast for pudding and you know me and my breakfasts….We served our crepes spread {thickly} with Nutella and banana or sprinkled with vanilla sugar and drizzled in blood orange juice.  They were so good i may even re-create them for our weekend breakfast. How did you have yours?!

*  Coconut incense OIL, Sainsbury's to be exact. Don't they just nail it on the home-ware front every single season or is it just me?!  I popped in for almond milk and came out with a new take on our usual linen incense oil.  Coconut is beeeeautiful!  Sweet and lingering and with lovely vanilla-ery undertones.  The clothes drying in our spare-room smell DIVINE as does our sweet little attic.  

*  Having our local Lush make me up my order while i was waiting as there wasn't any left on the shelf.  It was my usual Angels on Bare Skin FIX - it's the dream on my skin when used with Ultrabland and i simply cannot ever imagine using anything else, ever, EVER.  I love how they'd bend over backwards for you in that little shop - or any of the stores in the whole company to be honest.  It's so refreshing to have that.  Without going all 'retail' on you, so many stores just ignore good service now and so it's no wonder that people shop online so much.  A store has really got to work hard to get a point of difference and offer something else at store level and i just think Lush have this down to a tea.  I went a bit too 'retail' there…sorry.  

*  S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S.  You know, that first stretch of the morning, after your alarm has snoozed and you know you've only precious minutes left under that soft feather duvet?  THAT stretch.  Just the best.  Feeling. Ever.

*  My new and shiny Accessorize glitzy ear-CUFF.  Totally not my usual kind of jewellery choice but i've fallen hard.  We have to wear current season clothes and accessories at work and i have just been feeling in a little bit of a jewellery rut lately.  So i thought i'd give this little glitter-bomb a whizz and i just LOVE it.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have already sneaked a peep…Isn't it just lovely?! 

*  Reading 'Deliciously Ella's' BOOK from cover to cover and feeling like as soon as i had finished i could do it all over again!  She's one inspirational lady and if you haven't already grabbed her book i suggest you hop on it PRONTO.  It's so refreshing to read a cook book that's so full of passion, love and natural and simple things to cook. Whilst i don't think i could eat like that all of the time, we've definitely been incorporating some of her recipes into our weekly dinners.  Plus it's nice to find someone else who sings the praises of nuts, seeds, grains and avocados like me!

*  Wearing my DUNGAREES with everything to everything and feeling like if i could sleep in them then i totally would!!  I can't believe i've never owned a pair before!!  I'm looking forward to dressing them up a little and wearing them out to watch some local bands on Saturday night!   

*  Pecan NUT butter. Who knew?! I mean i've only ever really dabbled in almond butter for baking and porridge; and then hazelnut and peanut butter for atop toasted treats.  Pecan butter is another level of YUM.  I have been adding it to my porridge as it bubbles, along side a mashed banana and let me tell you, oh my GOODNESS:  the breakfast of dreams!!!

*  Purple and yellow CROCUS spotting en route to work in the morning.  I mean, do crocuses come in any other colours?!  I just love the bright and bold yolky yellow next to the jewelled, regal and 'dairymilk' purple on our sweet grass verges.  It just makes me think of Easter…and sort of Cadbury's Flake wrappers too…
*  *  *  
How has your week BEEN so far lovely lot?!  What did you have on your pancakes, do tell?!  That kind of thing's important around these parts let me tell you.  Have you read or heard about Deliciously Ella?  Do you also think of Cadbury's Flake wrappers whenever you see purple and yellow crocuses or is that really just me?!?  Please say it's not!  Remember you can SHARE what's making your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter as well as down below.  I'm @sallytangle.

Enjoy the rest of your week super DUPER lot!  May it be filled with flowers, sunshine and…pancakes…?


  1. I'm now never going to be able not to see purple and yellow crocuses as anything other than flakes. If anyone needs me I'll be face down in a field somewhere.

    I'll have to get my hands on some pecan butter too, I am a fan of any nut butter.

    I was on a real downer yesterday so I'll embrace Wonderful Wednesday wholeheartedly and be grateful for peanut butter m&ms straight from the US of A, sunshine (so much sunshine!), discovering the wonder of House of Cards on Netflix and big sloppy wet dog kisses.

    Have a great day Sally and enjoy your days off!
    M x

  2. I love this post - it's so full of happy things :) I've been obsessing about flowers recently and I think it's because spring is on the way - I can't wait for it to arrive! That coconut oil sounds AMAZING, definitely going to have to track it down and I'm a big fan of almond butter so going to have to give pecan butter a try now too! I don't have Deliciously Ella's book but I've tried a lot of the recipes on her website which I love! x

  3. I had sooo many pancakes yesterday. It was wonderful. And I've flicked through Deliciously Ella's cookbook a couple of times in Waterstones. It looks incredibly nice! I love how flowers are appearing everywhere. It makes me so happy :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. Loved this post - made me instantly happy. So glad to have you met you via the #fblchat this evening. This is why those chats are so great. :)



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