Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #158

{Remember that time i took a photo and it looked just like a painting?}
OK SO I'm just going to get this out of the way early on and say 'Waaaaaaah I don't want to go back to work!!!'.  
It's worth mentioning right here that i flipping love what i do and the lovely girls that i work with but this has honestly been the loveliest few days off, pretty much plan-less and the first time since Christmas that i have had time to just be.  I've faffed and pottered and done odd jobs around and about the house.  I've started each and every day alarm-less {but still wide awake early - damn you body clock!} and with a hot mug of tea buried beneath the duvet, I've eaten longer and lazier breakfasts in daylight, i've rode those beloved two wheels each and every day - come rain, a gazillion miles per hour wind and rain and i've read the past couple of issues of Simple Things magazine forwards, backwards and all over again just because i've had time.  
What i AM feeling is rested and....reset....does that sound all hipster and naff...?!?  Let's stop wittering and get some happy listin' done!!!

1.  A funny old mix.  I love food.  And one of the things i also love are how much food changes with the seasons.  I love seeing different fruit and vegetables come into season now we're on the brink of Spring {as i type this, the rain is hammering on the window pain and the wind is whistling around the side of our house...} and even more so i love seeing new recipe ideas pop up and get excited to switch up what i eat a little bit too.  Earlier this week i was nosying around M&S food-hall and stumbled upon a new section they have which are all based around wholefoods:  seeds, pulses, nuts etc - RIGHT up my little pipe.  I picked up a little pouch of ground walnuts, hemp seeds and raw cacao nibs and it's mmm!!!  I've been sprinkling the stuff on most things:  coconut yoghurt, crumpets already topped with nut butter, wedges of pineapple, apple slices and also dates dipped in cashew butter and sprinkled with this crumbly creation.  I also think it'll work fab on top of chocolate porridge and in overnight oats too.  

2.  Growth.  That's what lately is all about and it's everywhere you look:  Sweet little buds forming on the barest of branches, teeny tiny nibs of green pushing their little heads up and out of the soil and scrappy patches of the greenest grass in places that once were brown and sludgy!  But the best bit?!  The sweet little shoots of green in the little ceramic plant pots on our patio at home.  I planted those teeny tiny daffodil bulbs months back and i never thought they'd grow at all!  I can't wait until they flower.  More than that i can't wait to plant more.  Maybe herbs, or wild flower mixes or vegetables....?  Any suggestions of easy pot and patio friendly plants for later on in the year that even I can't kill...?!

3.  A new duvet.  Now i need NO excuse to buy a duvet cover, a prettily printed pillow case OR a perfectly pastel-hued bed sheet BUT i can't honestly remember the last time we bought a new duvet/quilt.  I am NOT one of those people who changes their quilt or duvet with the weather {Or probably ever.  Don't judge please!}.  We're a one size suits every season and if it's too cold you grab a hot water bottle and a blanket type!  But last weekend we treated ourselves to a new one after realising that ours was looking VERY sad and sorry for itself.  Oh.  My.  GOLLY gosh it's like sleeping under the softest, lightest cloud of lovely.  

4.  Creative lunches.  Days off so far this week have meant i've had time to fiddle and faff and create at lunchtime instead of running around like a headless chicken on my lunch hour at work and eating most of my lunch in the last twenty minutes watching the clock.  That's a bad habit i need to kick!  I've loved putting a little bit more love into my lunches and breakfasts and all meals and whilst we eat quite well anyway, we do so forever in a bit of a rush!  I really must allow myself more time to eat....if only to curb the inevitable hiccups that occur most days....

5.  New hair care. Well i mean i needed a new shampoo and conditioner anyway but had been squeezing and scraping my current one as much as possible until i decided if i was going to try a new one or re-purchase the same one.  Then i fell in love with the smell of a shower-gel in Boots:  Coconut and Passionflower by a brand called Kind Natured.  And then I also realised they made a range of shampoo and conditioners and promptly bought the shower-gel, shampoo and conditioner and body cream in all of the same smell because i loved it so flippin' much.  It's worth mentioning i did actually need all of these items and actually decided to get the lot as there was a third off!  Here's to smelling lovely and for being excited to wash my hair and have a shower later!  It's the simple things.....

6.  T-shirts.  Here's also to living in my favourite pale charcoal grey ripped jeans and a small rotation of my very favourite t-shirts and cardigans for the past however many days with my hair tied up out of my face and hardly any make-up!

7.  Emptying the laundry basket.  Not even that {because in our house even that is an achievement worth celebrating!} but more the fact that for most of this week so far the whole of our little house has smelt wonderful.  Hurrah for the smell of fresh laundry and for burning your favourite scented candles on miserable grey days in the afternoon! Hurrah, hurrah, HURRAH!

8.  Sunlight.  Sunlight always!  I think because Great Britain is not the kind of country where sunshine is dependable or expected, well it sort of makes you grateful for it even more.  This week {and in fact most of my time off} has not been sunny or blue skied BUT there have been moments.  This week has been for those out of the blue grey bursts of sunshine so bright that it lights up the house in the prettiest way.  I can't help but long for a little bit more please....

9.  First day without a full-on Winter/warm kind of a coat.  I write this as it happened earlier today and right this very second i can't actually see out of the window for all of the rain and apparently storm 'whoknowswhat' is also on his or her way....ho hum!  But today, much much earlier i ventured out on those two wheels and rode into the hazy sunshine in just a little jacket and no gloves or big wintery scarf either and it felt glorious.  DID YOU HEAR ME WEATHER?!?!  I *SAID* IT FELT   G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S.......
*  *  *

And I'm done.  Not surprisingly this weeks list of downright lovely came pretty easily.  I put that mostly down to extra sleep and a lot of me-time.  Don't forget to skip right on over to 
Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's blogs to catch their very own happy lists.

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Happy mid-weekin'!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #157

{Can anyone else spot the heart shape...?!}
Well good day to you, I'm afraid you find me in a little bit of a frazzled state.  The kind of frazzled that only comes from far too many days in a row at work {good, productive and lovely days may i add}....eight i think...?  I feel a little bit drunk on tiredness and HUGELY excited for six whole days in a row off, off, OFF work starting Thursday!  This week has been rather lovely - tiredness aside.  There's been breakfast almost eaten in actual real life daylight this week, lots of lovely sleep had and plenty of tea and cosy jumpers and pyjamas {sometimes altogether at once!} worn and in our house at the moment, there are lots of scented candles and many a bunch and bundle of flowers.  Life is good!  Tiring but good.  And just when you thought it couldn't get any jolly well better, I'm here to tickle you with a lovely list of #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy....

1.   Light, glorious light.  If I'm honest i want to mention this point each and every week and have since Christmas ended and we started 'Spring watch 2017' in casa del Tangle but this week I'm flipping mentioning it AGAIN because it's very almost LIGHT when i eat my breakfast AND when i get home of an evening and that my friends means we're well and truly on the way to Spring!

2.  Tulips.  One of the flowers that epitomise Spring for me - along with daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.  Since tulips aren't around and about for me to admire as i tootle about my day-to-day, i was very chuffed to receive the prettiest bunch of pastel pink tulips from the Mr this week.  They're sitting in pride of place at our teeny tiny dining table in a little white jug and brightening up me and everywhere around a treat.

3.  Peanut and maple butter.  I know, i know another week, another nut butter.  What can i say?!  This post comes right from the heart each and every week and each and every week a large part of my heart {and tummy!} is fully and happy with some kind of nut butter.  This week i picked up a jar of Pip and Nut's 'Maple and Peanut' because it was on offer.  Oh.  My.  Gosh is it gooooood.  Spread thickly on hot toasted crumpets and piled sky-high with sliced perfectly-ripe bananas.  The stuff that ALL of the breakfast-shaped dreams are made of for sure!

4.  Good skin.  A thing to celebrate because it's rare that i can sit here and tell you that.  I shouldn't really complain since my skin is never really awful.  I don't tend to suffer from breakouts anymore but i do feel like most of the time i lack that...that....sparkle/glow/radiance?!  This week though, Little Miss Eight Days in a Row at Work has been doing okay skin-wise.  It might be all of the extra 'zzz's' i've been having doing to being so flipping flopping tired or just the fact that i have been looking after my insides and outsides a little bit better lately.  OOH oh and i've switched up my skincare a little bit too.  Hey enough of the wittering because whatever the heck I'm doing it's working!

5.  Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea tea.  I don't think there's a Pukka tea i don't like you know.  But lately i can tell you that i have been lov-ing this one!  It's fruity - a little bit Ribena-y, some kind of honey-ey and just a great big  hug of a mug if you like your fruity teas and that.  It also doesn't hurt that all of their teas a prettily packaged to-boot.  Just saying!

6.  Sorting myself out!  I'm such a dilly-dally-er!  Not so much at work but definitely at home.  I can spend ages faffing with something silly and often feel like my evenings disappear before they really begin.  Lately though i've been tidying up after dinner and showering and getting ready for bed so flipping early!  It means I'm all clean and cosy and that we actually have time together to catch up on a favourite TV programme {anyone else loving This Is Us and First Dates?! OH and Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year...?} or even a film.  Hurrah for me!  

7.   The smell of daffodils.  No I'm not mad and i know i've been ranting and raving all about how the sight of daffodils are the very best thing lately but have you ever smelt them?!?  It's 'Eau de Spring' in one sweet scent trust me.  When we came home the other evening the Mr asked me what the smell was.  I may or may not have gone a little bit overboard with bunches of them squirrelled everywhere i could!  Not just pretty, bright sight, these little cheery flowers smell pretty great too!

8.  Honey.  Tiptree Manuka honey to be precise.  I'm usually all about the Maple Syrup and until lately i couldn't even tell you the last time i had honey.  All of a sudden the other morning though i just had a little notion for the stuff!  I drizzled it across my big bowl of cinnamon and apple porridge and it was the bees knees!  I've also popped it in honey and chopped ginger as an afternoon pick me up and yesterday i might have just had a little teaspoon when i got home....  That's probably not the best way to take your honey but still.

9.  Sunshine.  The hazy 'is it warm/is it Spring/is it Winter' kind that until you step outside you juuust don't know.  Lately has been severely lacking in the vitamin D/sunshine department so i took myself out for a walk on my lunch hour just because!  The fresh air and definite Spring feeling in the air did my heart and soul all kinds of good.

*  *  *

And with a whosh I'm all done!  I hope you don;t mind me telling you that I'm rather relievedI'm so tired that I'm not quite sure how many hands typed all of this ^^^ and my eyes feel a little bit like i haven't properly blinked enough i have been concentrating so hard!  Time for chai tea and a hot water bottle!   Don't forget to skip right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's lovely blogs and catch up on the very best parts of thier respective weeks so far.  Becaue if there is one thing you can never have too much of; it's a happy list!

Until this time next week....

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #156

 {A newly discovered 'favourite wall.'  That's a 'thing' yes..?}
Good day to you!  How the devil are you?! This week feels like it's been gone and spoken for before it's barely begun!  The kind where you have a to-do list as long as both arms and legs {and one that keep on growing!} and not enough days or hours to get through it! Sitting down, all quiet and {mostly!} still was just the calm 'sort of oasis' i didn't realise i needed in the hustle and bustle, snowball of busy that these past few days have been.  A little chance, by myself to sit and be grateful and thankful for who knows what!  

Shall i tell you why....? 

1.  Old favourites.  You can't help but have a little look at all of the lovely new items appearing in all of your favourite shops come this time of year.  Whether your weakness is home bits and bobs, clothes and accessories or even seeds and plants for the garden; the promise of Spring will forever bring along with it the urge to start a fresh:  To clean up and clear out, to replace things that are looking a little sad and sorry and to find new way to refresh and rejuvenate.  Part of me just loves how are little bodies are wired to do the very same as the outside world after along, grey and dark-feeling Winter.  I also hate the compelling feeling i get to pick up another white ruffle/frill/smock cotton blouse, or the urge i have to by new bed-linen when there isn't really anything wrong with the sets that i have.  So i took great pleasure this week in stumbling across a jumper i bought two years ago and had completely forgotten about.  It's cream cable-knit with big woolly frills all over and slipping it over my head on Tuesday's chilly evening it felt like a little cocoon of calm and happy after a long and stressful day.  Note to self:  Must look at what i've got already and not succumb to temptation!

2.  Testing yourself.  My days vary from day to day in my job depending on stock and the time of year and how busy it is but the skills i use are often the same each day - i just often have to mix them up and use them in a different order!  So when I'm in charge {heaven help that little shop!} once in a while it's nice to put on a different pair of glasses - to view things with different eyes and test myself with new/less practised skills.  Doing this makes you realise what you can do and are capable of if you need to.  Even if you do end up with the hint of a headache most evenings and a nervous tummy that maybe your not doing it 'right.' Another note to self:  Have more faith in oneself....

3.  Tea.  For giving me all the rocket fuel i need on a week that has been damp and grey and felt thoroughly miserable.  Tea and porridge have been my sole reason {oh yes and *aherm* work}  for getting out of bed in the morning lately.  I can't imagine starting my day any other way and i know if i didn't have a couple of mugs of hot tea and a warm bowl of porridge in my little 'tum i'd be pretty useless.  Hurrah for breakfasts!  Who's with me?!

4.  Scoring a bargain.  What was i saying about not succumbing to temptation all but five minutes ago?!?  Okay well this doesn't count.  It doesn't count because it almost cost nothing and it was from Ebay.  They're my rules and I'm sticking to them!  Is it just me who has a little list of various things {sold out dresses, a certain kind of day-bed, my favourite dis-continued perfume to name but a few} that I'm always casually keeping an eye out for?! They're usually the sort of things i pick up on Ebay, at second-hand shops or at vintage markets.  Truth is some of them just come from an idea in my head that goes something like "Wouldn't it be nice if i could find..."  Just me...?  Okay so this week i scored a limited edition Topshop silk dress that I'd been casually stalking the internet for keeping an eye out for for...two years?!  It's brand new and i found it on Ebay for not much more than £10!   

5.  Rose facial oil.  More to the point a rose facial oil I'd completely forgotten i ever had.  But lately well, facial oils are my jam.  I went for so long thinking that my combination skin wouldn't ever benefit from any kind of oil that i feel like i've got time to make up.  This ones by Pixi and was a Christmas present and it is DIVINE.  Not only that but massaging it into my little face after a hot shower before bed is doing all kinds of good for my pasty skin.  Hurrah for facial oils!

6.  Trying something different.  I wish what i wore wasn't such an importance to me sometimes.  Truth is, how i dress and what i wear is one of the ways that i love to be creative and when i feel like i look lovely, i feel like I'm the very best version of myself - especially when it comes to work.  I feel taller, stronger and the best version of me.  This month as part of my work uniform i bought a jumpsuit.  I'm not a jumpsuit kind of person.  In fact it's a million gazillion miles from what i would usually wear but do you know what?!  Once i got over the fact that i felt a bit like a swishy-clown AND had to basically sit on the loo in just my bra and pants; i felt ALL kinds of amazing and like i could conquer anything that the day threw at me!

7.  Warm things.  I can't be cold.  I mean, if I'm cold and i don;t get warm quick-march then i simply can't get warm again for hours.  This week praise goes to pockets - big ones at that.  the kind you can fit almost up to your elbows in for icy windy days when you've left your gloves at home.  Bright pink bobble hats - not only for their ear/head warming abilities but just for the fact that its PINK and so bright and cheery that it conquers and grey and doom and gloom it comes into contact with.  And last but not least:  Blanket scarves.  So named because they are quite literally a blanket and a scarf.  Genius!  And greatly welcomed to bury my little chin into on cold walks home or to wrap around and around my shoulder in the manner of a paisley printed super-hero when catching up on paperwork in our ice box office.  Warm things ALL the way!

8.   A possible sneaky visit to Anthropologie.  I can't help it - that place is my Mecca, the Mother-ship and the one high-street store {excluding Monsoon Accessorize naturally} that fills me with ALL of the inspiration and ideas and somewhere i could quite happily spend all the live long day {and spend ALL of my everythings too}.  I'm off to Edinburgh for our area meeting and I'm crossing everything cross-able that i can sneak in a crafty visit since it's the nearest one to us and i don't get there nearly enough...

9.  Green.  Because i feel like my body just needs all the green it can grab hold of lately:  Green peppers roasted with smashed garlic and olive oil and piled high on top of Monday's pasta-y dinner; green shoots every which way i look sneaking up through the ground and dotting the verges with their bright goodness, green jumpers worn with yellow scarves in the bid to {let's face it} be the human equivalent of a daffodil and just the change in the outside air:  Fresher, muchier and simply greener smelling.  Have you noticed it too?!?

*  *  *
But that's just my little list of lovely and do you know the very best thing about these #wonderfulwednesday 's i write?!  Is hopping off to fill my little heart with everyone elses' lists too.  Go and skip on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's posts and see what's been making their week pretty damned lovely too.  Better still tell us what's been making you smile by commenting below, or anyone's posts or by chit-chatting with us all on Twitter and Instagram using the #wonderfulwednesday tag.
Until next time....

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #155

{Waving goodbye to January and getting ready for February already...}
Hello there!  Pinch punch and all of that - I'd be lying if i didn't tell you that it feels all kinds of lovely and neat and tidy knowing that this little post goes up on the 1st February - a brand new and shiny month where anything most things seem possible!   I've got ALL of the candles lit and a tummy full of my very favourite pizza and it's my day off tomorrow and these my friends are things to celebrate!  And this post is all about celebrating the littlest, most memorable and special moments in my week so far.  There is so much doom and gloom in the world and whilst some of it is not something we should turn a blind eye to; there is nothing wrong with remembering the littlest moments of good and digging {allbeit a little deeper} for that which makes us smile.

Let's get listin'! 

1.  Biscuits.  Okay so the post Christmas chocolate has been somewhat replaced with biscuits.  Truth is I'm not always a biscuit lover.  They're the kind of snack i really have to be in the mood for.  But lately, the doom and gloom and grey soggy weather has had tea and biscuits being the perfect kind of late January cosy 'sometimes ritual.'  You can't beat tea and biscuits for the perfect 'cheer-er up-per' either i think.  This weeks' favourites have included a leftover packet of Fortnum Mason Walnut and Orange biscuits and a sneaky packet of Morrisons Chocolate Orange cookies.  Both are the PERFECT accompaniment to that Lady Grey tea i love so dearly....

2.  Frost.  There hasn't been enough of it this Winter so far in my opinion.  The pretty, dusty early morning kind:  Untouched by anything and tickled gently with the days' first sunlight and the sort of day that feels full of the promise of the brightest, bluest skies and crispest 'do-you-me-and-everyone-the-world-of-good' air.  More please world!

3.  Being hat-less.  If you know me you'll know that unless I'm tootling about at home i nearly always have some kind of hat on my head, especially at work.  We've kicked off SS17 at Monsoon Towers this week though and there are no hats to be had!  Unless you count the straw variety and it's far, far too early on in 2017 to even be contemplating those!  So i've been forced gently encouraged to get up a little earlier and make more of an effort with my hair - to be a little bit more creative with myself and step a little 'sort of side-step' outside my comfort zone and go bare-headed.  Sounds like a little bit of nothing but i hadn't really realised how much i sometimes hide under those floppy fedoras!  So many people have said nice things about my hair and face and self and it's all quite silly really in the grand scheme of things but it's made me all kinds of smiley!

4.  Home.  You don't realise quite how much you cherish home until you're away from it for a few days and lately i've been here, there and everywhere and it's often felt like i've barely been home before it's been time to fizz and whizz off to some other place.  I'm such a home-body at heart and really love nothing more than my own bed and all of my own things around me.  Coupled with the {still!} dark nights of late; well i've been spending them all curled up with all of the cushions - and that Mr of mine - on our little sofa.  It's been lovely!

5.  Daffodils.  Okay, okay so every single person has probably been harping on about these sunshine-y little blooms BUT with flippin' good reason.  Even if it's too soon for them to be shooting up outside our little homes, {have i told you that there are green daffodil-shaped shoots going on in the little terracotta pots in our garden?!} it has become the time of year where, for a measly £1 {and who can't stretch to that?!} you can fill jam jars, vases and teacups with Springs' brightest, most smiliest flower and feel a whole lot better about the fact that it's STILL grey and miserable outside.  They're late Winters' sunshine aren't they?!

6.  New discoveries.  Any kind of new discovery is a welcome at the start of a new year; be it music, films, TV etc etc BUT the very best kind of discoveries are those right on your doorstep.  Well if you're me and love taking photos of pretty house, funny street names and generally admiring funny little streets.  At the end of last week i got distracted by a wall i'd never really noticed before on my way home.  Truth be told i only really noticed it on this particular day because it had what looked like the makings of some kind of blossom tree behind it.  Imagine my delight when I followed it around and discovered the sweetest long, long street of pretty Georgian houses.  It's my day off tomorrow and if the weather's kind I'm off on a little two-wheeled explore.....

7.  Family.  Mine are the best. It's rare we all get ourselves altogether in one place since we're dotted here, there and everywhere and even if what brought us together wasn't the nicest of situations; spending some time together in the place where we all grew up and had so many lovely, lovely memories was both sad and happy and left me feeling so grateful that we're such a close-knit kind.  It's these kinds of times that make you realise quite how precious that life of ours is and how much we all take for granted.  

8.  New ideas.  I can't say too much since I'm a devil for thinking up creative hair-brained ideas and realising i have neither the time or the capability to see them through to a standard I'm happy with BUT i've been struggling with where else and what else to do with this little corner of the interweb for some time and i might have nailed it.  Or at least nailed a new weekly post that will hopefully gather as much love, momentum and support as this #wonderfulwedensday does and encourage other people at the same time too.  More to come.....

9.  Spring sheets.  Because it's sure as heck a million miles from home and even if i am still piling on the blankets and using our thick Winter quilt i have cracked out the lighter Spring bedding and had a bit of a faffin' the bedroom so as to fool  make me feel a little more Spring-ish.  There's something ever so lovely about sleeping under soft sky blues and minty green coloured duvet covers....

10.  Being forgetful.  Heck it's not often that's something to celebrate BUT somehow during last month i managed to miss January's edition of the Simple Things magazine and only really realised this when i received an email about February's magazine being due out this week!  SO i now have TWO copies of my very favourite magazine to treasure and devour in equal measure.  Just when i thought tea and biscuits on that little sofa were as exciting as it was going to get!

*  *  *
Hop, skip and another #wonderfulwednesday is all but finished!  But this is just my list.  Don't go zipping off without cartwheelin' right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's posts and reading all about what has been putting a little smile on their faces this week.  ALSO remember to join in online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag and tag your photos on Instagram and chit-chat all things happy with us all on Twitter.  Also if you've written your own post or one similar, remember to give one of us a little nudg so we can spread the word!
Happy mid-week you wonderful people!


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