Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #64

I am sat here WRITING to you having eaten my way through two walnut whips, wrapped in a little blanket with a hot mug of tea and the heating on!  "What is this?"  I here you say.  Well i'm mourning Spring.  Because quite frankly the last 48 hours of hail, snow, sideways rain and force-ten gales has left me feeling less than amused!  I went to bed with a hot water bottle last night after feeling what i can only describe as chilled to the bone.  What IS this mother nature?!  I dislike this game of cat and mouse with which you are playing with the seasons and would like my Springtime weather back pronto please.  That said, i like to think of myself as an optimist and this little space we call a Wonderful Wednesday is for the positive, not for the moaning and the sulking.  I was just getting it out of my system! Let us remember why we are all here and get DOWN to it shall we…?!

*  Yellow Roses.  Because all the buyable daffodils are {mostly} all gone now and it's not quite affordable Peony season up here yet.  And since the weather has taken what we'll just refer to as a 'funny turn' that bouncy bud of BRIGHT yellow blooms that have been stood proudly to attention in the jug in my living-room {and the few that i've snuck into the bedroom in a little jam jar} have been brightening my days and my returns from the cold each and every single day.

*  Puttanesca pasta.  Where has this been all of my life and why oh WHY have i never tried it before?!  A simple dinner of fresh pasta with a generous dollop of the best most richly tomatoe-y sauce spiked with garlic, capers and olives and a drizzle of olive oil.  Happiness in a Willow-patterned bowl right THERE my friends.

*  Week off ROUTINES.  I'm not ashamed to say i do like a routine.  Whilst it can sometimes be my downfall, i like the notion that {for most of the time} i know where i am and where i am going.  If only i could switch that philosophy to 'Life' in general.  That's a story for another day! It's been a little bit heavenly to slip easily into a slower more 'switched off' sort of a routine throughout my time off:  A later 8am shaped wake up, tea in bed each morning; a later breakfast and then a morning cycle followed by a coffee and a wander.  Simple is more often than not the best.  

*  Perfume FLASH backs.  I always wear Paul and Joe's 'Rose' Eau du Parfum.  It's mine all mine and i love it.  But i always have a little bottle of Anna Sui's 'Dolly Girl' squirrelled away in my drawer. It was one of the first perfumes i ever bought and sometimes i like to wear it for old times sake.  It's sweeter, younger and smells of the past:  Of my university days, of dancing until my feet hurt and of university lectures the next day spent snuggled with my nose against my jumper inhaling it's sweet smell.  I have been enjoying spraying it on my collar bones and wrists lately.  Just because.  

*  Harmonising.  Because i secretly used to LOVE school choir when i was little and the best thing that i ever learnt was how to harmonise properly:  Read:  add in extra notes to a melody to create a harmony.  If i find a song i love, doesn't matter what it is; my very favourite thing is to create a little harmony to it.  It's the most satisfying little thing.  Sometimes i like to pretend i'm a backing singer too:  Only i'm preforming live from the shower with only a bottle of Original Source Lavender shower-gel for support and my main act is playing loud in the other room.  You can't have it all can you?!

*  Gap super-soft, cut perfectly black SKINNIES.  For those times when tummy ache is lingering and all you want is the softest of jeans that sit right in a place that doesn't hurt; your biggest slouchiest grey marl tee, a hot water bottle and a blanket.  Those jeans are keepers forever. 

*  Magic FM.   I don't CARE if i sound like i'm thirty *winces* going on forty when you get a good run of songs like i did apres the best steamy hot shower, clean pj's and clean sheets night like the other night, you just don't care anymore.  I rarely listen to the radio and love more than one song an hour…if that.  Magic DELIGHTED my little ears with Light House Family's 'High', Savage Garden's 'Truly Madly Deeply', 'David Gray's 'Be Mine' and Fugees 'Ready or Not.'  Don't judge.  I'm a nineties girl through and through!

*  Waking up to no ALARM.  Sorry.  But it's just the nicest feeling!

*  Extra-long Whatsapps from my darling lovely little sister after a long 'large cappucino and putting the world to rights' sort of a meet.  That girls forever an INSPIRATION to me.  Her life has been a roller-coaster of ups, downs and roundabouts and she is the most infectiously wonderful person to be around. Sometimes she just needs a sisterly nudge she's doing alright.  

*  Having a LOCAL person tell me that they very much looked forward to my monthly local magazine column and had just started reading my blog.  I felt bursting with pride for my little self and for all the kindness that both this little space and my column have brought me.  

*  Having a proper 'under everything everywhere' sort of a clean and feeling so much better for it.  So much so that i treated myself us to a couple of new candles from Tk Maxx:  Officially the best CANDLE purveyor come Spring, Summer; Autumn or Winter.  These are both coastel-y-sorts-of-scents and they make our livingroom smell SO fresh and lovely.  

*   Raw cauliflower. So yum!  I've been adding it to my daily at home LUNCHES this week:  Chopped small and stirred through red quinoa with a little Tamari and Tahini and mashed avocado and a great big handful of wilted spinach.  The lunchtime bomb!
*  *  *  
And now it's over to YOU!  You know the drill!  Drop me a sweet comment below to tell me what's been making your week wonderful so far, i bloomin' LOVE reading them i really do!  Remember you can hashtag your Instagram pictures with a  #wonderfulwednesday or tag me on Twitter too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have the most WONDERFUL rest of week dear ones and here's hoping to a return to Spring sometime soon eh?!

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  1. Your Magic FM playlist sounds wonderful! I'm a 90s girl as well, and we used to love playing songs like this at university. Lets cross our fingers that spring returns to our lives just in time for pay day and the weekend :) xxx



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