Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #57

I was sat here SCRIBBLING away in my little notebook; just the usual:  column ideas, blog post ideas - okay maybe some silly doodles of flowers and stars to break it up - and WHAM BAM suddenly it struck me it was Tuesday evening and tomorrow was Wednesday and that my Wonderful Wednesday had completely skipped my mind!!!!!  Whilst a gasp so huge rattles and creates waves around the globe and a little bit up to the moon and back again {i exaggerate}  i'm not going to LIE, i have nightmares about this kind of thing on a regular basis.  I actually woke up with such a jump on Sunday morning at the ungodly hour of 7:15am convinced that it was Wednesday and i had forgotten all about my Wonderful Wednesday.  I know what you're thinking…golly gosh she's dedicated to the cause!  Or actually, she just needs to get a grip and get out more!  But it's OKAY, we can all just caaalm down, i'm here; i'm here.  Phew that was close.  I blame it on the fact that time is just careering forward at such a pace lately.  It's not just me is it?!  How is it almost halfway through March?!  Let me STOP with the nonsense and get down to the nitty gritty of all things Wonderful and Wednesday-shaped shall we?!  

*  Dear old ED SHEERAN.  The boy can do no wrong can he?!  I mean i know it's not brand new information and that this party has been going on for ages BUT, even-though i can't tell one song from another if i have his latest {or any previous albums on} album on shuffle if i'm just pottering; man i just LOVE him.  I loved his second album when it first came out - there was no doubt in my mind that i wouldn't - he's dependable is our Ed.  In fact that's exactly what his album is DEPENDABLE.  I just know i'll love it no matter when, how, or where i listen to it or what kind of mood i'm in.  After watching his incredible Brits' performance of 'Bloodstream' a few weeks back, that song has been loop-de-looped on my dear Ipod every damn day.  

*  Open WINDOWS. I'm going to join in with the rest of the world and declare Spring well and truly here *fan-fairs, drum-rolls and rounds of applause ensue* even if it IS still ever so slightly chilly up in Cumbria from time to time.  Very small buds of blossom have been spotted {and well documented:  read:  instagrammed} and i am excitedly awaiting filling my instagram feed with nothing but everywhere to be filled with delicate pink and white cotton candy-esque blooms.  Earlier in the day on Tuesday i did a laundry catch up which is usually one of the more laborious of household tasks for us.  Largely because catching up is all well and good but when you live in a teeny tiny attic, and it's minus 'something' outside, finding a place to dry all of the laundry is a task in itself!  This week open windows brought a breeze of cool and crisp Spring air and made our little home and washing smell of HEAVEN.  

*  PROGRESS.  That's always a positive no matter what it's in, isn't it?  Remember i told you i was trying to mix in something a little different into my morning routine a few times a week, exercise-wise?  I read Rosie's EXERCISE POST and because of it i stumbled across Mary Anne Bowers BALLET BEAUTIFUL Youtube videos.  I love that they are all a really manageable length at around 15mins each - so easy to fit into my mornings - even if i am working.  Without trying much i am relatively toned and in a shape i'm happy with waist-down, just because i walk a lot, ride those two wheels a lot and don't ever stop at work {up and down a flight of stairs all day}.  But lately i've been wanting to STRENGTHEN my upper body a little.  Especially since as women we naturally have a weaker upper body than men.  The 'SWAN ARMS' series has been brilliant for me and i have gone from lasting only five minutes on my first try; to being able to do the whole fifteen minutes with no trouble in a little over two weeks.  HUZZAH!  It hurts, but {and if you're an exerciser you'll know what i mean here>} in a sort of satisfying way; and i've really noticed a difference along my shoulders and upper arms.  I just feel stronger and like i am slowly getting a bit more toned up top.  And i'm really PROUD of myself because this is something totally new to me.  I'm doing three fifteen minute sessions a week, usually every other day and that is a good balance for me.

*  Eating LIGHTER.  Again this is a no brainer.  It sort of amazes me how as humans, we naturally eat with and are influenced with the seasons no matter what.  It's like, the world today is so, so much more technically advanced than it was 100years ago, but 100years ago; the daffodils and crocuses still bloomed at this time of year and the days got lighter by the day.  And just like THAT, we start to move away from heavier hibernation food and start to crave fresh, light suppers that suit the time of year.  And isn't that a little bit amazing?  What this really means is that most of my lunches this week have largely been made up of some kind of hummus and some kind of raw chopped vegetable {favourites are raw tender-stem, raw yellow carrot or courgette sticks}. I've really been enjoying Eleanor's post on how to eat seasonally and sustainably in March HERE too.  

*  What a difference a LIGHTER, BRIGHTER days makes.  You know i'm right.  These precious extra moments of daylight at the start and end of each day are making all of the difference in not just mine, but the whole world's {okay a slight exaggeration} general positivity.   I think that combined with seeing so much more GREEN on each and every corner, is really making everyone feel so much better about being alive.  Do i sound mad?!  Customers at work have seemed happier, more relaxed and more chatty and i feel like i've really been appreciating life lately.  Ok now i'm going to shut up…

*  Enjoying a particularly grand return to good HAIR.  I know, shallow much?  What can i say, at the end of the day i am a woman and a good hair day once in a while does wonders for your self-confidence, no?  My hair was at it's wits end with the cold, wet, hail and snow-shaped Winter weather of past weeks.  It just felt forever tangled, lacking in everything and a little bit sad.  Along with the warmer, calmer weather days, my hair has returned to feeling balanced and beautiful and like i don't need to brush it a squillion times a day to stop it looking like i have just emerged from a bush no less.    There's been no super-secret weapon to this either.  I just gave myself a JOLLY GOOD fringe trim, treated my barnet to a homemade hair-mask of mashed banana and clear honey and let it dry for as long as i could before blow-drying.  Happy hair = Happy Sally!

*  Fresh lemon and fresh ginger. Just so you KNOW, if you have ever smelt heaven, you shall know that this comes pretty high up the list of the most super duper smelling things.  You just cannot beat the smell of a fresh cut lemon.  And fresh ginger root?!  Just the bees knees.  I'm still working on getting it into my morning routine BUT for now, let us celebrate the simple joy that the juice of half a lemon and several generous slices of fresh ginger in some hot water, in your favourite floral mug brings come 3pm shall we?!  Comfort and energy in one sweet little beverage RIGHT there.

*  Chickpeas.  But not JUST chickpeas my friends:  Oh no!  Chickpeas added to a mixed vegetable curry.  It's a transformation of champions beyond belief! WHY is this the very first time i am doing this?!  Vegetable curry has always been a favourite of mine but i always feel like i need a little bit more rice or an extra wedge of flat bread to fill me up you know?  Enter the humble chickpea.  Say goodbye to rice and bread and jam-pack your next coconut-ey delicious butternut squash and sweet potato curry with chickpeas and you'll feel so much more BOUNCY!

*  Seeing the MR on Monday night after his four days away in London town.  My life feels complete once more.

*  Whatsapp.  For generally being my FOREVER life-saver.  It makes essays to friends new and old so much easier and i love receiving sweet little videos and pictures from one of my very best friends all the way over the other side of the world in Australia.  I can't imagine life without Whatsapp and Facetime…is that terrible?!  

*  British knobbly and BOBBLY apples so juicy and crunchy!  I picked up in a sweet brown paper bag from our local fruit and veg market on Tuesday and popped them into the fridge for a couple of hours.  I go through phases with apples. LATELY we are having a bit of an apple love-in though.  Icy cold wedges of apple curled up on the sofa in my pyjamas with my favourite mug of camomile tea and the Mr…heaven.  What was that we were saying about me needing to get OUT more?!

*  Waterstones 'Map Print' WRAPPING paper.  I may or may not have stuck a great big piece of it on the wall in our office and bought myself a piece just for fun.  Actually just because it is SO beautiful.  Once i'd filled my boots a frantic google search of 'Map Print' dresses, trousers, skirts ensued with little results.  I suddenly want everything to be map printed!   EVERYTHING!!!!
*  *  *  
How ARE you dear and lovely lot?  Has your week felt lighter, brighter and much more Spring-shaped too?!  I jolly well hope so.  If not consider yourself sent some Spring wishes - most likely wrapped in map print paper!  What has been ESPECIALLY lovely about this week for you so far?  What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?  I am TERRIBLY craving chicken and leek pie and so i hope to fit that into the rest of our week somewhere.  Mothers day is on Sunday {but you already knew that} and so i need to get on that.  My sister has been working away in Manchester for the last few weeks and so i am looking forward to seeing her face at some point this weekend.  And i shall be doing all of these things whilst doing a pretty little sun-dance to keep the Spring momentum GOING

How about YOU?  Do share your lovely things below, or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday nonsense.  I'm @sallytangle.  


  1. I love your Wonderful Wednesdays! I look forward to them every week x

  2. What a lovely uplifting post! I really enjoyed reading this - I think Wonderful Wednesdays might just be a highlight of my week now :-)

    Sally -

  3. Oh I may have to check out these ballet videos! I've been doing Yoga with Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga and I've been loving it! Those half an hour yoga sessions just fly in and I feel so calm and achy at the end of it, but in that nice 'I've achieved' something way! High five for chickpeas and whatsapp! I'm slightly obsessed with both! Also loving these longer lighter days, I'm seeing things out of the train windows in the mornings/evenings that I never knew existed!
    Lou xx



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