Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #63

As you READ this little spot, i shall be curled up under the fluffiest duvet with my head rested on soft printed pillow cases and enjoying the first day of EIGHT whole days off after a whopping and exhausting seven day stint at Monsoon Towers.  That's not strictly true i guess.  You might not stop by this spot whilst munching your cornflakes - in fact it might be much, much later on but i couldn't not get that in there.  I've been so very tired these past few days and so i feel so very ready for a little rest; to move a little SLOWER and to appreciate how beautiful outside has been lately.  I am wishing lots that it has been blue skies and green grass wherever you are too.  Doesn't it fix everything?!  There's nothing in the world that a bright blue sky and a damned good cuppa can't fix and that's a motto that's worth living by if ever there was one.  I don't have grand plans at all - just to POTTER:  To do all of those things that lately hasn't allowed and to enjoy a lazier get up and a slower more appreciative day.  And hopefully to share something more than a Wonderful Wednesday with your lovely faces.  Despite the tiredness, this week has been so very jam-packed with things to celebrate.  So all aboard!

*  Being Jessie Ware.  I just get so LOST in my own little shower-singing bubble lately and i warble along with her lovely songs out loud.  I just love her album.  I listened to it when it first came out but it's suddenly just having moment at Tangle Towers.  It's a perfect easy-breezy Spring day or post early evening shower or bath listen.  It just fits always lately. Her voice is just beautiful and sounds a little bit like a bright blue sky:  Clear, crisp and pure….?!  Ah go and give her a listen and you'll see.

*  Inspiring people in my life.  There are so many of them and all for different reasons but lately, i've been feeling a little unsettled and a little bit wobbly in my professional capabilities.  This person shall remain nameless for now but she SWOOPED into work on a day i was feeling particularly exhausted and burnt out and gave me faith in my own abilities.  I realise this all sounds a little bit cryptic BUT you know sometimes you just need that reassurance that you can make changes…?  I must have more confidence in myself.  It's definitely something i need to work on.

*  Blue skies just like ^THAT^ one!  This week has been packed full of them and i am crissing and crossing everything possible that they stay that way for my time off.  As tired and as exhausted as i have been, waking up to a bright blue sky does wonders for your motivation and general well-being.  There's been some pretty perfect clouds and pink cloudy heaven-sorts of sunsets too.  Candyfloss skies will always have my heart.

*  Kimonos and pyjamas.  I LOVE my pyjamas.  Blimey well don't we all?!  I make no secret of the fact that i spend just as much time choosing my pyjama tops and trouser combinations as i do my day to day wear.  I have always been this way.  I would live in my pyjamas if i could - well wouldn't we all?!?  This week i treated myself to sweet little kimono that i had been admiring at work for along while.  It's called 'MARGOT.'  I mean even if i hadn't seen it and you told me that a kimono existed and that it was called 'Margot' i'd just have known that it was heaven!  She is a an ivory tasselled creation embroidered in pale pink and cornflower blue flowers and she goes PERFECTLY with my pale pink pyjamas.  I have been very much enjoying swishing and swooshing around and about our sweet attic in the morning and curling up with my tea in the morning with dear, sweet Margot.  

*  The greenest greens.  I have been trying to get OUT and ABOUT as much as possible of an evening lately - it's been far too lovely to even entertain staying inside!  It's this time of year that i really feel grateful for that little pushbike of mine.  I have been out and around and about our sweet park most nights before dinner and it has just been MAGICAL.  You don't realise quite how green, green can be until it's lit up with a bright blue and cloudless sky.  I've been sleeping all the better for my evening fresh air too.  

*  Peanut butter and me FOREVER!  I love it always i really do but this week, well i have just been REALLY loving it!  Spread thickly on toasted and seeded german rye bread with sliced banana is just the right mix of sweet and savoury.  I've also been sneaking a sweet little pot of it into my lunch and dunking carrot or celery into it.  I even created a peanut dressing for my kale and brown rice salad on Monday.  It was so delicious!

*  Flower crowns, silk corsages and general hair-shaped PARAPHERNALIA!  I'm embracing not wearing a hat of any description {well except my trusty 'i'd rather have twenty more minutes in bed than wash my hair' fedora in emergencies!}. This milder weather has had me rummaging and rooting through my box of hair goodies.  I've found some pretty hidden gems i had completely forgotten about and i have been enjoying having a play with my hair on an evening.  Huzzah for Spring!

*  Digging out forgotten FAVOURITES. I have a pair of the oldest gap flares that have been in and out of the charity bag over Autumn and Winter simply because i didn't think i loved them anymore.  I tried them on again recently and we fell more deeply in love than ever before!!  They work so well with ^Margot^ and sweet smock tops and little sandals.  And really fit into that messy Bohemian look i am attempting to create this Summer.  Must make the effort to actually try on clothes before i doom them to the charity shop!

*  Chocolate!!!!  Sometimes a gal just really NEEDS it.  When i feel that way out i could kill for it i really could!  I don't actually eat a lot of it so when i had a real craving for it at the start of the week i just knew i had to give in.  I bought three sweet Thorntons truffles and sat in blissful peace and quiet with a big cup of tea at work.  I swear to god i felt transformed afterwards and like i could climb Everest!!!!  Sometimes you just really need a little chocolate in your life!

*  The SCENT of daffodils.  I am so sad that very soon the daffodils shall all be gone!  Is there a happier bloom?!?  I doubt it.  They cheer up wherever they are planted and the sight of them bobbing away in the breeze on a grassy verge is a recipe for happy right there!  But it's the SMELL i can't get enough of:  All sweet, sunshine-scented,buttery and Spring-filled.  Just perfect!

*  Emails from readers.  This is the ULTIMATE in happy-making!  I'm just grateful that so many of you pop by this little spot and i am forever grateful of your kind and lovely comments.  But when someone goes to the effort of writing you an email - WELL!  Maybe i am just new to this, but that feeling shall never ever wear off.  It's the loveliest thing!  And this week i really needed that little boost so thank you times a million!  You know who you are!

*  Feta cheese.  Which is essentially 'Summer cheese' really isn't it?!  Well that and Halloumi.  I've been LOVING crumbling feta atop my cous-cous and roasted vegetable salad; piling it high on Puttanesca sauced pasta or stirring it through warm quinoa with tahini and tamari.  It's creamy and salty in equal parts and wins the award for one of my very favourite cheeses and way to ramp up anything to the next level.  

*  Camomile tea.  Preferably with honey.  We have REALLY got into it lately.  We drink a big mug at the same time each night and we have both been saying how soundly we have slept since this little routine began.  It's so much more comforting with honey and it's the perfect way to switch off before bed.
*  *  *  
Now it's all YOURS!  Do share you snippets of wonderful for this week, i do so love reading them!  We've gone from blue skies to kimonos and cheese and so anything goes - big or small!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below orrrr drop me a tweet with your #wonderfulwednesday.  I'm @sallytangle.

Have a SUPER duper rest of week! 


  1. Good job on getting through those seven days! That must've been exhausting, but I can imagine that the blue skies and sunshine must've made it easier. And chocolate! It can be such a lifesaver :) I hope you're enjoying your well-deserved days off :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I love the sound of Margot - I would spend all day in my PJs if I could. My son Charlie is the same and is always asking for a 'pyjama day'. Your foodie news is also making me very hungry!! X



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