Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #84

Well this a funny feeling!  I'm sat tip-typing to you a little later than usual.  I always write my darling little #wonderfulwednesday post after dinner on a Tuesday evening.  I couldn't write it any sooner simply because all of the wonderful things stacking up as we get towards the mid-week simply wouldn't have happened just yet.  But this weeks' been a little different!  I tootled over to Newcastle yesterday lunchtime with my sister with grand and great plans to dance the night away to the mighty Florence and the Machine!!!! {I'm sat writing to you with her up full blast, in our little office, our skylight wide-open and the last of the glorious Wednesday sun flooding in - trying to keep still, resisiting the urge not to get up and twirl around and around!!!}. 

 Without going in to too much detail here {since i do have tendencies to get carried away/easily distracted and this is a #wonderfulwednesday etc etc} i'd bought the tickets months back.  I remember sliding them out briefly when they came, doing a happy dance and squirrelling them away carefully in our little bureau.  They hadn't seen the light of day since.  I packed the envelope into my bag and skipped off into the sunshine and met my sister at the station.  Halfway to Newcastle i decided to check the tickets to see what time we had to be there.  In the envelope there was ONE ticket.  ONE.  TICKET.  We wont get into the shenanigans of the panic, terror and devastation that ensued over the next half hour, neither of us able to get a wifi/phone network on the train to see what had happened.  Had they not sent my other ticket?  Had i left one at home somehow?!  Had i bought one, or two?!?  

Turns out amongst the sheer delight, excitement, brief cartwheeling and happiness that tickets were still available way back in June, i'd bought ONE ticket and not two.  By some sheer and damned lucky-duck-shaped stroke of luck there were still some standing tickets available yesterday and my phone signal held out long enough on the train to enable me to buy another.   And to expell the biggest sigh of relief that i think i ever have in my whole and entire LIFE.  

SO as you can imagine since then everything in the whole and damned world has felt pretty amazing and fantastic and glorious and so i do hope you'll forgive me this rather delayed mid-week pick you up this once…..I think we should probably get going with the wonderful bits of this week so far….i'm just warning you now that this all might go a bit 'Flo-shaped' since if i'm pretty honest with you i can't actually remember anything before yesterday…..

1.    Sisters.  Or in particular my younger sister who, despite being generally wonderful and amazing all of the time anyway, was pretty much the life-saver of the whole past couple of days.  She was calm, collected, practical and an ANGEL.  All of the things i inevitably wasn't.    And even when we had sorted everything out and it was all going to be okay, she confessed that if we hadn't been able to find another ticket she would have let me go by myself because she knew how much it meant to me.  I might have filled up a little then.  I might have just filled up a little just now…..

2.  Autumn sun.  I'm sorry if you live much further south and are experiencing a much wetter start to autumn but i feel like we're owed this crazy almost autumn but gloriously sunshine-y weather we seem to be having up north in Cumbria.  Our summer has been almost non-existent without exaggeration.  Whilst i'm ready for autumn wholeheartedly, i'm a little bit relishing the beautiful light, warmer days and how much more beautiful everything seems with a few rays of sunshine.  

3.  Missing things.  I'm not an incredibly adventurous sort, i've always been a bit of a home-bird and so i'm not often away galavanting about, not the overnight sort anyway.  As i type this i haven't seen the Mr since he left for work at 9am yesterday morning and i was curled up under the duvet with my Lady Grey.  I'm so excited to see him!!!  That's the loveliest little feeling right there and one which i don't get to experience all too often.  

4.  Live music.  Sorry dear ones, i feel like i'm on a Florence-shaped high of the highest orders mixed in with absolute appreciation and gratitude times a MILLION that i actually got to go in the end since it was almost so ver nearly snatched away!  It's been SO very long since i went to see someone live.  Whilst i'm open minded and will happily give any live band a go {within reasons - we're not talking No One Direction here!} you can't deny the BEST live gigs are the ones where the artist's music really tugs at your heart-strings and you can't help but want to sing your heart out and throw your arms in the air with complete abandon.  This was one of those times:  Of heart-wrenching, lump in the throat, 'don't care if you lose your voice' or the use of any of your limbs you danced so hard!  

5.  Glitter.  Because when you're thirty {ssh} you can't really get away with glitter and not  look….well just plain daft.  But somehow going to see Florence made me think 'stuff it.  I'm going to cover my cheeks with silver glitter and silver stars and i'm going to sing until i have no voice.'  And so we did.  And it felt bloody FANTASTIC beyond belief!!!!

6.  Tea.  Because you don't realise how much you love it until you don't have it for…what 24hours?  Seeing Florence we'd booked an odd little economy concept hotel which was literally a postage stamp-sized room with a little bathroom.  It was bright, modern, clean and perfect for what we needed but there were no other facilities other than the very basics.  This mornings many pots of tea over honey and banana on toast in the sweetest little cafe, regaling the night before and all of the drama that went before was a little bit like a big magical hug-in-a-mug!!!

7.  Accidental pretty wonderful {if i do say so myself!} photo taking extraordinaire-ing!!!  Over the weekend i snapped a sweet photo of my beach bag-come-carry overspill items that wont fit into my main bag' against the most beautiful wall of the brightest red leaves!! I was one of those photos that came along completely by accident and really from being in the right place at the right time {and with all of the right colour co-ordinated items to!}.  It sent my Instagram into a little meltdown!! It was the funniest most surreal thing to happen since if you follow me on IG you'll know my photos are largely silly snaps of my feet, the sky or other nonsensical paraphernalia.  This was a big deal!  If you want to see what all of the fuss is about and really if it deserved the insane amount of likes it got, you can find my face on Instagram HERE.

8.  The thought of a hot shower in my own shower and a long, long sleep in my own bed.  Because going away and dancing until every part of your body aches and your voice disappears is the very best feeling.  But it does make you appreciate your sweet home comforts and little bubble of familiarity when you do return.  

9.  'You've Got The Love.'  For being my favourite ever cover in the whole of the world anyway, but for definitely being one those moments i'll never ever forget and for being all silly and definitely getting goosebumps, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.   You can't beat the feeling that comes from hearing the first few notes of one of your very favourite songs in the whole world played live, you just can't.  

10.  Exploring.  Because it's easy to go to a new place and just stick to what you know, where you know or to even just stay on the main streets.  I feel like these past two days we adventured further:  we ate at independent off the beaten track-type places, admired quirky buildings and took ourselves a little bit outside our comfort-zones {read:  sometimes got lost!} but i really felt like we got under the skin of Newcastle.  It's honestly not a city that's ever been high up on my places i've particularly warmed to until now.  I shall definitely be back….you know but with BOTH tickets next time and all….
*  *  *  
So dear and sweet ones, it's over to you!  I'd love to know all of the little things that have been making your week maneagable so far.  Be they small, huge, whopping and wonderful; or as Florence and the Machine-shaped as mine, i'd love to know.  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below, or share your #wonderfulwednesday moments on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.

Have a super DUPER rest of week lovely faces!


  1. This late burst of sunshine here in Cumbria has been an unexpected happy thing hasn't it? It's been very odd weather here lately I've found - fairly dry but not overly warm either, not like last year when I moved up here from down South and it was boiling hot! Love this post, I think it's always good to remember the good thing in life and I'm so glad you got another ticket for the concert too! xxx

  2. Hello Sally!!! :D Your post is full of happiness and excitement and I love it <3!!! You really deserved a night like this!!! I love Florence too so I can imagine how amazing it has been to listen to her wonderful voice live!!!:) Also in Dublin these last few days have been glorious..sunny..warm..and even if Autumn is my favourite season I feel so grateful for them!!! Have a nice day and a relaxing night!!!

  3. Just reading about your mystery missing ticket gives me a bit of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach! Well done for finding another one, I think I would have been shaking too much to even operate my phone! Again, my little sister is the cool and collected one! xx

  4. Oh my god, my heart was actually racing thinking about the panic of the one-ticket fiasco! I'm so pleased you got it sorted and it was all good in the end, phew!

    Lyndsay |



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