Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #133

 {Favourite everythings:  Shoes, tiles, colours - the LOT!}
Good day to you and a happy #wonderfulwednesday - more to the point!  How are you?! I'm sending all of the happy thoughts and jolly great thoughts that this week so far {which feels like - thanks to an extra long sunny bank holiday weekend for which i was working ALL of {I'm not bitter} as if it's barely begun.  Here's hoping that it makes for an extra quick one to make up for it.  If you're reading this as it goes live at 7am promptly on Wednesday morning, I'll be tucked up under the duvet on my first day off after another seven-day stint.  Don't feel bad for me, i've got 'those' crumpets for breakfast {if you follow me on Instagram you'll know the crumpet-shaped obsession} and another day off on Thursday too.  Whilst we'll say no more on the back end of last week other than it was....beyond naff; THIS week is shaping up pretty okay - exhaustion-based delirium aside!  

Let's get listin'....

1.  The best cookies that i ever ate.  And what might also be the most happy-inducing cookies that i ever ate too.  That's right.  Even better than homemade.  In fact the only thing {which we both agreed} that would make them any better would be if we could have them warm out of the oven and still a little melt-y inside but we'll live.  I'll let you in on our secret.  Only if you promise not to buy them all, OK?  They're M&S Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate and Chilli cookies and they're on offer for £1 a packet.  They're the BOMB.  I can't even describe to you the happiness these cookies bring.  If you're a real biscuit fiend and you really like your chocolate, these are for you.  I *may* have bought four packets yesterday lunchtime......

2.  Turning what *oh so nearly* was a 'I can't find a wedding guest outfit i vaguely like anywhere' so i'll just pay £200 for a dress i adore but **CANNOT I REPEAT CANNOT** afford into a spur of the moment £30 dress on Ebay and sale Anthropologie accessories with an extra 20% off moment.  Smug much, what me?!  I bet it'll rain...

3.  Mushrooms.  Not one of my favourite things in the world if I'm honest.  Lately thoughAll over it. Okay well putting them all over things is a smidge more accurate.  Namely the most delicious whopping-great pizza with mozzarella and speck ham torn up and lots and lots of rosemary and oregano.  Rosemary and mushrooms?  Absolute winner of a combo right there!

4.  Being more dark than blond.  I washed my hair the other evening and all of a sudden it seems oh so much more dark than blond.  It's so funny and sometimes i even forget that it's any kind of dark until i catch myself in a mirror and remember! Funnily enough when i look back at myself it's just like looking at the real me somehow?  It's like i feel like i look more like the me i was when i was about 10, but a woman?  Wow this is far too deep and emotional for a Wednesday chit-chat.  Let's just say i feel less like I'm hiding behind a crazy creation of white blond hair and more like my actual insides?  Weird?  OK weird!

5.  Our garden.  I know, i know it's old news but guess what?!  Having a garden doesn't get old and i can'Y even put into words how grateful i am because of it.  Because we are an end terrace, if you stand out on the patio after dinner as the sun starts to sink behind the houses in the distance, all you can hear is a little birdsong and the rustling of the leaves in the trees.  Sometimes i just stand there, in my pyjamas, cradling a mug of tea - simply just being {oh so sappy sounding} in the then and there.  Right at that moment i wouldn't be anywhere else.

6.  Peanut butter, with a spoon in any kind of time of need.  Don't you just love that any kind of nut butter needs a good stir before you can use it?  As if i need an excuse!  One of my favourite things lately is the time it takes for my rye bread to toast in the toaster - ie: The time i can stand with a teaspoon stirring my nut butter and sneaking in one or two cheeky spoonfuls into my cheeks!

7.  Treats.  Was it just me who felt like July was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t month in whole world ever?!?  Last Friday we got paid and since i've mostly been spending anything and everything on bits and bobs for our new house, i decided to treat myself to a few odds and ends.  Two beeeaUtiful skinny silk printed scarves to swizzle through my hair and wrap all Kate Moss-esque around my neck {i wish!} and some prettily printed peasant-y smock blouses to add to my collection of about 2million.  Who cares!  

8.  The nights drawing in.  Don't hate me!  I genuinely love summer evenings:  All balmy and the scent of sweet fresh cut grass wafting through the air BUT this week it's felt noticeably darker earlier and i've sort of enjoyed it.  I can't wait to make a ginger crumble and custard and to dig out my cable knits.....

9.  The pending excitement of some new {a little too expensive!} skincare treats as and when they arrive. Eep!  See point seven.  You only live once right?!?  Who needs to eat?  Or to house ones clothes in a wardrobe or to have curtains at all of their windows?!? 

10.  You!  And you and you and YOU! I bloody love this blog.  Bu most of all i love all of you, dearly and really and truly and SO MUCH so that i wish we could all meet up and have a #wonderfulwednesday -shaped party.  I read all of your tweets, comments and ever-so-lovely emails and feel thankful and glad and on top of the world because of how lovely you are.  Thank you quite simply from the bottom of my over-emotional heart.  I shed a small tear writing that.  I'm not sure if maybe i need to get out more...maybe it's hormones or something....aherm.  Pass the cookies....
*  *  *
And that's another week done!  Go go go right on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Kate, Cat, Sam and Kerri's blogs  because they joined the #wonderfulwednesday brigade to share their happiest bits too AND they're uplifting and flippin' happy-making to read each week and so you should too!  Better still share your best bits through social media channels {I'm @sallytangle on everything!} or by bobbing a sweet comment below.  
Thank you and goodnight!


  1. Such a lovely list! Peanut butter + spoon is always a happiness booster for me, and I'm getting excited for autumn too. I may even pull out some knitting needles! xxx Miranda

  2. Can you please teach me how to do the scarves in the hair without looking all Hilda Ogden? Please and thank you! Also, you bought a DIFFERENT dress?? How could you?

    I too have recently become a fungus convert, I cannot get enough of them. If you want to crank it up a notch and go full on mushroom fan might I suggest grilling a HUGE flat one and using it as a base for smushed avo and chilli, halloumi and maybe a bit of poached egg for a pretty wild breakfast.

    Glad you're feeling brighter this week and lots of happy mid-week day off vibes to you.
    M x

  3. I'm with Michelle on the scarves - I'd love to know how to do this! Number 8 is all of my thoughts right now, darker nights and cosy jumpers are THE BEST! I hope you've had a lovely day off today (and tomorrow) with lots of crumpets and cookies :D and I just wanted to say I have absolutely loved joining in on #wonderfulwednesday so thank you for letting me be a part of it! Xx

  4. Ok me three please for the scarf trick!!

  5. Peanut butter, yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who just gets a spoon and dives in - I love it! I am excited for the nights drawing in now too and the fact I can now get excited about Halloween which is just on the horizon now. There's always something comforting about the transitional seasons and I always come out of them feeling refreshed. Hope your week goes just as well! - Tasha

  6. Crumble and custards are practically the best dessert ever and the fact that they come hand in hand with the end of Summer makes it not quite so bad somehow. It sounds like you had a fabulous week, can't wait to see the pretty scarves!

  7. I was never a fan of mushrooms but they've been growing on my lately, especially on pizza and in a pasta sauce, that's my go to place for them. I've yet to brave a big portobello one though as a burger substitute, but I want to try it soon!

    I do wish I had a garden to enjoy, but I like to think not having one encourages me to get outside more often to make the most of the good weather and nature in general.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Glad to read that you're feeling a little happier, lovely one. A sad Sally means that all is definitely not right with the world.

    Another wonderful list of happy too :) I echo Michelle's wish for a scarf-tying lesson please! I'm also curious about the Anthropologie accessories you chose...there's a certain lobster-embroidered headband I've had my eye on for a while!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend xxx



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