Wonderful Wednesday #157

{Can anyone else spot the heart shape...?!}
Well good day to you, I'm afraid you find me in a little bit of a frazzled state.  The kind of frazzled that only comes from far too many days in a row at work {good, productive and lovely days may i add}....eight i think...?  I feel a little bit drunk on tiredness and HUGELY excited for six whole days in a row off, off, OFF work starting Thursday!  This week has been rather lovely - tiredness aside.  There's been breakfast almost eaten in actual real life daylight this week, lots of lovely sleep had and plenty of tea and cosy jumpers and pyjamas {sometimes altogether at once!} worn and in our house at the moment, there are lots of scented candles and many a bunch and bundle of flowers.  Life is good!  Tiring but good.  And just when you thought it couldn't get any jolly well better, I'm here to tickle you with a lovely list of #wonderfulwednesday -shaped happy....

1.   Light, glorious light.  If I'm honest i want to mention this point each and every week and have since Christmas ended and we started 'Spring watch 2017' in casa del Tangle but this week I'm flipping mentioning it AGAIN because it's very almost LIGHT when i eat my breakfast AND when i get home of an evening and that my friends means we're well and truly on the way to Spring!

2.  Tulips.  One of the flowers that epitomise Spring for me - along with daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.  Since tulips aren't around and about for me to admire as i tootle about my day-to-day, i was very chuffed to receive the prettiest bunch of pastel pink tulips from the Mr this week.  They're sitting in pride of place at our teeny tiny dining table in a little white jug and brightening up me and everywhere around a treat.

3.  Peanut and maple butter.  I know, i know another week, another nut butter.  What can i say?!  This post comes right from the heart each and every week and each and every week a large part of my heart {and tummy!} is fully and happy with some kind of nut butter.  This week i picked up a jar of Pip and Nut's 'Maple and Peanut' because it was on offer.  Oh.  My.  Gosh is it gooooood.  Spread thickly on hot toasted crumpets and piled sky-high with sliced perfectly-ripe bananas.  The stuff that ALL of the breakfast-shaped dreams are made of for sure!

4.  Good skin.  A thing to celebrate because it's rare that i can sit here and tell you that.  I shouldn't really complain since my skin is never really awful.  I don't tend to suffer from breakouts anymore but i do feel like most of the time i lack that...that....sparkle/glow/radiance?!  This week though, Little Miss Eight Days in a Row at Work has been doing okay skin-wise.  It might be all of the extra 'zzz's' i've been having doing to being so flipping flopping tired or just the fact that i have been looking after my insides and outsides a little bit better lately.  OOH oh and i've switched up my skincare a little bit too.  Hey enough of the wittering because whatever the heck I'm doing it's working!

5.  Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea tea.  I don't think there's a Pukka tea i don't like you know.  But lately i can tell you that i have been lov-ing this one!  It's fruity - a little bit Ribena-y, some kind of honey-ey and just a great big  hug of a mug if you like your fruity teas and that.  It also doesn't hurt that all of their teas a prettily packaged to-boot.  Just saying!

6.  Sorting myself out!  I'm such a dilly-dally-er!  Not so much at work but definitely at home.  I can spend ages faffing with something silly and often feel like my evenings disappear before they really begin.  Lately though i've been tidying up after dinner and showering and getting ready for bed so flipping early!  It means I'm all clean and cosy and that we actually have time together to catch up on a favourite TV programme {anyone else loving This Is Us and First Dates?! OH and Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year...?} or even a film.  Hurrah for me!  

7.   The smell of daffodils.  No I'm not mad and i know i've been ranting and raving all about how the sight of daffodils are the very best thing lately but have you ever smelt them?!?  It's 'Eau de Spring' in one sweet scent trust me.  When we came home the other evening the Mr asked me what the smell was.  I may or may not have gone a little bit overboard with bunches of them squirrelled everywhere i could!  Not just pretty, bright sight, these little cheery flowers smell pretty great too!

8.  Honey.  Tiptree Manuka honey to be precise.  I'm usually all about the Maple Syrup and until lately i couldn't even tell you the last time i had honey.  All of a sudden the other morning though i just had a little notion for the stuff!  I drizzled it across my big bowl of cinnamon and apple porridge and it was the bees knees!  I've also popped it in honey and chopped ginger as an afternoon pick me up and yesterday i might have just had a little teaspoon when i got home....  That's probably not the best way to take your honey but still.

9.  Sunshine.  The hazy 'is it warm/is it Spring/is it Winter' kind that until you step outside you juuust don't know.  Lately has been severely lacking in the vitamin D/sunshine department so i took myself out for a walk on my lunch hour just because!  The fresh air and definite Spring feeling in the air did my heart and soul all kinds of good.

*  *  *

And with a whosh I'm all done!  I hope you don;t mind me telling you that I'm rather relievedI'm so tired that I'm not quite sure how many hands typed all of this ^^^ and my eyes feel a little bit like i haven't properly blinked enough i have been concentrating so hard!  Time for chai tea and a hot water bottle!   Don't forget to skip right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's lovely blogs and catch up on the very best parts of thier respective weeks so far.  Becaue if there is one thing you can never have too much of; it's a happy list!

Until this time next week....