Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #60

Happy mid-week my dear and lovely WONDERFUL Wednesday-ers!  And happy 1st of April too!  How do you doodle-DO?!  I feel like a little cloud has been lifted from my shoulders over the start of this week and i am convinced it was down to having two days off in a row at the weekend.  Now i know what all of the fuss is about!  Even if i didn't sleep spectacularly well on Sunday night {what is that all about?!  I go to bed at the same time each night and i can never sleep on a Sunday night whether i have been working all weekend or not!} i hop, skipped and JUMPED out of bed on Monday morning and i felt all the better for it.  Over the weekend i treated myself to a hair trim, some prettily printed pyjamas and the sweetest tshirt that i cannot WAIT to share with you once it arrives - it's the bees knees!  We ate lovely moussaka and cous cous and homemade burgers in sweet little brioche buns.  But enough with last weekend {i'm sorry i just got a little excited there - they're a rarity for me!} let's get ON!  For there are Wonderful and Wednesday-shaped things we must discuss!

*  Daffodils and their HAPPY-making little selves!  You can't not smile when you see one daffodil, let alone a sweet little sea of them bobbing away in the breeze.  I've been filling all manner of receptacles around and about our little somewhere ever since they were a £1 in most supermarkets; but now they are bobbing happily all over the shop:  our local park, along the road sides and in peoples gardens.  I can't RESIST snapping a few sweet photos when i see them.  In fact i think they could be the happiest flowers that there ever was!

*  Heavy rain. I know what you're thinking, what?!  Is she MAD?!?  We've had our fair share this week up North and whilst it is a little depressing {especially when you walk to and from work each day.  Man am i glad i didn't buy the pair of white skinny jeans to wear to work this week!} it's not if you're on the right side of the window!  Curling UP in bed with just fairylights and a hot water bottle and hearing the rain beating down upon the skylight right above my head was the cosiest i've felt in a long time.

*  Coconut porridge.  Wait, not even just coconut porridge:  Chocolate AND coconut porridge.  I'm feeling all of the love for that concoction lately i can tell you.  I simply soak half a mug of porridge oats for ten minutes {usually whilst i am doing some stretches!}, then warm them through with half a mug of almond milk.  Once the milk begins to warm up and the oats start to cook i stir in half a teaspoon of cold pressed coconut oil and two teaspoons of raw cacao powder.  I cook it through for five minutes {pre-soaking the oats means that breakfast is ready  in a matter of moments!} and pour it into my favourite porridge bowl.  I stir in two teaspoons of chai seeds, another half teaspoon of coconut oil and then sprinkle toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top.  Then i try my very best not to burn my mouth!  It tastes SO yummy!

*  Old finds.  Did i have an old find in last weeks list?!  Oh WELL.  It's a different find all the same.  On trying to sort out more of my lighter scarves for this tropical Spring weather we are mostly NOT having this week; i stumbled across my super duper soft leopard print beret and rejoiced a little bit as i was convinced i had lost it!  Huzzah for reuniting with old friends!  I have been enjoying still keeping my ears and head warm, and it goes ever so well with my bright orange duffel coat.  I'm like Paddington Bear meets…Twiggy?!?  That's a good thing i promise!

*  M&S Fig and Hazelnut bread.  I try not to eat too much bread, largely because i find that too much does my little tum no good!  So when i do INDULGE, i try to buy the good stuff or make my own.  Marks and Spencer's baked bread always has my heart and if i'm too late for the bakery, that's where i get my fix.  Their Fig and Hazelnut concoction is my latest favourite.  If i'm feeling indulgent i'll smother it in honey and sliced figs.  But if i want a super duper yummy and quick breakfast, i'll toast it and spread a thick layer of almond butter and some sliced banana.  This bread also works particularly well with melted cheese…but that's an even naughtier kind of story for another day…

*  First Dates.  Do you watch it?!  I'm rubbish with TV - i really do have a short attention span lately and so it takes a LOT for me to finish or even sit still long enough to watch an entire programme.  If you haven't seen it, i'm sure 'First Dates' is on Channel Four…mid week sometime…?!  We tend to watch on catch up.  It's basically a restaurant set up for blind dates.  The customers apply by submitting an online profile and they are matched and then filmed on their first date.  Then after the date they sit them down and ask how they both felt it went.  It's highly un-intellectual telly, but it's equally HEART warming too.  And a shows got my full attention if there's a little of that involved!  

*  Bargain-ous bretons!  Remember my SWEET little voucher i received from Boden i mentioned in last week's post?  I debated for so long what to buy but in the end i opted for a classic navy and white striped breton WHICH incidentally ended up also having 25% off.  Huzzah!  It was practically free!  And you just can't go wrong with a Boden breton you just can't!

*  Seeing a new BAY come together at work.  I always love Accessorize's Spring Summer stock - it's always so beautiful!  This months new bay is called 'Ipanema' which is actually a small neighbourhood located somewhere in Rio.  It's a riot of bright colours:  Turquoises oranges and bright pink's.  There is beautifully BRIGHT jewellery with feathers, tassels and pom-poms and i am using all of my strength not to buy yet another tasselled bag!  Fingers crossed this Summer gives us some sun!  

*  The JOY that sometimes a solo dinner can bring.  the Mr was out band practising on Tuesday night and whilst we have similar tastes when it comes to most thing food-wise, i just know that he wouldn't have shared the same enthusiasm for my baked sweet potato, hummus, falafels and roasted vegetable and quinoa-shaped dinner.  It was YUM.  

*  New knickers.  No explanation is needed except to say that i LOVE buying knickers!!  The sweetest, prettiest and more printed the better.  These few new additions are from White Stuff which is my new underwear hot-shop.  Who KNEW?!  100% cotton and prints so beautiful they would rival a Liberty print…

*  Perfume on my favourite scarf.  My scent is Paul Smith Rose, and the scarf?!  A pale grey, lime green, cream and turquoise wool tartan scarf.  It clashes beautifully with my bright orange duffle coat and matches happily with my grey angora beret.  Walking home in hail stones {HAIL STONES IN MARCH} on Tuesday night was made more bearable by being able to snuggle into my scarf and smell my favourite smell.  The hood and mittens came in rather useful too….

*  Socks worn with pyjama bottoms TUCKED IN for those nights when you just cannot get warm!  Worn to lie on the sofa with my favourite lilac blanket, a mug of camomile tea and the latest Simple Things magazine.  That there?  That's what heaven looks like!

*  Baby rabbits.  Spotted DARTING excitedly in and out of the verges on the way to a quick supermarket DASH on my two wheels the other evening.  You can't get more Spring-like than that can you?  Now if we can just sort of this weather….
*  *  *  
How the FLIP are you all?  How has your week been so far?  I hope you have been free of hail stones, snow and icy winds and been enjoying some warm Spring weather!  Tell me, what does that feel like?!?  Have you got PLANS for the rest of the week?  Has it been a productive one or are you hibernating?!  I'd love to know, these comments and your KIND words are my favourite thing!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday things:  I'm @sallytangle.

Have the most MAGICAL of Wonderful Wednesday's and a jolly rest of your week!

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  1. There's too much wonderful in here I can't process it all. Yes to new knickers and to socks tucked into pjs. Double yes to brioche buns on burgers which I've just managed to introduce the family to and which they are all loving immensely.
    Your porridge sounds like the stuff of dreams too. I'm yet to delve into the world of coconut oil but not sure I can resist any longer!
    This week I'm in eager anticipation of a long weekend and painting my bedroom walls, long lazy walks with my bubbas and catching up with some lovely friends I havent seen for far far too long.
    Have a great weekend up north. I'm slightly hopeful for torrential rain too - good for our new turf and for snuggling up inside with all the books.
    M x



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