Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #155

{Waving goodbye to January and getting ready for February already...}
Hello there!  Pinch punch and all of that - I'd be lying if i didn't tell you that it feels all kinds of lovely and neat and tidy knowing that this little post goes up on the 1st February - a brand new and shiny month where anything most things seem possible!   I've got ALL of the candles lit and a tummy full of my very favourite pizza and it's my day off tomorrow and these my friends are things to celebrate!  And this post is all about celebrating the littlest, most memorable and special moments in my week so far.  There is so much doom and gloom in the world and whilst some of it is not something we should turn a blind eye to; there is nothing wrong with remembering the littlest moments of good and digging {allbeit a little deeper} for that which makes us smile.

Let's get listin'! 

1.  Biscuits.  Okay so the post Christmas chocolate has been somewhat replaced with biscuits.  Truth is I'm not always a biscuit lover.  They're the kind of snack i really have to be in the mood for.  But lately, the doom and gloom and grey soggy weather has had tea and biscuits being the perfect kind of late January cosy 'sometimes ritual.'  You can't beat tea and biscuits for the perfect 'cheer-er up-per' either i think.  This weeks' favourites have included a leftover packet of Fortnum Mason Walnut and Orange biscuits and a sneaky packet of Morrisons Chocolate Orange cookies.  Both are the PERFECT accompaniment to that Lady Grey tea i love so dearly....

2.  Frost.  There hasn't been enough of it this Winter so far in my opinion.  The pretty, dusty early morning kind:  Untouched by anything and tickled gently with the days' first sunlight and the sort of day that feels full of the promise of the brightest, bluest skies and crispest 'do-you-me-and-everyone-the-world-of-good' air.  More please world!

3.  Being hat-less.  If you know me you'll know that unless I'm tootling about at home i nearly always have some kind of hat on my head, especially at work.  We've kicked off SS17 at Monsoon Towers this week though and there are no hats to be had!  Unless you count the straw variety and it's far, far too early on in 2017 to even be contemplating those!  So i've been forced gently encouraged to get up a little earlier and make more of an effort with my hair - to be a little bit more creative with myself and step a little 'sort of side-step' outside my comfort zone and go bare-headed.  Sounds like a little bit of nothing but i hadn't really realised how much i sometimes hide under those floppy fedoras!  So many people have said nice things about my hair and face and self and it's all quite silly really in the grand scheme of things but it's made me all kinds of smiley!

4.  Home.  You don't realise quite how much you cherish home until you're away from it for a few days and lately i've been here, there and everywhere and it's often felt like i've barely been home before it's been time to fizz and whizz off to some other place.  I'm such a home-body at heart and really love nothing more than my own bed and all of my own things around me.  Coupled with the {still!} dark nights of late; well i've been spending them all curled up with all of the cushions - and that Mr of mine - on our little sofa.  It's been lovely!

5.  Daffodils.  Okay, okay so every single person has probably been harping on about these sunshine-y little blooms BUT with flippin' good reason.  Even if it's too soon for them to be shooting up outside our little homes, {have i told you that there are green daffodil-shaped shoots going on in the little terracotta pots in our garden?!} it has become the time of year where, for a measly £1 {and who can't stretch to that?!} you can fill jam jars, vases and teacups with Springs' brightest, most smiliest flower and feel a whole lot better about the fact that it's STILL grey and miserable outside.  They're late Winters' sunshine aren't they?!

6.  New discoveries.  Any kind of new discovery is a welcome at the start of a new year; be it music, films, TV etc etc BUT the very best kind of discoveries are those right on your doorstep.  Well if you're me and love taking photos of pretty house, funny street names and generally admiring funny little streets.  At the end of last week i got distracted by a wall i'd never really noticed before on my way home.  Truth be told i only really noticed it on this particular day because it had what looked like the makings of some kind of blossom tree behind it.  Imagine my delight when I followed it around and discovered the sweetest long, long street of pretty Georgian houses.  It's my day off tomorrow and if the weather's kind I'm off on a little two-wheeled explore.....

7.  Family.  Mine are the best. It's rare we all get ourselves altogether in one place since we're dotted here, there and everywhere and even if what brought us together wasn't the nicest of situations; spending some time together in the place where we all grew up and had so many lovely, lovely memories was both sad and happy and left me feeling so grateful that we're such a close-knit kind.  It's these kinds of times that make you realise quite how precious that life of ours is and how much we all take for granted.  

8.  New ideas.  I can't say too much since I'm a devil for thinking up creative hair-brained ideas and realising i have neither the time or the capability to see them through to a standard I'm happy with BUT i've been struggling with where else and what else to do with this little corner of the interweb for some time and i might have nailed it.  Or at least nailed a new weekly post that will hopefully gather as much love, momentum and support as this #wonderfulwedensday does and encourage other people at the same time too.  More to come.....

9.  Spring sheets.  Because it's sure as heck a million miles from home and even if i am still piling on the blankets and using our thick Winter quilt i have cracked out the lighter Spring bedding and had a bit of a faffin' the bedroom so as to fool  make me feel a little more Spring-ish.  There's something ever so lovely about sleeping under soft sky blues and minty green coloured duvet covers....

10.  Being forgetful.  Heck it's not often that's something to celebrate BUT somehow during last month i managed to miss January's edition of the Simple Things magazine and only really realised this when i received an email about February's magazine being due out this week!  SO i now have TWO copies of my very favourite magazine to treasure and devour in equal measure.  Just when i thought tea and biscuits on that little sofa were as exciting as it was going to get!

*  *  *
Hop, skip and another #wonderfulwednesday is all but finished!  But this is just my list.  Don't go zipping off without cartwheelin' right on over to  Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's AND lovely Isabelle's posts and reading all about what has been putting a little smile on their faces this week.  ALSO remember to join in online using the #wonderfulwednesday tag and tag your photos on Instagram and chit-chat all things happy with us all on Twitter.  Also if you've written your own post or one similar, remember to give one of us a little nudg so we can spread the word!
Happy mid-week you wonderful people!


  1. YES to hurrying up the daffodils! I've got CROCUSES growing now - they came up in JANUARY and the daff's are going to have to leapfrog them now which is odd - but kindof cool. I've got the snowdrops all over the garden now and they're so pretty - I went a little crazy last Autumn and planted them everywhere! Have a lovely day off, and a lovely week :)

  2. OOOOh what a wonderful list of happiness my love, thank you for popping a smile on my face today. I wish wish wish we had daffodils here, I must say that I most definitely don't get bored of seeing them all over social media, it's wonderful.

    Wishing you a wonderful day off tomorrow and a fab week
    Peta x

  3. Daffodils! My Mum bought me some just yesterday for a pound and they've been adding some much needed colour to my room! I cannot wait for spring to arrive now, so I am eagerly awaiting for the rest of the world to wake and bloom once more. And yes, there has not been enough frost here either! I love it, and would have loved to have woken up to more glittery, frosty mornings, but I am excited for spring now! And in the current political climate it is more important than ever before to celebrate the little things, so thank you! - Tasha

  4. Your face and hair are indeed things of beauty, less hats, more Sal! Always a good idea! Glad you're having a joy filled week, it's a real gift to have these posts to celebrate the wonderful bits on a weird old world! And you big tease! Can't wait to find out what you've got planned!
    M x

  5. Belgium is seriously lacking in the biscuit department, but luckily, I am off to the British Store this weekend so my biscuit drawer will once again have the taste of the homeland with some Bourbons and maybe even some Hobnobs. Who knows, I'll have to see what is on offer! I am pretty excited to be honest, it's been a while since I had a biscuit that wasn't a chocolate cookie.

    I love a good hat, even if they only one I own is a woolly one. Maybe I should get one for the summer too! At least If I am going to hide from the world, I might as well do it with a cool hat on my head!

    Oh you've already got daffodils?! Jealous! We hardly get them here... it's sad, they are my favourite sign of Spring. I will have to keep an eye out as always, and be ready with my camera when they start to make an appearance.

    Looking forward to hearing all about these new ideas!

    Happy Thursday to you! Have a great rest of the week!

  6. Happy hat-less-ness!! Sounds like a busy but fab week, though I don't think I'd ever not be in the mood for tea and a biscuit! XX



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