Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #77

I live in constant FEAR that one week i'll forget to write this sweet little post.  I know you would all survive. And despite my very best efforts to write more in between them, my dear Wonderful Wednesday posts have become so ingrained into my little routine that missing one would feel just as catastrophic as say, forgetting to eat a walnut whip.  I know.  Maybe i just need to get out more. Or, you know, at least find time to fit it in somewhere amongst life.  

How ARE you?  How has your week been so far?  Mine {as you can probably tell} has been a jolly quick one.  I can't quite believe that it will be the end of July at the end of this week.  I'm a little sad.  Largely as i feel we have had very little summer to speak of up north this year.  I'll even go as far as to say that the other evening, amongst the dismal grey-skied drizzle that was still happening, it SMELT like autumn.  And as much as i love autumn i'm very not ready to kiss goodbye to the hope of some better weather yet.  Are you WITH me?!?  All the same it's not been all doom and gloom around and about these parts.  Let's get #wonderfulwednesday -ing!!!!

1.  Peppermint tea and chocolate brownies.  A dangerous combination.  And by dangerous what i really mean is off the chart deliciously good and with a very real risk of becoming a habit.  It sort of tastes like….decadently indulgent Aero.  Times a million.  

2.  Tuesday-shaped days off.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt falling asleep on Monday evening knowing that i was off Tuesday after only really being at work on Monday. I wasn't tired enough for a day off having only been off on Sunday, but i slept like a baby all of the same.  I'm trying to ignore the fact that i'll be working the next seven days in a row now….

3.  New songs.  Namely the new Chemical Brothers tune 'Go' featuring Q Tip.  MAN i used to LOVE The Chemical Brothers.  They remind me a little bit of revision as somehow when i was younger and revising for exams, i found playing dance music {don't fret - we're talking good dance music:  Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim etc} excrutiatingly loud sort of helped.  Now i need total and complete silence to do anything that vaguely uses my brain.  This new tune by The Chemical Brothers deserves your ear-time.  Have you heard it?!

4.  Perfecting exercises like nobody's business!! Remember i ranted and raved about my ballet exercises?  Well i say ballet, but they're loosely based on boulding up your core strength and around certain ballet moves {Google 'Mary Helen Bowers if you'd like to see what i'm wittering about here}.  I've been trying to integrate a few of them into my busy weeks alongside getting out on my two wheels as and when it's not wet.  I am so pleased at how far i've come.  To start with i found seeing any of these short sessions through to the end really really hurt!!!  Now the few that i've been doing regularly i can complete with {almost} flying colours.  It sort of makes me want to punch the air after each one.  Sort of….

5.  Falling asleep to the sound of rain on our skylight.  The only plus to this un-seasonal weather.  Okay well apart from not having to water my dear sweet terracota-potted plants outside.  Except that i rather like watering those of an evening. There is something soothing about hearing the rain beat against your window as you drift off.  I'd even go as far as to say that it actually helps me sleep…..If only the rain could be gone for the morning then i might get on board!

6.  A fringe trim.  I started cutting my own fringe a while back.  And while i cope okay i did enjoy stopping by the hairdressers at the start of the week for them to do it properly.  I can see again!!!  

7.  Burning candles inside on Tuesday afternoon.  Whilst the rain poured down outside it felt a little bit luxurious to be wafting around and about our little attic in vaguely summer-y attire and burning a lavendar and lime candle or two.  

8.  The Kooks.  Because, well remember The Kooks?!?!?  My music this week has been somewhat of a blast from the past-style-ee and i've been enjoying myself so very much.  I love listening to music from the past, well okay from my past.  It always brings back such wonderful memories!  I can't listen to The Kooks without thinking of dancing in a field in the pouring rain with one of my very best friends at a festival a few years back.  We'd managed to stay mud-free all weekend but got totally drenched and muddy on our last evening.  Despite all of that we had the BEST time.  She now lives all the way away in Oz and so we don't see nearly as much of each other anymore.  This weeks musical blasts from the past have included The Spice Girls, Bloc Party, David Gray and Editors.  Sometimes a mini musical revival is a jolly good thing.

9.  Walking in the rain.  Because Tuesday's day off was pretty grim.  And i was determined not to stay indoors all day.  So i took my umbrella, said playlist from previous point and dressed as appropriately as i could and walked my usual cycle route.  I felt cream-crackered after!  And it took me so much longer! I treated myself to a large cappuccino and a wander about town afterwards. A day well-spent i think!

10.  Well-wishes.  Word has begun to spread about me leaving Monsoon Towers and i've had some such lovely and kind well-wishes this week.  It's lovely to think that people that would have otherwise been complete strangers to me and are really just customers where i work, can be so kind.  I've been a little bit teary!  I must get it together if i'm to last this next month!

11.   Whatsapp-chat with my brother and sister. I don't know why it's such good fun as it's hardly a new and revolutionary idea BUT having a Whatsapp thread with both my brother and my sister is the best thing.  We can't see each other nearly as much as we'd like so i love keeping up to date with both of their lives this way and being able to share photos and snippets in our own little bubble.  So glad i've got those two!  It's hard to believe how much closer we all are now we're older and not physically so close together.

12.  Stretching.  Because lately i'm ALL about the stretches:  The first stretch in the morning when the alarm first sneaks into my deep sleep {how great does that one feel?!}, the one where you stretch and contort your sleepy crazy worse-than-bed-head self as far and as wide as you can stretch it whilst the kettle boils first thing; the after lunch 'wake me up because i've just eaten i just want to nap' stretch or the one you do, star-shaped right before you fall into a deep sleep of a night time.  We stretch far more than we let on.  And why?  Because it feels a little bit lovely.  
*  *  *  
How are you feeling now we find ourselves at mid-week?!  Are you having a ball of a week or can you not wait for it to be Saturday?!  Have you got something spectacular to look forward to at the weekend?!  What are you grateful for this week so far?!  Do tell.  Because your comments on this post especially, warm my little heart they do.  It's the BEST feeling i can't tell you.  Plus, you know i'm nosey, we all are!  Do SHARE!  You can leave a sweet comment below; tweet me or tag me in an Instagram snap if you like too.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Have the most WONDERFUL rest of week lovely faces!

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  1. I absolutely love the Kooks! O and I saw Ray Davies at the BST in Hyde Park two years ago and were blown away! Some of my favourite moments with O have been soundtracked by them. They're definitely on the wedding playlist!



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