Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #148

 {Really rather loving all of the flashes of red and green every which way lately, aren't you?}
I'm here, I'm here. I'm heeeeerrrrreeee! Better late than never, right?!  Or something like that!  If you follow me on social media you'll have noticed i said I'd been a little under the weather this week.  *Might* be the actual understatement of my whole life.  Do you know what's kind of funny but not really?!  About two weeks ago i started taking an Echinacea and Elderberry supplement to give me a little bit more defense towards viruses etc at this time of year.  Work is manically busy, all of the day merge into one and knowing my typically un-organised self; well i wanted to be on top form for all of that last minute dashing and busy-ness.

Except since taking said syrup {it's probably not its fault but it's a pretty big coincidence!} i've had quite possibly the worst cold i have ever had in my whole life.  It started as a cold.  Quickly morphed into the flu and is now a full blown respiratory infection and viral sinusitis WHICH as of today {and finally admitting that my little bones just aren't beating all of this nastiness alone} i've finally got antibiotics for.  
SO excuse the late post and quietness on most social media AND now i really need to list some lovely to cheer myself up!  Let's GO!

1.  Tea.  Always and forever but mostly now.  I think i've drank buckets of the stuff.  There's something about cradling a warm cup of tea in your favourite mug and drinking it that just fixes everything, don't you think?

2.  Painkillers.  Boring but true.  Sadly you wont find much in the way of inspiring tidbits of info about what i've been eating lately since i haven't been able to taste or smell for over a week now.  Amen to painkillers though. No really.  For fixing the ear ache, jaw ache, headache, shivers and temperature which have been alternating over the past week or so.

3.  Friends.  It shouldn't be this way but sometimes it really does take for you to have a hard time and feel totally rubbish to realise that your closest friends and colleagues and family are even more lovely than you even thought they were.  

4.  Christmas tree-ing.  Finally something i don't need all of my senses to really appreciate!  We popped ours up at the weekend and we've only just got a new set of lights {ours blew when we plugged the devils in!} as of today.  I'm already excited for breakfast by the Christmas tree.  The light of a Christmas tree makes even the shortest darkest days seem not too bad.

5.  Sunlight. Golly gosh i've missed it lately.  It's been all grey and mild and drizzly up North and I'm ready for some sunshine and frost again please!  On today's day off {Wednesday} we were treated to blue skies and pretty cloud collections and it cheered me up no end!
*  *  * 
And {if you'll be so kind as to excuse the short and sweetness} we're done!  Don't forget to pop on over to   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's lovely blogs to feast your eyes on the very best bits of their own week's.  It's exactly where i'm-a-headin' this second!


  1. So glad you got some sunshine for your day off! Sending you lots of love and hopes for a speedy recovery! :)

  2. Oh dude, I'm so sorry you've been feeling so wretched but super glad you're getting some un-syrupy help to mend. Keep going with that tea, - good cuppa at the right temp is the absolute best fixer. Merry Wednesday and hurray for sunshine!
    M xxx

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery in time for Christmas! Plenty of tea and vitamin D should help you feel better! xx

  4. Happy Saturday, sweets, and I hope you're starting to feel a little (lot!) better! Keep drinking lots of tea, that will definitely help, along with cosying up by the light of the Christmas tree - that makes everything better. Sending lots of love your way, C xx

  5. Better late than never, I definitely agree with that! Since I was a day late, I'll let you off haha!

    Sorry that you're feeling so poop at the moment! It's always horrible to get sick. Fingers crossed, I've yet to get sick this winter, because damn, the Belgian-lurgies kick my butt when I do get sick. (I'm probably going to get sick now...).

    Here's to a speedy recovery!!

  6. Ah no, I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling well Sally - I hope by now you're feeling much better or are at least on the way to recovery. I've had a fortnight of on/off cold/flu symptoms this month so I know the feeling! I'm sending you lots of get well vibes. On to your list that makes me smile each week; tea - yes, it's been a godsend this week, and I've been drinking so much lately. I've also been loving the sunlight too, we've had a lull in the chilly weather this week so it's been nice, but I hadn't taken many photos as I've not been too well, so here's to feeling better! Hope the rest of your week went well / goes well. <3 - Tasha



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