Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #99

{The way that most mornings start lately.  Quite romantic….from this side of the glass!}
I write this post SNIFFLING as i go after seemingly contracting the worst cold of my life since Christmas day last week.  Whilst i am struggling to taste anything {or breathe come to think of it} i am ever so excited because as you read this i shall {i hope!} be still tucked up under the duvet with three whole days off stretching ahead of me!  I am beyond ready for it, pausing only for Christmas day off this year.  The whole of last week itself has felt like a little bit of a blur and i am getting anxious and keen to clear our little attic of Christmas.  Is that awful?!  As soon as the day is done i feel instantly ready to clean everything and for Spring to be there already.  It seems it just slips my little mind that Winter tends to last until at least March on our shores.  For me Christmas is as much about the build up as it is the big day and once that's gone, i'm already toying with how soon is too soon to buy a bunch of tulips or daffodils!

Tell me it's not just me?!?  ANYWAY shall we get on with why we're all really here because i could quite clearly sit and natter until the cows come home!
*  *  *

1.  Team work.  I hadn't really realised quite how much i love being part of a big team until i wasn't anymore.   In my job, the run up to Christmas and the launch of our sale would be nothing {and utterly useless} were it not for a bloody great team.  This week has been a bit of a snowball and got steadily busier each day and it makes me grateful how well our little team works together.  

2.  Left over toasted Panettone slathered with salty butter.  Munched by the light of the Christmas tree on silly 8.30am work starts and having to rise at stupid o'clock. It's the only thing worth getting up before the sunshine for.  Well that and a strong cup of tea!

3.  Sale bargains.  Okay so i said it!  I hate sale shopping which largely stems from having to work in that kind of environment at this time of year.  That said, you can't beat the smug feeling {and little pat on the back to yourself!} that comes from stumbling upon a couple of things online that you had your eye on full price and that are now in the sale.  Merry belated Christmas {and well done for not indulging before the big day} to meee!

4.  Brandy butter.  Okay so inside i promised myself that i would try so much not to write all about food in this weeks' post but at this time of year?!  Well it's nigh on impossible to not indulge a little more than usual!  I'd never ever tried brandy butter until this year.  I'm not sure why…i guess the literal thought of it didn't appeal somehow.  Until we got a MASSIVE Fortnum and Mason Hamper for Christmas jam-packed with so many lovely treats!  Including a beautifully decorated jar of cognac butter.  We tried it for the first time spread on warm mince pies on Christmas Eve and oh MY goodness!!!!!  Where have i been?!?  We've since been discussing what else we can spread it on.  Toasted teacake anyone?!?!

5.  Two whole days without any kind of rain!!! An absolute novelty!  And i've been kicking myself that i wasn't already off just so i could finally get out on those two wheels of mine!!!  I'm beginning to think i'd have got a little more exercise if i'd have had a canoe lately…. Please keep al things crossed that i get out and about on that sweet pushbike of mine over these next couple of days!

6.  New Year plans.  I say that in the loosest possible way as i really don't like New Year. If i had my way {and, you know all of the money in the world} i'd have two Christmas Days any day i really would!  This year we plan to stay in a make a little festive cocktail to toast the New Year.  We'll get in our pyjamas and watch a film and then snuggle up and watch Jools Holland with the last of our mince pies…and you know maybe a little brandy butter!  And then on New Years Day we're hopefully off for a lovely long walk somewhere green and then home to make a roast chicken dinner. 

7.  Writing dates and engagements in my new diary.  Is there any better feeling?!  Whilst i'm not a fan of New Year per say, i do love the fresh start feeling that comes with it.  That part i can get on board with!

8.  Iced water with segments of clementine and torn up mint leaves, because well, i'm ill and all that.  Just joking!  It's a refreshing thirst-quencher for my sore throat and feels a little more seasonal to boot!

9.  Facial oil. This is only something i started using a couple of months ago as the temperature started to dip and it's made such a difference to my skin!  I use a few drops a couple of times a week instead of my usual night time serum. I massage it gently into my face and neck and I've it a little while to sink in.  My skin feels and looks much brighter, more refined and well….just lovelier than usual.  And come this time of year and my longer hours well i need all of the help i can get!!!!

10.  Eucalyptus oil.  Because it's been saving my little life this week:  Dropped into a hot bath, inhaled over a little china basin and a towel before bed or simply dropped into a little tissue before bed.  Whilst clearing my little pipes a treat it's also sort of comforting somehow and lasts so so much longer than Vicks Vapour Rub.  

11.  Putting clean pyjamas, straight from the radiator on after a hot bath.  Is there anything lovelier?!?!?  Especially when you're feeling a little under the weather.  I can't tell you how well i slept that night, sniffles or no sniffles…
*  *  *

Tell me tell me TELL ME how was your Christmas Day?!?  Here's hoping you had the most magical one!  We lay in late {well until 9am} and then opened our presents here over toasted Panettone and tea.  Then we hopped in the car and scooted north up to Scotland to my parents.  We swapped presents and did round two and then had Christmas dinner followed by silly games and long catch ups with each other.  Then we drove all the way back home again and collapsed into bed at 2.30am!!!!  

I'd love to know your very best bits from this week so far i really would!  Remember you can leave a sweet comment below or share your #wonderfulwednesday -ness with my on Instagram or Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle on both.  

Happy Happy HAPPY New Year to each and every one of you!
See you on the other side!


  1. I am exactly the same as you Sally - as soon as Christmas is over I am in full on Spring mode as it's my favourite season and whilst taking the decorations down is always sad I love looking ahead to get ready for the rest of the year! - Tasha

  2. Gah, I wrote a big comment and then my internet died! Anyway, I feel totally the same re New Year, and your plans sound great! I also love adding my dates to my diary, but I have a rule that I can't do it before 1st Jan (very frustrating self-imposed rule!)
    I also love facial oil - which are you using? I could do with some more, and new eye cream if you have any recommendations?
    Glad you've had a good Christmas, and have a fab 2016 x

  3. I'm the opposite - I just want to hold onto Christmas for as long as I can, and I'm always sad to see it go. I'm also a bit sad that we still haven't got a proper winter. It's just so mild and wet! But oh well, this post is one for positivity, not for complaining, sorry! I'm not one for sales shopping either, but I do agree that it's a really nice feeling when you find that one item reduced! And aah, a new diary is such a good feeling, isn't it? Happy new year, Sally! Hope you'll have a fantastic 2016 :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  4. Really love these posts, Sally - they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Hope you are feeling a bit better by now, there seem to be such horrid lingering colds going round this year... I empathise! Loving the sound of warm pyjamas and your new year's plans, sounded lovely. I had a chilled one, too, and it's just so much nicer than braving the cold and wet, isn't it? Homebody solidarity! x



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