Monday, 29 June 2015

In Four:: via Instagram

Remember about a zillion years ago when i wrote my first 'In Four:: via Instagram' post HERE and told you all how it would probably become a bit of a regular in the old blog calendar - you know to break up the Wonderful Wednesday and other posts i'd jumble in along the way?  Yep well here we are with only number two!  I'm not going to bore you all with silly excuses or feel too bad because this little spot is intended to be an online scrapbook/diary/patch of creative for me when i have time, and time is something that has definitely not been on my side the past little while. 

It's all for a good reason, which i shall hopefully be able to share very soon - but there's been a heck of of a lot of soul searching, deep thinking and life evaluation around and about these parts lately.  I've said it before, but it is true:  I use Instagram a lot.  I'm not a big social media whizz but this particular one, well i'd spend all day on there if i could.  I just love looking at peoples' lives, experiences and reading thier words and what is happening in their lives; all through sweet photos and just snapshots.  If you don't follow my face already you can find it HERE.  I find myself posting on here a lot more regularly simply because it's convenient and i can update the world in just a few moments.  And you know by now how much i love taking photos…

So here's to a bit of a life update in four recent Instagram snaps…

1.  Sunshine snaps.  Or…not so much.  You don't need me to tell you the obvious:  That this Summer hasn't exactly gone to plan weather-wise so far this year which means when dear sweet Mr Sunshine has reared his pretty little head it's been well-worth celebrating!!!  A snap from earlier today after a weekend at work and hi-fiving a Monday off work and a sweet little sneak of some sunshine.  After laps and laps of our dear sweet park {so many that i lost count - it was that pretty} at home our attic windows were cracked open as wide as can be, busy-bees were wafted out rather regularly; and i enjoyed pootling about in a cotton summer dress, bare feet and drinking gallons and gallons of minty/lime-y/cucumber-y water.  More please!!!

2.  A sweet capture from the beginning of last week.  That's my new organiser.  Little life changes are on the horizon and what better way to organise them than with a little bit of Liberty London?  The sweet little postcard shall be firmly fastened inside the cover.  Because it's {cryptically!} pretty accurate for right about now.  And well i just love the colours in this photo….apologies for alot of Peony-spam on Instagram too…..WAIT, who doesn't love a Peony…?!

3.  What was i saying about Peonies?!  This snap makes me smile for two reasons:  The first is that {like what feels like the rest of the world!} i adore Peonies.  We currently have three receptacles of them in our little attic - all at various stages of opening - dreamy!  So imagine my delight when i spotted such a beautiful abundance of my very favourite flowers all wrapped perfectly in brown paper?!  My heart was-a-flutterin' !!!  And secondly because this goes down in history as my most liked ever photo on Instagram probably ever.  Which says a lot about my followers….. You're all my kind of people for sure!  Hi-five The Peony Appreciation Society!!!  I wonder if there is one….

4.  Summer Soltice blissful capturing.  Which feels like a little too long ago and i bet i'm not the first to say that i'm not quite ready to admit that the days shall now get slowly shorter from now on….*weeps*  Luckily even if the weather hasn't been as consistent as i had hoped of late, i've been loving Summer evenings all of the same:  Longer, lazier and full of yummy alfresco food and evenings spent curled up on the sofa in my cotton pyjamas with that Mr of mine.  This photo might win two awards:  Most loved sky ever {and that one's a big call for me sine my IG feed is largely skies and my feet!} and most magical photo i think i have ever taken.  Isn't it the dream?!  Predictably the day was neither blue-skied or particularly warm up North but all of a sudden; just as the sun was setting, out it appeared from behind such a heavy dark blue sky and this was the result.  The most perfect unicorn{?}-esque Summer Solstice sky snapped, in my pyjamas, from our sweet bedroom attic window.  Magical!
*  *  *  
Do you use Instagram as much as me?  If so pop on over and give me a little follow and a wave!  I don't need any excuses to have a goosey gander at somebody else on there….. You can find me HERE or simply by popping over to Instagram and searching for 'sallytangle'.  

Hoping that the start to your week has been wonderful and full of blue skies and sunshine!


  1. Oh how exciting about the life changes! Wishing you the very best of luck - I'm sure everything will go splendidly :) And I'm with you - instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform. I could scroll through it for ages! Your instagram snaps are always so lovely.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Oh oh oh, how did I miss this first time round?? It's glorious! I'm most excited to hear all life changes as and when you're ready to share. Until then peonies will do just fine. And the first photo is gorgeous and I'm not at all jealous that I've been trying to capture one like that for a while and keep missing the clouds #firstworldproblems
    M x

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