Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #142

{It's the most wonderful time of the year!}
Is it just me or are we dangerously/deliciously teetering on the very edge of Winter all of a sudden?!  There's been the brightest, mistiest of mornings this week - the kind where the colder air catches in your throat when you leave the house and your first few breaths wisp and swirl out in front of you.  Dear Autumn, you've barely begun and i fear that you're almost leaving us already.  Can you have a word with Winter please?  Let it be known that we all wish for the brightest dazzling days of cold and not the soggy miserable kind please?  Thanks.  

Where were we?!  Oh of course the HAPPY........

1.  Nutmeg. Or more to the point nutmeg stirred into a little bubbling pan of porridge alongside a generous shake of cinnamon.  Autumn in a bowl! Especially with a heavy-handed drizzle each of maple syrup and creamy cinnamon cashew nut butter and a big sprinkling of toasted seeds.  I might not be able to 'top' this combo....see what i did there?!

2. Fleeting morning light.  Brought about by the clocks skipping back an hour at the weekend.  Sure that extra light has had me scampering around in a panic most mornings this week, convinced that i must be late because it was far too light than it had been.  Actually it's really rather lovely being able to eat my breakfast in daylight and see out of the windows before leaving the house.  Even if it won't last....

3.  Sleep.  After seven days in a row {as of yesterday - Tuesday} at Monsoon Towers this week has been all about the 'Zzz's.'  If sleeping was an Olympic sport I'd have medals galore for sure.  It's not unlike me to think about the following evenings sleep and to be excited about it even before that day itself has barely begun and i've barely opened my little eyes.  I just love the stuff.  And this time of year it's the delicious heavy-headed, wrapped in your warmest PJ's with hot water bottle rested under your tummy kind that is nothing other than total bliss.  Are you with me?!

4.  Lemon, Honey and ginger.  Sipped first thing on a frosty-feelin' morning this week when you feel like you're on the verge of some kind of 'somethin'-somethin'.  And not in a good way!  It's fixing 'it' for now though so.....

5.  Morning mist.  The kind where you just know that it wont be all too long before it's more frost than mist but admire it's prettiness all of the same.  On a clear blue and dazzling bright morning it sort of makes you glad to be alive as much as it makes you long to be back in bed!

6.  A jolly good rummage through a box full to bursting of hats, gloves and scarves and imagining wearing each and every one even if {in reality} you know you'll probably live in your favourite one hat, one scarf and one pair of gloves like always.  I flippin' love autumn/winter knits and i think this week might be the week to crack out the winter coat too.....

7.  Sponge and custard.  Because there's no other pudding that quite gives your little tummy a hug like it.  Warm willow pattern bowls were cradled on Monday evening and their contents made last as long was as physically possible since neither of us wished the moment over.  We smothered stem ginger and syrup sponge pudding with the yellowest of and most vanillary-speckled of custards and felt warm and rose-y inside and out for hours afterwards.  

8.  Lighting a new candle.  One that fills the living room and hall with a heady spice with deep amber-y notes and is just the right side of being not too sweet for this time of year.  Must resist the urge to stockpile the blighters incase i run out.  Is it weird or candle-obsessive to always have your next candle ready to go?!  Heaven help a non-candle evening in November!

9.  Falling asleep in the middle of the bed, star-shaped with a hot water bottle when the Mr decides he's finishing watching whatever nonsense it is that is more important than sleep itself {FYI nothing for me!} on the television and i get the luxury that is ALL of the room!

10.  A total stranger telling me that they read my blog.  It was the BEST start to Tuesday whilst also being ever so slightly embarrassing!  Thank you lovely lady in M&S who *probably* thought i was ever so weird buying beetroot at 8:30am in the morning...

*  *  * 

And we're done!  This happy list just kept on-a-coming!  I darent tell you how many times i sit down and think 'ARGH WHAT IF I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHIIIIING?!?!'.  Except i always do, always.  It's the best 'reset button' for my mid-week and a tip-top reminder in amongst even the hardest, longest, most-tired-feelin' or tricky weeks that ACTUALLY there is always some kind of little lovely somewhere.  
Because there is never enough lovely on a Wednesday, don't forget to bob on over to Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to read all about the very best bits of their respective weeks.  I'm excited to be off on Wednesday this week and I'm looking forward to drinking many mugs of tea and catching up with each and every one!


  1. Loveliest, happiest little list :) with you on the scarf and hat drawer - although I've been snuggling up to my brand new pink tartan Monsoon scarf and think it might have stolen the top-spot! H xx

  2. Loving your list today... And am so glad it's not just me who wonders if I'll think of anything! I keep trying to think of the big Wonderfuls when it's just as much the little Wonderfuls that make it :)

  3. I have a new Wednesday ritual - I finish uni at 11, write my Wonderful Wednesday post and then read everyone elses. It gives me a break full of lovely things before it's time to do more work.
    I haven't broken out the scarves yet, but I can't wait to. Plymouth has been unusually warm. I'm talking shorts and tshirt weather yesterday!

    However your list is just so cosy and I love it. I'm looking forward to my first porridges of the year. Ginger is one of favourite flavours and it works so well with the stodgy (in a good way) puddings of winter. Maybe with porridge, maybe I should try?

    I am all about the sleep this week. Somehow with darker evenings I get so sleepy. Plus it was new bed sheets last night and it was glorious.

    Enjoy your day off and the rest of your week, my lovely
    Kate xx

  4. It's definitely not just you, it's gotten so cold (not that I'm complaining) and I don't feel like we've really had a proper autumn.

    I am loving the lighter mornings, I've found it so easy to get out of bed early and actually enjoy the morning before work.

    Sponge and custard, mmmm. How about shortbread and custard? Or jam roly poly? Ahhhh, how my tummy rumbles at the thought of such deliciousness!

    As always, I have fully enjoyed reading your magical words and hope you have a lovely week/weekend xx

  5. Nutmeg and cinnamon are my favourite flavour combo, I make a mean spice cake that I think I will have to whip up this weekend now you've mentioned all this nutmeg goodness!



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