Wonderful Wednesday #164

 {Flowers always!}
Hello from me! And to a week that has somehow so far felt the  l-o-n-g-e-s-t  of ALL weeks!  Even though I've been busy and not stopped I really can't believe it's only Wednesday!  It feels like it should be much, much further on in the week!  This week so far I've been 'summer-ing' up my breakfasts {it's almost time for making granola i feel}, relishing the joy of wearing a jacket and not a coat; lamenting the end of two of my favourite TV programmes:  'Catastrophe' and 'This Is Us' and wearing my hair wavy and not straight.  

And just when you thought it really couldn't get much better than that, here's this weeks #wonderfulwednesday happy list too... 

1.  A second cup of tea.  Never underestimate the {super!} power of a hot cup of tea at just the right moment.  Gulped down - not out of greed or haste but simply because it was so good and so needed and hit just the right spot that only a perfectly brewed cup of tea can.  Followed closely {read: i actually started making another cup of tea towards the end of said cup!} by another one barely moments after this one had finished.  Not quite as perfect {as regular tea drinkers will understand - the second cup never is - even if all conditions are the same - perplexing..} as the first but delicious and utter Monday-shaped rocket-fuel!

2.  Open windows.  I mean we're not quite there at night yet but only the other day on a sunny afternoon i sat, tip-tapping and replying to emails and such in our little office-come-who-knows-what and had the window open.  The sun was high in a cloudless blue sky and i could hear the birds chirruping at each other - so lovely!  I also did a little bit of yoga downstairs one night this week, early on before sun had begin to sink into tomorrow and did so with the french doors open just a little.  Bliss.  Is there a better tonic than fresh air?!

3.  Rhubarb.  Craved on a whim late last week and realised after spotting the pinkest little packet full in our local Sainsbury's.  It's something i must learn to grow now we have our own little green corner.  I hear it's quite easy, and since I'm the least green-fingered person you'll ever meet; well that can only be a good thing!    Chopped roughly, and -blip-blipped' away slowly on the hob with only a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a glug of maple syrup for sweetness. I dolloped {as surely that's all you can do with it?!} it high on top of Monday mornings chai seed and vanilla porridge and it was a rhubarb and custard-esque breakfast i shall be repeating...

4.  The most perfectly ripe banana{s!}.  I've spoken about this at length with real people in real life this week.  Everyone has their own preference on banana-ripeness.  Mine have to have the faintest 'dot-dot' of brown spots and they're good to go.  Anymore than that and we're in banana bread/freezer territory.  This week they've been my saviours!  I feel like i've been lacking in 'va-va voom' somewhat and they've been my snack du jour and bad mood lifesaver on many an occasion!

5.  Wishing and wanting.  Like probably every other 'what feels like everyone' {so sorry to be that person'} i've been trying to watch my pennies a little more and after a big clear out-cum-'sellathon' at the start of the year {and big plans to finish off the house this summer-ish} i've been really thinking about purchases; making myself wait and using my Pinterest boards as inspiration to re-use older clothes and accessories in new ways.  I haven't not spent a thing but i have found myself not buying items as easily and the ones i have bought over the past few months i have really and truly looked forward to and treasured.  Just the way i think things should be.  Even if it is hard not to get all excited and carried away with new season pieces!  Hands up who else wants all of the floaty white cotton things and sunglasses and sandals even if it probably will rain more than it will be sunny?!?!?  Just me then....

6.  Silence.  Because you know what?  Life is noisy.  This week everywhere has felt loud and noisy and a bit...much?! Not to go all drama queen on you but i've really been treasuring that later-lighter walk home with nothing but absolute silence and fresh air.  Oh and always taking the scenic route through the woods even if it does take a little longer.  That little snippet of green does me the world of good also...

7.  A last minute 'i can't be bothered to really cook' and don't know what i want for supper kind of supper which actually resulted in the best cobbled-together concoction of flat breads, falafels, houmous and a big pile of green leaves.  Oh and plenty to eat for leftovers for lunch for the next two days!  Win win!

8.  First day of sunglasses wearing.  Who cares if actually they ended up prettily perched on top of my head and actually were mostly used as a headband since i forgot they were there to start with?!?!? The point is:  GOODBYE WOOLLY WINTER HATS!!!!

*   *   *
 I've got an actual Monday to Friday working week this week so no #wonderfulwednesday reading for me on a lazy 'I've done all of my jobs'-shaped Wednesday afternoon! Hurrah to reaping the full and magical properties of a hump day and #wonderfulwednesday extraordinaire though.  I'll be catching up with   Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri's, Mimmi's, Martina's , Peta's , Kelly's AND  Emma's blogs speedily on my lunch hour and storing up all of the positive powers and great things from their weeks and i hope you'll do the same too!  

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