Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #70

{A tangled wildflower capture from Monday's few laps of the park on an evening to good to stay indoors}
Sometimes, sometimes  i write these Wonderful Wednesday posts fizzing and whizzing full of love for anything and everything i see.  Sometimes i have to stop myself from just keeping on writing; from going and going and going because i feel like the words just spill out.  This week so far hasn't been one of those weeks.  In fact between you and I {and i can tell you lot things can't I?} if i could do anything to this week so far, then i would bite it.  I'd bite it really really hard.  And you know what?!  For not really any other reason other than i'm just {as my mother would put it} feeling 'that way out.'  But you know what?!  It's now more than ever that i am reminded why i started these dear little posts of positivity.  Whilst spreading and celebrating the good and great, and even the smallest of things is good whatever; maybe it's time's like now that i really benefit from seeing what's right in front of my furrowed, angry brow.  Because it's by no means bad out there, let's get a reality check shall we?!  And let's get started with some goodness and banish my silly storm cloud clean away!

1)  Flip flops.  Or more to the point consistent flip flop/sandal/summer shoe wearing apparel for….what must be at least four days in a row.  Huzzah!  I have been rejoicing in seeing little sunshine forecasts pop up day after day on the weather on my phone lately {yes i am The Loser who checks the weather the moment she opens her eyes!}.  What can i say, rain probability/percentage is crucial up North!  You can't beat the feeling of wriggling bare toes into flip flops and sandals come this time of year you really can't.

2)  Appreciating the good that exercise can do.  It's done me wonders this week i can tell you that.  If you want one single recipe to banish that dark thunder cloud above your head, it's to crank up your very favourite music in your ears and run/cycle/skip/jump your way to sweet, sweet heaven.  This week i have been particularly enjoying playing music as loud as i can bear it and simultaneously exhausting myself on an early evening faster paced bike ride.  Feeling the warm Summer breeze whisp through my hair and the beat thump in my ears has been {ironically!} clearing for my head and my mood!  

3)  Chocolate.  Always chocolate.  And come an unsteady mood, always the most yummy belgian chocolate with a mug of tea made just the way i like it; or a mug of the silkiest richest hot chocolate made with almond milk and raw cacao powder.  Sometimes it's all that will do it really is.  

Is this starting to sound like a very 'hormonal' post or is that just all in my head?!  Shall we resume?

4)  Strawberries.  Punnets and punnets of the damned things because they taste their very very beat come this time of year and so i don't need any persuasion to fire them in everything possible.  Lately it's been all about the simple:  Icy cold strawberries with a huge and whopping dollop of greek yoghurt on top.  Bliss!  

5)  Evenings that feel like they last forever.  Even if all you accomplish is the very best shower of your life, and reading The Simple Things magazine cover to cover without interruption.  

6)  Coconut water.  Or more to the point Innocent Coconut water.  I love the stuff in general and i'm no expert, but if i could pick then Innocent Coconut water would win hands down.  Why?  Well it's sweeter, richer and just tastes the best served iced cold first thing in the morning.  

7)  Infusing water.  Is that what it's called?!  Either which way, it's really rocking my little sail boat lately.  I can't quench my thirst come this time of year and so keeping a pitcher of fresh water filled with sliced cucumber, torn mint leaves and a few wedges of lemon or lime is DELICIOUS.  It fulfils that summery Mojito craving i seem to have during very un-Mojito-hours {read: 11am}.  

8)  Wet hair on an evening.  And letting it dry all by it's self.  Even if you do look like you've stuck your finger in a plug socket come the morning.  Falling asleep with your hair a little bit damp is a little bit lovely you know.

9)  Fresh basil.  Despite the fact that it's readily available all year round, we only ever seem to buy it come Summer.  I'd eat a packet of it if i could.  Is that border-line insane?!  We've been tearing it up through a simple salad of rocket, Heirloom tomatoes and olive oil or just sandwiching fresh strawberries in between two basil leaves for evening munchy-fixers.  Mmmm!

10)  Less make-up.  I'm not much of a make-up lover.  This actually translates as:  I just wear it so that i don't appear slightly tranluscent in pale and look vaguely human.  This is just one of the many problems of being born with whiter than white skin, and blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.  Woe is me.  However, this time of year means that my skin needs only a little slick of SPF and a dusting of loose powder and then a slick of mascara.  God bless a little vitamin D eh?!  

11)  Ice cold Almond milk and cereal breakfasts.  This is a transition that i don't always enjoy until i get there.  I'm attached to my porridge you know?  But we're over it {for now!} and sitting quite comfortably on the cold milk and cereal bus.  Current favourites are Dorset Cereals Spelt Muesli or Rude Health Honey-Nut Granola. Or sometimes a generous handful of both!  Always topped with a tablespoon each of sunflower, chia, pumpkin and linseeds for good measure.  And usually graced by the appearance of a sliced banana too!  I'm always sad when i get to the bottom of my bowl!  

12)  The smell of a really early Summer morning.  I wish so much that i could bottle it:  All sweet, fresh and balmy.  I'd love to smell that forever i really would.  
*  *  *

In other NEWS?!  Well i feel as if we are due a jolly good and proper catch here over on Sallytangle.  I've got lots to tell you all:  About our lovely adventure along Hadrian's Wall, about how my sweet little potted plants are not coming along so well due to some extremely curious cats who seems to think that freshly potted terracotta pots are for them {Grr!} or about how i am missing my fringe a little more than i'd care to admit.  Maybe i shall gather a little something together for you.  

The rest of my week is pretty a-ok.  I'm spending tommorrow evening having pizza and a jolly good catch-up with my sister and my day off on Thursday shall be spent having a mini-operation on my gum!  I'm hoping it all goes ok.  I'm sure it shall!

Right!  It's over to you guys!  Share your #wonderfulwednesday goodness below or by tweeting me.  I'd love to know what has been making you smile, what's been driving you insane and what you're looking forward to for the rest of the week.  I'm @sallytangle on both Twitter and Instagram.

Have a super-duper rest of week!


  1. Hope next week will be better, and good luck with the operation! Mmm, this post just made me want to eat all the strawberries and fresh salads. I've never been a cereal and milk fan (porridge all the way!), but almond milk with a nice muesli or granola does sound heavenly!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad week, that's poo. But very admirable to keep up with your Wonderful Wednesday and to find the positives to focus on. Had a bit of a 'grrrrr' week too, but the sunshine is most certainly helping lift my spirits. I really enjoy reading your weekly posts, they really do spread positivity and make me smile. x



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