Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #89

{River mist sneaking up after a few early evening laps of the park on Willow}
^That^ because whilst it's all great and good and HAPPY-MAKING to talk of autumn in a context that makes you think it's all rusts, mustards and muddy browns.  Or that at it's most beautiful it's only those bright blue-skied days with a nip in the hair and a breeze that gently coaxes the remaining leaves to fall SOFTLY to a faded grassy blanket that are worth treasuring.   We all know i'm a celebrator of all of those kinds of things and more, but let us not forget the joy that also comes from damp, mist-heavy days too.  The kind where the air catches in your throat, clings to your everything and forms little droplets in your hair even though there's not one raindrop in the sky.  Because save for being outside when you really have to be, those days - where blankets, tea on tap and layering up your very favourite tees, pyjama bottoms and knits and eating enough hot buttery toast to sink a ship -  are a joy to behold in their own right, no?  

Who's ready for some #wonderfulwednesday - shaped happy?!

1.  Song TRANSPORTATION.  In the form of Coldplay and 'Always In My Head' which you can wrap your ears around HERE.  I harp on and on about music on this little corner, my favourites, what they mean and how they make me feel.  That's the most important part of a track for me, the feeling it gives me.  If there's not that emotional connection to a song then you've lost me.  Much like anything else really {cake, films, books etc} because i'm heart-over-head kind of a girl all over.  This song takes me all of the way back to my 30th spent in Edinburgh with the Mr - almost a year ago!  I listened to it no-stop before and after {and a little bit during!} and so i can't help but think of holding hands wandering Christmas Markets - twinkly lights, mulled everythings and afternoons spent just walking and talking, exploring museums un-planned and eating cake and drinking tea.  It was perfect!

2.  Bread and BUTTER.  Because well we all say we're eating less bread, trying to cut out this, or that or do less of this and more of that.  But when you're offered homemade chicken, leek and potato soup, you don't quibble over the condiments or accompaniments.  You simply eat warm, crusty white bread with about an inch of salty butter and you eat it and enjoy it like it's the best thing you've ever tasted.  

3.  First proper-COAT wearing.  For someone who owns….well far too many coats and jackets to admit to here, i'm surprisingly reserved about admitting the end of 'just a cardigan or light jacket' season almost as much as i am when it comes to kissing goodbye to my feet until at least next June.  Once the seals broken though, that's it!  Hurrah for first cold-weather-coat-cavorting!!!!  It won't be long before i'm dipping my toes head into woolly hat wearing and glove-ing!  It's all party, party, party around these parts as you can tell!

4.  The un-sung {to me!} HERO combination that is crushed pecan nuts and maple syrup.  Sometimes it really is the very obvious, most simple things.  Since it no longer feels becoming to pile my porridge high with blueberries anymore {maybe because i've done so all summer long!} i've been testing some different porridge toppings lately {it's a hard life!}.  The one that seems to have stuck is goji berries, flax seeds, crushed pecan nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Mmmmmm!

5.  Buying a new nail PLOSH from Topshop because it was sparkly and called 'Unicorn.'  I feel like i don't need to elaborate on this one further.

6.  Tan BOOTS.  Old tan boots at that but until you're properly in your boots again you forget quite how well they go with everything imaginable.  It's this time of year when i really have to be careful i don't just live in the same pair of shoes {read:  Tan boots!} all autumn and winter because they are the comfiest and go with everything.  I've got far too many shoes to do that….

7.  UPPING the temperature!  Our little attic flat {also once described as a 'generous cupboard'} gets the sunshine for most of the day and since we are also three floors up, the heat from everyone else tends to rise {win win!} we rarely need our heating on and this week marked the first time since….probably at least April time last year?!?  It was a joyous event:  resting my bottom on a warm radiator, propping my feet up on it whilst reading my book or simply being able to smell the soft scent of hand-washed smalls wafting through our cupboard flat after they had been slung close by the radiator to dry.  We've mostly resembled little pink lobsters since!  Happy little pink lobsters though!

8.  KINDNESS  It's something that gets forgotten and lost in a world that seems to feel bigger, faster and more technologically ahead of it's self each day.  This week a book popped through our letter box.  A book i only recognised after a local person i follow on Twitter had tweeted about what an amazing read it was and we had started chatting about it.  Just a few days later a brand new copy dropped through the letter box, with two little tokens for a free drink at a local independent coffee shop!  My heart is warmed beyond belief, because true, real and genuine human kindness gets lost sometimes.  I've made a vow to pass it on to someone else i think might find it of use after i've finished it!

9. Snuggling into a freshly washed JUMPER.  Lately i've made a point of digging through my jumpers from years gone by and giving them all a jolly good wash through.  It does't get much lovelier than putting on one of last years favourites, freshly washed and super-duper soft to boot! 

10. CHOCOLATE.  Lately we've not so much fallen out of love,  we've just been having some un-intentional time apart.  Shock horror!  It really was the most un-intentional too!  But last night was one of those nights where i was grumpy beyond belief for no apparent reason and could have quite happily tootled myself off to bed at 8pm.  Then i remembered i had squirrelled away a chocolate brownie last week and all was good and great with the world once more.  It just fixed me again.  That's right, even though i didn't know what was wrong and had no real reason to be in a grump with anything at all, the brownie mended all that i thought was broken.  Chocolate just does that to me, i swear to god it has magical properties.  Brownie + tea = heaven, calm and serenity once more.  I'm seriously considering keeping one in our medicine cabinet… 

11.     PLANNING.  The planning of another return trip to Edinburgh for both of our birthdays!! Huzzah!!!  My birthday is the start of December and the Mr's is part-way through January and since we had the very best time last year, we've decided to make it a pre-christmas tradition. I already have another Air BnB wish-list as long as both my arms and probably both of my legs and i shall no doubt be bending your ears for even more lovely must-see, eat, drink, adventure type ideas.  I definitely know i want to walk up Arthurs Seat this year,  let us pray for sunshine!!!!
*  *  
Over to you dear ones!  Hit me up with your snazzy pants slices of happy from this week so far!!!  I love reading them so very much, they're just extra rocket fuel to power me through until Friday!!  Remember you can tweet me or tag your #wonderfulwednesday loveliness on Instagram {I'm @sallytangle on both} or just drop a sweet comment below.  

HAPPY mid-week all!

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  1. Chocolate can be such a life-saver. There must be some kind of magic in it, because it really does make you feel better, doesn't it? I was so excited to wear my winter coat too - it's all about the little things, isn't it? And how exciting that you're going up to Edinburgh again! I have a soft spot for Edinburgh close to Christmas. As lovely as it is the whole year round, there's something special about it in December.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings



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