Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #151

 {Pleased that the weather is once again - as it should be!}

Happy new year to one and all!  Welcome right aboard the very first #wonderfulwednesday of 2017 {hands up who's still writing 2016 and probably will be until t least March?!}.  I love the feeling of a new year:  New calendar, a lovely new diary with clean pages and room for new plans and things to do and no sunflower seeds stuck between its pages.  The thought that you can draw a line under anything that's now in the past and are forced - in a good way - to only look forward.  Is there a better time to be alive write a list of happy?!?!

1.  The '9-6'.  You know me, i love a little routine but the truth is -  as I'm sure to some extent everyone can relate to - whilst i love Christmas, it plays an almighty havoc with my usual working hours and some how all of the days just merge into one from the middle of December onwards.  How lovely it's been to have a little bit more routine in my week.  Oh and that extra hour in bed each morning hasn't gone amiss either...

2.  Freshness.  Largely in food i mean but i have been enjoying my walks into work as well as back home of an evening whilst the Mr finished off his little Christmas hols - you can't beat a brisk icy walk first thing to blow off the cobwebs and clear your mind ready for the day ahead.  In other fresh-related news {i write this whilst my *aherm* pizza is in the oven *AHERM*} a craving of all most things fresh always comes after the inevitable chocolate, mince pie or anything confectionery or cake-based diet you can't help but fall into over the festive period.  It turns out less about meals and more just a gentle 'grazing' on anything and 'everythings' throughout the day almost as if you are due to go into hibernation!  If only!  No i've been enjoying adding lime and lemon to all kinds of things, still gobbling up as many clementines as i can and generally eating alot more fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes it might be healthier but truth is, I'm actually just craving the stuff.  I even ate a whole avocado with a spoon the other day.  Can't remember the last time i did that...

3.  Extra light.  It only feels like a few weeks back that i was lamenting over how lovely it was to cosy up with all of the candles and draw back the curtains and fins any excuse to drink an extra couple of mulled 'anythings' BUT lately it's been all about noticing that little extra light in the morning as i amble to work or the fact that it's still only 'just' light come half-past three.  I am more than ready for Spring!  I seem to have forgotten that the British winter is really only just beginning...

4.  New Jams.  Yes you read right.  Not even the 'cool tunes' kind.  No, no you heard me we're talking jam jams.  It's become a little bit of a tradition - our annual Fortnum & Mason hamper from the Mr's family and i've secretly started to look forward to it each year.  We try and save most of it for January.  Not least because it's often the longest feeling month ever!  We've got so many lovely jams and preserves and biscuits to see us into the dreariest month of them all.  Now i've just got to get some lovely things to spread them on.....crumpet anyone?!

5.  Family.  I wont dwell too much on this little spot - seen as it's all about the happy and less about the teary times BUT i lost someone very special to me over Christmas, quite out of the blue.   And the past few days between Christmas and New Year have really taught me how very special family are and more than that, how lucky i am that mine are the best that there ever was.  If there's ever a time to really appreciate what you've got and to not dwell on the sad times, it really is now.

6.  A newly trimmed fringe.  From the deep to the downright daft-but-true this week!  You can't beat a fringe trim.  Especially a DIY one {there's something ever so satisfying/terrifying about trimming your own fringe} and more than that one that turns out so neat and tidy and changes your face and makes you considerably more 'tidy' and less 'raggamuffin.' 

7.  That 'new start' feelin'.  You can't beat it.  Like changing the bed, buying new jeans or....orrrrrr washing your hair {?!?} there's something quite cathartic about wiping the slate clean and knowing that a whole new year lies ahead of you.  I'm not one for great resolutions or grand gestures.  This year i want to do two things:  Be more grateful and be kinder.  And that's to others and my little self!   

And I'm DONE! A little sorry goes out to my little online 'family' lately - or the past month or so in fact.  I've been a little absent and haven't had the best time BUT I'm more than ready to start 2017 with a big deep breath and a vow to keep this little tradition alive and know that more than ever, it's these little moments of happiness in the vast expanse of that thing we call 'Life' that are more important than ever before.  Know that even if i don;t say it to you personally, if you've got to here and you've been reading each post or even if it's the very first #wonderfulwednesday you've cast your peepers over; know that i am grateful and truly thankful to you. 
JUST incase this little jumbled ramble of {mostly} happy isn't quite enough, don't froget to skip on over to my little #wonderfulwedensday team' very own happy lists {Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle} and share along with what's been lighting up their own little weeks.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you lost someone special. I too lost someone unexpectedly just before Christmas and it still doesn't seem real. If you ever need a little chat, you know where I am.

    I've been craving fresh food too, it's so hard to get back into cooking when all you've been doing for the past two weeks is nibbling and snacking!

    It seems we're on the same wavelength regarding that new start feeling. I'm glad 2016 is over and we can all wipe the slate clean.

    May the rest of your week be filled with freshness, kindness and lots more wonderfulness xx

  2. I completely agree with you about routine, it makes such a difference to me too and I secretly enjoyed going back to work.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your loss over the Christmas period Sally and I hope you're well. You always amaze me with how optimistic you are and this post just really shows it.

    Have a fab week!

    S x

  3. Happy New Year Sally! Lets pray the new slate momentum lasts, I don't know about you but Im feeling all kinds of motivational!

    Im terribly sorry to hear about your loss, especially as it was over Christmas. Family is really important and its in times like these you need to hold them close.

    We are greatful for you Sally, the queen of Wonderful, for starting this little tradition that has enriched so many of our lives! xx

  4. Oh Sally, I feel a little tear in my eyes reading this, so super sorry for your loss, really hope you are ok. Boo... :-( xxx

  5. So sorry to hear you lost someone dear to you, sending you lots of love. That's never easy, less so at this time of the year.
    From the deep to the frivolous: I thought you mean jams like 'jim jams', totally not disappointed that it's jam jams though, tell me more. And YES it is so nice to ditch that constant grazing part of the holidays and get back to some semblance of normality.
    Happy new year to you lovely one and a HUMUNGOUS virtual hug
    M x

  6. I am so so sorry to hear that you lost someone over the Holidays, it is always horrid to lose a special person, but even worst at the time when you all want to get together to enjoy everyones company. I sent you love and strength, which you probably do not need because you are already a strong woman! But it is there in spirit if you need it!

    I'm slowly getting back into a routine again after our two weeks off for Christmas - it definitely is nice to have things back to something a little more structured.

    I don't think I could ever eat a whole avocado with a spoon, that sounds a little too much. I really have to be in the mood of avocado (which, incidentally, is this week). I'm desperate lacking in clementines though, they seem to have disappeared from the shops...

    Here's to 2017 being full of adventure and laughter!

  7. So sorry to read about your sad news, and completely with you on the new start feeling. I'm hoping to join in this year, so I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon x

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you lost someone over the holidays Sally *big hugs* It's the worst when things like this happen at a time when family generally comes together, and it's never easy, so I'm thinking of you all and hoping you're doing as well as can be expected - really hope you're OK. I've been the same as you this week (though a little slow admittedly!) getting back into the general routine of things and focusing on plans and goals I've got for the year ahead, but it's taking a little while so I'm hoping the New Year feeling will hit me soon. Also, new jams sound brilliant, just the kind of thing you need during the cold mornings too! Hope the rest of your week is good lovely. - Tasha



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