Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #90

{Bright as a button blue Autumn skies in all of their glory!}
Happy happy HAPPY half-way through the week dear faces!  PAT yourself on the back and give us a little twirl because you've survived, you've made it and i'll bet it wasn't half as bad as you thought. 
*  *  *  
 I'm having a week of discombobulation which i am blaming wholly on the clocks skipping back on Sunday!  I woke up stupidly early and failed to go back to sleep, despite all of my BEST efforts.  The silver lining came from sneaking two cups of hot tea beneath the duvet - all whilst the Mr snoozed soundly beside me - and a little chance to gather my thoughts and listen to Sunday wake up.  Since then though this whole 'extra hour' and it becoming darker at silly o' clock seems all kinds of WRONG!  My days feel so long whilst feeling like they're over in no time at all in equal measure - as nonsensical as that sounds.  I think it's not helping that the weather has stayed unseasonably warm too.   Leaving work in what feels like the middle of the night with a late August temperature is messing with my dizzy little head.  I don't want to say i'm wishing for cold but….well i sort of am you know!  The cold, bright, clear-skied kind though.  Just so as we're CLEAR.  I should probably stop waffling and get on with the great and good of this week so far shouldn't I?!

1.  Adele.  I know, bandwagon much?!  I can't help but love her.  She's a British {if not national!} treasure for sure.  Right up there with cups of tea, scones and trifle.  Whilst i've always loved her, now that she's tootling all around my ears lately with her snazzy new song 'Hello' {best sing-in-the-shower-song this year yet} well it's just re-cemented that love.  And the new song?  It's everything you'd expect and more.  I had little tiny tears trickling down my cheeks the very first time i heard it and that's always a good sign!  Let's cross everything she does a tour and someone will will come and see her with me!  Anyone…?!

2.  Washing your underwear in Lush bath bombs.  Whilst it *might* sound a strange concoction of crazy, extravagant and even wasteful there is logic in this little dreamboat of an idea.  The main logic being that my underwear draw is FULL to bursting with the bloody things!  I'd hazard a guess that there might even be more Lush bath bombs in there than there are knickers and bras!  Since i adore Lush, i am forever inundated with odds and ends come Christmas, Birthdays and sometimes even 'just becauses' too.  Whilst i love them i don't actually bath very often, unless i have time to while away!  Or i'm frozen to the bone!  Since i love how they make my underwear smell i've started to chip away at the back log by washing all of my very best bras in them. I even washed them in the bath last time and it made SUCH a pretty concoction that had i not also been making dinner at the same time i'd have jolly well jumped in with them!

3.  The perfect vanilla candle.  A must at this time of year but one that is particularly hard to track down!  I should have known i'd find it in the candle Mecca that is TK Maxx.  It's spicy, warm and not too candy-sweet and best of all?  You can smell it the whole time it's lit and for a good while afterwards too!  

4.  Playing with props.  Or as most people would call it:  Faffing!  If Faffing was an olympic sport than i'd sure as day is day, and night is night hold ALL of the medals.  My Tuesday tasks at work were some of my favourite: Creating mood-boards and style boards with some new pieces and a beautiful little collection of twigs, leaves and conkers.  Sometimes i really do have to pinch myself….

5.  Lovely, lovely lilies.   I'm going to be honest and put out there and say they're not my favourite flower and there was a time that i wouldn't have even given them jug-space.  But then last year just before my 30th birthday my parents bought me a bunch of the most beautiful white and pink lilies.  They were so big that they filled two big jugs and several smaller receptacles around and about our little attic.  The day before my actual birthday we travelled up to Edinburgh to stay in a sweet Air BnB flat we'd booked for three days and the Mr had mentioned to the host that it was my birthday.  When we arrived she had filled the flat with lilies and soft pink balloons!  So during our stay the lilies bloomed and their scent filled the sweet little flat and clung to us a little bit too!  And then when we arrived home a few days later, the lilies we had left all curled up had burst into bloom and our flat smelt exactly the very same as our Edinburgh one!  Even if i did have them sort of thrust upon me, lilies will forever remind me of those special few days spent with special people in special places.  This week i treated myself to the first bunch since last year and each time i breathe in their heady scent and close my eyes i can relive it all over again.  

6.  Falafels.  Unseasonable or not {i'm blaming the weather - 'cos let's face it we blame it for everything else!} i've been loving them leftover and crumbled atop my winter-y salad concoctions with torn coriander and toasted seeds.  

7.  The sweetest surprises.  I feel particularly lucky that i now work for a very small independent retailer.  It's something i've always been passionate about and something i'd always wanted to get into, to feel more valued and more of a person and less of a number.  On Tuesday morning i arrived at work to see that my boss had already been down earlier and left a big basket of handpicked apples, some brown paper bags and some recipes for an apple chutney; in our little porch, free for people to take! And make!  I won't go all silly and sentimental about the ins and outs of it all BUT it warmed my heart beyond belief and to the ends of the earth!!!

8.  Wavy hair.  My hair sits neither straight or wavy, if left to it's own devices.  And if there's one thing i've learnt it's never EVER to leave it to it's own devices.  You end up with it half stuck to your cheek on one side and slightly resembling a scarecrow on the other, usually with a penchant to static electricity to boot!  I tend to blow-dry it straight and move it about as little as possible come the following day.  The less disturbance the better.  Last weekend i bought a waving iron.  A WHAT i hear you cry!  I know, a waving iron - who even knew this kind of thing existed let alone worked and waved my hair rather effortlessly and best still…?  I waved it on Sunday night and today is Wednesday and all i've used is dry shampoo and it's still rocking and-a-wavin'!!!!  I am hooked and wondering where this dream of a contraption {that only cost £20} has been all of my life?!?!?

9.  Triumphing at food-shopping.  It's all about the simple things no?  You should know that i hate food shopping.  If i was just me i wouldn't hate it.  But then again if it was just me i'd live on porridge, toast and pots of nut butters.  You can't feed a man just nut butter with a spoon in and expect him to be happy.  We have this rule that where food shopping is concerned we'll both go together, and we'll do it all in one go, one trip, one end to the other and out - it's Sainsbury's bootcamp or nothing!  It's fair and it gets results.  It doesn't always work out though.  Things sell out, some people don't want to eat the things you suggest or you know, i get hungry.  In the latter's case it's all down hill from there.  Lately we've had what we'll just call 'a bad run.'  So let me celebrate, rejoice if you will, in this week's food shop being spectacularly simple, productive and fruitful.  You can bet your bottom dollar i'll have forgotten *something*.  Even if i don't know what that is yet….

10.  Drying washing inside, on radiators and airing racks.  I'm a celebrator and great condoner of drying washing outside in the warmer months, you can't beat it:  Getting into bed on a summer's evening and breathing in the soft, sweet smell of a summer's day is something special.  Come this time of year you don't get that.  So here's to celebrating the clean scent of fresh laundry {usually hung from every picture frame, door, or available 'hook' in our tiny little attic} wafting throughout the air and clinging to everything it touches.  

11.  Mornings v's Evenings.  I'll forever be much more of a morning person and less of a night owl.  Now that the clocks have skipped back an hour, i feel like i'm appreciating the morning light and all that my mornings contain even more.  Even if the weather is mild, the light seems extra precious at this time of year.  Since i now miss that extra special Golden Hour of an evening, i make up for it in really relishing the sunrise, my moments of quiet and adjustment into the day with hot tea, porridge laced with figs and maple syrup puddles and my favourite pyjamas. 
*  *  *
Come along! Don't dilly dally!  This is your chance to share your happiest things, the gamechangers, the little things that have been making you beam so far this week.  You can pop a sweet comment below, or you can tweet me or tag me in your beautiful Instagram snaps.  I'm @sallytangle on both - don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday then we can all see 'em!  

Have yourselves the most MAGICAL rest of week dear ones!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #89

{River mist sneaking up after a few early evening laps of the park on Willow}
^That^ because whilst it's all great and good and HAPPY-MAKING to talk of autumn in a context that makes you think it's all rusts, mustards and muddy browns.  Or that at it's most beautiful it's only those bright blue-skied days with a nip in the hair and a breeze that gently coaxes the remaining leaves to fall SOFTLY to a faded grassy blanket that are worth treasuring.   We all know i'm a celebrator of all of those kinds of things and more, but let us not forget the joy that also comes from damp, mist-heavy days too.  The kind where the air catches in your throat, clings to your everything and forms little droplets in your hair even though there's not one raindrop in the sky.  Because save for being outside when you really have to be, those days - where blankets, tea on tap and layering up your very favourite tees, pyjama bottoms and knits and eating enough hot buttery toast to sink a ship -  are a joy to behold in their own right, no?  

Who's ready for some #wonderfulwednesday - shaped happy?!

1.  Song TRANSPORTATION.  In the form of Coldplay and 'Always In My Head' which you can wrap your ears around HERE.  I harp on and on about music on this little corner, my favourites, what they mean and how they make me feel.  That's the most important part of a track for me, the feeling it gives me.  If there's not that emotional connection to a song then you've lost me.  Much like anything else really {cake, films, books etc} because i'm heart-over-head kind of a girl all over.  This song takes me all of the way back to my 30th spent in Edinburgh with the Mr - almost a year ago!  I listened to it no-stop before and after {and a little bit during!} and so i can't help but think of holding hands wandering Christmas Markets - twinkly lights, mulled everythings and afternoons spent just walking and talking, exploring museums un-planned and eating cake and drinking tea.  It was perfect!

2.  Bread and BUTTER.  Because well we all say we're eating less bread, trying to cut out this, or that or do less of this and more of that.  But when you're offered homemade chicken, leek and potato soup, you don't quibble over the condiments or accompaniments.  You simply eat warm, crusty white bread with about an inch of salty butter and you eat it and enjoy it like it's the best thing you've ever tasted.  

3.  First proper-COAT wearing.  For someone who owns….well far too many coats and jackets to admit to here, i'm surprisingly reserved about admitting the end of 'just a cardigan or light jacket' season almost as much as i am when it comes to kissing goodbye to my feet until at least next June.  Once the seals broken though, that's it!  Hurrah for first cold-weather-coat-cavorting!!!!  It won't be long before i'm dipping my toes head into woolly hat wearing and glove-ing!  It's all party, party, party around these parts as you can tell!

4.  The un-sung {to me!} HERO combination that is crushed pecan nuts and maple syrup.  Sometimes it really is the very obvious, most simple things.  Since it no longer feels becoming to pile my porridge high with blueberries anymore {maybe because i've done so all summer long!} i've been testing some different porridge toppings lately {it's a hard life!}.  The one that seems to have stuck is goji berries, flax seeds, crushed pecan nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Mmmmmm!

5.  Buying a new nail PLOSH from Topshop because it was sparkly and called 'Unicorn.'  I feel like i don't need to elaborate on this one further.

6.  Tan BOOTS.  Old tan boots at that but until you're properly in your boots again you forget quite how well they go with everything imaginable.  It's this time of year when i really have to be careful i don't just live in the same pair of shoes {read:  Tan boots!} all autumn and winter because they are the comfiest and go with everything.  I've got far too many shoes to do that….

7.  UPPING the temperature!  Our little attic flat {also once described as a 'generous cupboard'} gets the sunshine for most of the day and since we are also three floors up, the heat from everyone else tends to rise {win win!} we rarely need our heating on and this week marked the first time since….probably at least April time last year?!?  It was a joyous event:  resting my bottom on a warm radiator, propping my feet up on it whilst reading my book or simply being able to smell the soft scent of hand-washed smalls wafting through our cupboard flat after they had been slung close by the radiator to dry.  We've mostly resembled little pink lobsters since!  Happy little pink lobsters though!

8.  KINDNESS  It's something that gets forgotten and lost in a world that seems to feel bigger, faster and more technologically ahead of it's self each day.  This week a book popped through our letter box.  A book i only recognised after a local person i follow on Twitter had tweeted about what an amazing read it was and we had started chatting about it.  Just a few days later a brand new copy dropped through the letter box, with two little tokens for a free drink at a local independent coffee shop!  My heart is warmed beyond belief, because true, real and genuine human kindness gets lost sometimes.  I've made a vow to pass it on to someone else i think might find it of use after i've finished it!

9. Snuggling into a freshly washed JUMPER.  Lately i've made a point of digging through my jumpers from years gone by and giving them all a jolly good wash through.  It does't get much lovelier than putting on one of last years favourites, freshly washed and super-duper soft to boot! 

10. CHOCOLATE.  Lately we've not so much fallen out of love,  we've just been having some un-intentional time apart.  Shock horror!  It really was the most un-intentional too!  But last night was one of those nights where i was grumpy beyond belief for no apparent reason and could have quite happily tootled myself off to bed at 8pm.  Then i remembered i had squirrelled away a chocolate brownie last week and all was good and great with the world once more.  It just fixed me again.  That's right, even though i didn't know what was wrong and had no real reason to be in a grump with anything at all, the brownie mended all that i thought was broken.  Chocolate just does that to me, i swear to god it has magical properties.  Brownie + tea = heaven, calm and serenity once more.  I'm seriously considering keeping one in our medicine cabinet… 

11.     PLANNING.  The planning of another return trip to Edinburgh for both of our birthdays!! Huzzah!!!  My birthday is the start of December and the Mr's is part-way through January and since we had the very best time last year, we've decided to make it a pre-christmas tradition. I already have another Air BnB wish-list as long as both my arms and probably both of my legs and i shall no doubt be bending your ears for even more lovely must-see, eat, drink, adventure type ideas.  I definitely know i want to walk up Arthurs Seat this year,  let us pray for sunshine!!!!
*  *  
Over to you dear ones!  Hit me up with your snazzy pants slices of happy from this week so far!!!  I love reading them so very much, they're just extra rocket fuel to power me through until Friday!!  Remember you can tweet me or tag your #wonderfulwednesday loveliness on Instagram {I'm @sallytangle on both} or just drop a sweet comment below.  

HAPPY mid-week all!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #88

{That sweet moment when blue reservoir, wildflowers galore and an accidental butterfly collide!}
Well a good DAY to you!  Are you well?  Feeling suitably Autumnal?  Panicking about the 'C' word yet?  Ploughing through this week at break-neck SPEED creating little cyclones of positivity and productivity as you GO?!?  

Who ME?  Well yes i'm just fine.  I'm starting to feel Autumnal, although the temperature up here is sticking to what we'll call 'decidedly mild' for this time of year.  But it's not stopped a little of that inevitable and predictable 'fluff, feather and puff cushions and blankets and crave anything and everything with either custard or gravy or wrapped in a sweet blanket of pastry' feeling that comes along come this time of year.  I wasn't ready to be fully embraced with the site that was ALL of M&S Christmas Shop when i reached the top of the escalator the other day.  Especially since i had really just been on the hunt for a weightier duvet.  But it is heading toward half way through October i guess.  I have a SNEAKY suspicion that the cold weather will just come out of nowhere and catch our breath one morning and that will be that and suddenly it will feel okay to mull everything and add cinnamon to anything heading for my tummy.  But for NOW?  Well this sweet post is for the Now.  Not the past, or what's to come yet but simply for recording the present and all of the silly lovely little things that go with it. It's time for my dear sweet Wonderful Wednesday.
* * *
1.  New ripped jeans.  Well the 'ripped' part aside there's no such thing as too many pairs of jeans, not the good 'fit like a glove'/ 'make you feel like a proper little sassy-pants' kind anyway.  I'm always on the look out for jeans, i feel like i have been all my life.  Good jeans and white or grey marl cotton tees.  These purchases are perfectly justifiable as they make up the basis of a good basic wardrobe. Or three {i didn't just say that out loud did I?!}. I bought my first pair of ripped blue jeans from Gap a few months back.  I LOVE them for those can't be bothered days.  They're my go-to Sunday attire:  Ripped jeans, my favourite pumps, a white cotton v-neck tee and a cable knit cardi; bed-hair scraped up on top of my head or simply hidden beneath a floppy fedora.   So when i saw a faded black pair - the perfect sort of faded - in H&M i snapped them up.  They're deliciously ripped just enough and are made from re-cycled denim to boot.   It's like they just saw me coming!

2.  First custard of the season.  Okay okay so we promised ourselves we'd wait.  We'd wait until it was cold enough to feel the need to be warmed through by something drenched and drizzled in creamy, vanilla-ery custard.  But we didn't wait.  We indulged so very happily in an apple and calvados almond and oat crumble slathered in the stuff.  So very slathered in the stuff that i really struggled with my porridge the morning after.  I felt so…sooooo custard-ey still!  Hey i'm not complaining though!

3.  Routines.  Well you know what you can keep your spontaneity and all - well most of it, i like a little sometimes - i just love my little routines lately.  And my favourite ones?  I know you didn't ask because you're thinking that this is so incredibly dull as dish-water and all that you couldn't give a monkeys.  I love my morning routine:  Taking time out for me and for making breakfast {the BEST meal!} properly and savouring every mouthful.  My exercise 'routine' that fits in and around our week so well that i never ever dread doing it.  That's when you know you've found your 'thang' for sure.  And lastly my nightly Rose-y shower and then camomile tea with honey in pyjamas.  It's not for everyone but i really relish having some sort of lose routine to keep me on track.  I don't feel half as bad when i have those hours where my creativity and imagination get the better of me and productivity {the real life kind} levels are low.  

4.  Frankincense and Myrrh incense oil.  Okay so i'm a little premature on that count.  But somehow our usual Fresh Cotton scent has felt a little out of season…?  As mild as it's been it's not been 'crack every window open wide always, and dry your washing outside' sort of mild.  This little oil is a dream.  A little bit floral, hints of cinnamon and heady smoky sort of undertone.  It's perfect for burning now.  There's plenty of time for snow, pine, clove and the rest of the slightly more seasonal army of scents yet.  

5.   Squirrel spotting.  Quite unexpectedly i keep spying these cute critters on my evening bike laps of our sweet park.  I'm sure they're not expecting company as the sun is slipping away into tomorrow and it's been ever so sweet spying on them gathering fallen conkers and rustling about in verges.  Even if i see them on and off throughout the year, the something about a squirrel scampering through autumn leaves that feels all kinds of right and proper.

6.  Using up the last of my summer shampoo and conditioner.  I doubt that i've ever timed it so perfectly in all of my life before.  But this year i seem to have ran out of both at exactly the right time to start using something a little more protective and nourishing in time for the temperature dropping.  Any suggestions?  I think i'm going to try the Organix range from Boots.  I can't think of the exact one, but a few of them have oils in and smell divine.  I'd love to know what you use come this time of year though.  I'm usually an 'Aussie' gal {that smell} but i fancy something different.  Answers on a postcard.  Or you know, a comment below works just as well too.  

7.  Menu planning.  Or not so much planning and more daydreaming.  A change in the season always has us me conjuring up new dinner ideas with the new produce around.  It largely comes in the form of unusual soups, stews or winter salads.  I'm quite sure the Mr would happily live on some pie-shaped variation each day for the whole of autumn and winter.  

8.  Finding some BEAUTIFUL Liberty of London notebooks for a mere £2 in Tk Maxx the other day.  Of course i also bought another candle {a 'This Works' Black Cardamon and Clove one - smells like cough sweets!}, an Orla Kiely pillowcase and a spatula. Because it wouldn't be a successful Tk Maxx trip if you didn't come out with a couple of entirely random but equally useful items would it?!  

9.  Old jumpers.  There is a certain satisfaction in re-discovering old forgotten gems in your wardrobe.  It *almost* sates that 'i must buy something new season' feeling you get in your tummy as you wander around and about town as the new season items start to filter into the shops.  This week i've been excitedly revelling in the highest shelf in my wardrobe {the kind you need a stool, your tip-toes and a jolly good poking stick/coat hanger to fish and hook anything out and have to quickly stand back before a merino wool and cable knit-shaped avalanche occurs!} and pulling out all the jumpers and heavier cardigans i'd almost forgotten about.  

10.  Rosemary.  On everything because it just naturally feels like it should be on everything in autumn no?  If in doubt you *can't* go wrong with tearing sprigs {or a jolly good pinch of the dried kind} through oven roasted fluffy potato wedges; sprinkling them heavily with sea salt and dunking them happily in hummus.  Just saying….

11.  Lush Cosmetics seasonal gems.  Now i know a lot of people who only really shop at Lush come this time of year.  I'm not one of those people {notthat there's anything wrong with that at all!} and i've been using their skincare range ever since my uni days and the realisation that what you put on your skin did make a huge difference.  What can i say i was a late-learner.  Lush sorted my shiny, spotty, blemish-prione skin way-back then and i've not looked back since.  I love that even though i shop Lush' skincare more than anything else, that i can indulge in the seasonal frivolity just as much since they release some BEAUTIFUL colder weather skin-care bits.  This week i picked up my first {of many!} pots of Buche de Noel {it's like cleansing your face in Christmas Cake!}, my longtime favourite and limited edition Rose Jam shower-gel {the best rose scent you'll ever smell, ever!} and a new calamine and rose face-mask called 'Rosy Cheeks.'  If you've ever over-looked their skincare i really really cannot speak more highly of how great it is.  I've used so many expensive brands over the years and nothing compares.  

12.  Sunrise.  That's right!  If you follow me on Instagram, it's about to get interesting!  {you can follow me HERE} You can expect more photos of my feet, my breakfast and sunsets now  interchanged with sun RISES now that the mornings are becoming a little darker.  As much as getting up in the dark is tough, sitting sipping your first cup of tea as the sun comes up, in complete silence is a little bit perfect.  Don't you think?!?
*  *  *
Oh ho, oh NO you don't get away that easily!  Now dear ones it's over to you!  I LOVE reading all of your #wonderfulwednesday comments.  Remember you can leave one below, easy peas-y lemon-squeezy OR you can be a miss savvy sassy-pants and drop me a sweet tweet or tag me on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  Don't forget to use the #wonderfulwednesday hash-tag so i can see!

Happy mid-week DEAR ones!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #87

{Autumn sunshine, check! Heather, check!}
A good autumn is hard to BEAT.  I mean when Britain gets autumn right, don't you think it just blows all other seasons out of the PARK?  Maybe i'm fickle, or naive, or just a shallow soul kneeling at the feet of any season that it happens to be, but either way a good autumn is something to really relish.  Without running the risk of sounding too over the top, twee or quite frankly BONKERS, a golden just-cool-enough-for-a-light knit, bright and blue-skied sort of day is the sort of day you feel glad to be alive and grateful for every last drop of it.  It's not just ME, is it?

Lately has been busy:  TWO-ing and FRO-ing from one end of the country last weekend to the opposite end this weekend and landing with a gentle bump back into Cumbria late on Sunday afternoon, well there's barely been time to even rest a moment.  But i like that, quite often the busier i am the more productive i find myself to be.  My head has barely hit the pillow each night this week so far, and i've fallen into the HEAVIEST sleep imaginable and awoken exactly as my alarm tingles through the air and not a mere moment before.  It's been a while since that has happened.  Maybe these deliciously darker mornings have their benefit…..  Shall we share more of what's been equally super-duper this week so far…? Well go on then you've twisted my ARM

1.  Relishing MORNINGS spent alone.  It's no secret that i like my 'me' time.  Whether that's my hour bike ride and few laps of our park before dinner, or a couple of hours wander with a takeout coffee on a mid-wek day off; i really like having a little bit of my own space to really think, re-charge and simply do as i please.  Lately i've been enjoying mornings that are exactly that.  The Mr leaves later than me each day and so sitting on the sofa cradling a hot bowl of porridge {you didn't think you'd get a Wonderful Wednesday post without me mentioning porridge did you?!} in pyjamas, an old pastel cardi and my slippers and watching and listening to the world wake up is a little bit lovely.  It sort of puts me into the right gear in the morning and this is crucial in how the rest of my day will go!

2.  Golden LIGHT.  I remember fizzing and whizzing out on my bike just a few months ago.  It was a hot, bright blue-skied day:  The bare legs, bare arms kind that is a real rarity in these parts.  As i gazed up at the bright green of the trees against the bluest, cloudless sky i remember thinking to myself that this was as beautiful as it got, right there in that very moment.  Nothing could ever compare to that bright, so  bright, day and it was so dazzlingly pretty.  But just like that instant, i had exactly the same thought on Monday evening.  It was so exact in feeling and i was probably sat not too faraway from the spot that i was some two months back that it became a funny sort of deja-vu tingle in my tummy.  The light wasn't bright, nor the sky blue.  The trees weren't green and the last of the day certainly wasn't nearly as warm.  But by jingo, the light was breathtakingly beautiful.  It fell upon a hazy low-to-the-ground mist which slid in sneakily from the river that circles the park.  The last of the daylight clung to the damp blanket and lit up the remaining golden, amber leaves tentatively clinging to the branches of the exact trees that had been so bold, bright and bravely coloured in so many shades of green.  And in that exact moment it felt like nothing could ever be more beautiful all over again.   

3.  Home COMFORTS.  It's funny how our habits also change with the seasons.  Just like what we eat, how we feel or i guess, what we do differently.  Summer is the time of year where everything possible that can be gets torn hurriedly from it's place and marched outside with the slightest sight of sunshine.  This time of year and all that it brings really has me appreciating our home and how much of a haven it can be and how lovely it sometimes feels to just be at home, curled up on the sofa, drinking tea from your favourite mug, in your favourite pyjamas and resting your head on your favourite one.  

4.  ROAST chicken.  Because it plainly and simply just tastes completely different when matched with cumin-spiced potato wedges, steamed tender-stem and stuffed with rich gruyere cheese and wrapped neatly in a parcel of proscuitto.    We're a hop, skip and {not much off} a jump away from celeriac mash or some kind of rich gravy too but let's not winter ourselves up and run before we can walk just yet.   

5.   Treat-THINKIN'.  I'm trying my hardest not to mention the 'C-word.'  Because quite rightly i'm all for living in the moment, not wishing my life or things away before they've barely begun BUT all i'll tell you is that in M&S Food-hall they have Christmas Cake Curd and Black Forest Trifle Conserve.  I can't even get into what that's done to what we'll just call my 'winter breakfast imagination.' Mind.  Blown.

6.  BRITISH Apples.  Knobbly, bobbly and imperfectly beautiful.  And the best you'll ever taste! I've been eating one or two a day since last week and they are delicious.  I can't wait to make an apple crumble when it turns just a little colder.  And apple season means we're just a hop, skip and a jump away from clementine, tangerine and satsuma season.  But before i go and drop the 'C-Bomb' again we'll just stop right there.

7.  WARMER pyjamas.  We're hangin' on to open windows in Tangle HQ.  We live in what might be {pretty and cute as it is} considered by some as a jolly big cupboard and so we've not even had any kind of heating on or felt the need to close our bedroom window at night quite yet.  What i haven been relishing though, is the joy and predictably deep and delicious sleep that comes from wearing a full set of pyjamas again.  In the warmer months i tend to curl up in a loose cotton cami and shorts or less {!!}.  But slipping on a prettily printed pair of cotton PJ's on Sunday night after hair-wash, clean sheets etc was WONDERFUL.

8.  WINDOWSILL tomatoes.  Because soon the very best and sweetest cherry or on the vine kind of tomato season shall have passed.  So while they're still hangin' and whilst we've still got a sunny sill we're topping everything with those little gems.  Monday's dinner was a flung together tomato pasta with grated courgette and topped with roasted sticky herby tomatoes and it was a DREAM.

9.   Lighting NEW candles.  Despite being tempted by FAR too many festively scented candles lately, i finally settled upon replacing our living-room candle {which was previously Black Rose scented} with one called 'Glowing Embers.' It hints at cinnamon, but not in an 'overkill it's only October' sort of a way and has a smoky undertone - a little bit how outside starts to smell come this time of year:  All first coal-fires and damp verges.  It's just perfect for as long as i can stay away from those too festive for my own good just yet.        
10.  New to ME for NOW songs.  Predictably, if i know i'm seeing an artist live i spend the few weeks before listening to their most recent release:  Forwards, backwards and sideways; anywhere and everywhere. Afterwards i spend a good few weeks or more reliving the older albums, rare covers and forgotten gems peppered with newer material.  This week i've found pleasure in re-discovering 'Swimming' from Florence and the Machine's first album 'Lungs.'  If you never have before, curl your earwigs around a live version of it HERE and thank me later. Tell me it makes you want to skip too…?

11.  CORDUROY.  Or to this whole 'we're in the Seventies' vibe that's tickling everywhere lately and meaning that i get to relive my youth {navy cord dungarees when i was about four i'm talking to you!} and indulge a little in a rust a-line cord button down skirt to wear with chelsea boots and an oversized cable knit when Jack Frost comes.  What i didn't say it!  I didn't!  I said Jack Frost not Chr---- oh LOOK you nearly made me say it again…..
*  *  *  
C'mon you lovely FACES!  Don't be shy!  I bare my silly soul and often too many words and over-thoughts and nonsense here for you all to do the very same.  I'd love to know just ONE little thing that's been making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Share your equally lovely nonsense below orrrrr you can drop me a sweet tweet or little nudge on Instagram.  I'm @sallytangle on both.
Have a stupendous rest of week all!


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