Friday, 10 April 2015

The love of green

I think we can all agree that if Spring was a colour it would be GREEN.  Whilst i can't get enough of pom-pom blossom blooms, ballsy, bright yellow daffodils or the striking scent and colour of a hyacinth or two; the very best thing about this time of year is the bright GREEN blanket it gives us which ever way you turn.  GREEN's not a colour that i find myself drawn to very much in my wardrobe {oddly enough if i wear too much GREEN i feel like i resemble a daffodil myself!} but it is a colour i love to surround myself with in other ways come this beautiful time of year.
I've had both this blouse and headband for quite some time now.  I'm very much a colour and print person - but if you've skipped in around these parts with me for a little while you don't need me to tell you that one!  Sometimes i just feel drawn to items in my wardrobe and the whole ensemble starts and ends exactly there:  No rhyme, reason or further explanation is required!  I love how the GREEN satin headband {and might we just also discuss that this may or may not also be the very first time i have stepped outdoors without any kind of hat in months} picks out the GREEN in this sweet Celia Birtwell silk blouse.  Paired with my trusty and well worn skinny jeans i felt the perfect vision of Spring and GREEN all in one!  It also made for perfect Easter Sunday exploring our favourite place too:  Lowther Castle and Gardens, just outside Penrith…
^Have you ever seen a prettier castle?!^

^The sweetest pond with the cutest little duck-couple^
^Someone snuck in on my symmetrical tree-shaped shot!^
^The view that all views shall forever be compared to^
I don't think i need to explain why we love it so; surely the photos tell that sweet tale all by themselves!  It's a castle ruin essentially, but beautifully part-restored and even if the castle wasn't there, you'd be hard-pushed to find a more lovely place to amble through on a bright Spring day - or any time of the year in fact. The grounds themselves are magical:  Hidden fish ponds {with SO many frogs!}, oriental gardens and sweet remnants of old stone buildings, little statues and quirky curiosities.  Despite the fact that we have adventured here so many times before; each time we visit we discover something new and we fall in love all over again with how beautiful this place is.  I wrote another sweet little post last Summer HERE and HERE {told you it was our favourite!if you'd like to see even more!  But it's not all been about the GREEN outside

My latest mood-board is all about GREEN too!  That colour is just peeping it's sweet head into each part of life lately.  It takes it's inspiration from the outdoors:  of the GREENest new shoots and tallest grasses.  It's a botanical frenzy of pressed flowers, fern prints, old fashioned botany drawings and natural fabrics - soft to the touch.  It's the smell of the outdoors on the brightest blue-skied day and the taste of freshly harvested wild garlic and asparagus - Spring's sweetest seasonal gems.  I am currently pressing some flowers in the hope that i can tape them onto here with a little brown washi tape too.   

What COLOUR has been floating your sweet Spring sail boat of late? And what has been inspiring you lately? I'd love to know!


  1. What a beautiful post. I'm loving all the greenery and sunshine we're seeing at the moment! I keep meaning to visit Lowther Castle again as I haven't been for a couple of years and it looks like quite a bit has changed.

  2. Oh my that view! What a wonder! I love seeing all the different shades of green at this time of year - everything just looks so fresh and new. That headband is wonderful too - I used to wear headbands all the time and then got out of the habit, but I might have to resurrect it now! Hope you're having a good weekend lovely :) xxx

  3. First off, LOVE that headband, it is so pretty! I love green, it is so fresh and relaxing. I love have everything has come to life a now that spring has arrived! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. xx

  4. Ooh I love your moodboards! Green is a favourite of mine too (hence THAT coat). May i say I'm loving the headband too, looks great against your hair! x



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